(Clearwisdom.net) One evening at about 6:00 p.m. in September 2003, I prepared dinner and waited for my wife to come home. Suddenly, I heard urgent knocking on the door. When I asked who was there, a voice said that they were from the police station. I then opened the door and let the three policemen in.

My apartment had two bedrooms. My parents used one, and my wife and I used the other. The police wanted to enter my parents' bedroom. I thought to myself, "I can't let them bother my parents. My father is in the last stage of colon cancer, and he isn't well enough to withstand any disturbances." Especially after July 20, 1999, my family had endured numerous harassments and threats, and my wife was detained twice and sent to labor camp once. On every "sensitive date," policemen always came to harass us. Therefore, I allowed them into my room.

After entering my room, they asked about my wife and whether she still practiced Falun Gong. I told them my wife was at work. As one policeman continued to question me, the other two started searching the room. They were looking for Dafa books and materials, which would be used as evidence to persecute my family.

One of the policemen, named Yang Hongjun, had once beat my wife at the police station. He started to approach the spot where we were hiding the books. I was extremely nervous, but then I began to become clear-minded. As I calmly answered the other officer's questions, I sent forth righteous thoughts, "Teacher, please help me. Don't let my wife come home. Eliminate all the evil factors behind the policemen." Every time the police officer came close to the Dafa books, I silently recited the Fa-rectification formula. Yang Hongjun couldn't open the door of the chest even with several attempts. Because the first policeman, Mr. Sun, didn't stop interrogating me, I was momentarily distracted from sending forth righteous thoughts, and Yang Hongjun finally opened the chest door. I sent forth righteous thoughts towards Yang, telling him close the door. He opened and closed the door several times.

Meanwhile, another policeman searched every corner of my room: beneath the bed, behind the sofa, underneath and inside the washer, and behind the chest and TV stand. I sent forth righteous thoughts towards him, because Dafa books were placed in a bag on one side of the TV. I asked for Teacher's protection. The policeman stretched his neck toward the back of the TV stand, but he didn't see the bag beside it.

The policeman who interrogated me also started to search. He went to the chest, pulled out a drawer and randomly picked out the Falun Gong exercise music from many cassette tapes. He asked me what was on the cassette. I answered, "Music." He said, "Let's play it." My heart jumped to my throat. I hurriedly sent forth righteous thoughts toward the stereo, asking for Teacher's protection, "Don't let the stereo play it." When the cassette was inserted into the stereo, it stopped playing after a couple of notes.

I knew from my heart that our mighty and compassionate Teacher had protected me. The police's persecution attempt had failed completely. After that day, the police never came to my home again.

My wife worked as a cook for a small business owner. So that I wouldn't worry about her, she never came home late. According to her, on that particular day, she finished preparing the meal and was ready to leave, but the business owner requested that she make some pancakes. Reluctantly, my wife took the time and made some pancakes before leaving for home. When she passed by the police station, she saw three policemen entering the station, looking tired and dejected. My wife sent forth righteous thoughts to them, "Do not harm Dafa practitioners. I will eliminate all evil factors behind you." She told me about it afterwards. I said to her that those were the three policemen who had just left our apartment.

After that incident, I thought to myself, "My bedroom has three hiding spots for Dafa books and materials. All three policemen, as if by prior agreement, all went for these three spots. It seemed that dark minions and rotten demons in other dimensions had been manipulating and controlling them." Because of my strong righteous thoughts and Teacher's compassionate protection, the Dafa books and Dafa practitioners were safe. At the same time, the evil in other dimensions was eliminated. Their attempt to persecute us had completely failed.

In this battle of righteous and evil forces, some of my attachments were exposed. I felt hatred toward the perpetrators and dishonest trying to get by under false pretences. I didn't look at the persecution from the Fa's perspective. I even treated the persecution as a persecution toward ordinary people. In fact, the policemen were also victims of this persecution against practitioners. They had been deceived by lies. Bearing hatred toward Falun Gong, they have done vicious and harmful deeds. They have committed crimes against Dafa due to their ignorance. It was sad and pitiful.

During this incident, I was sometimes calm, sometimes anxious, causing my righteous thoughts to waver a lot. My righteous thoughts weren't able to effectively stop the police from searching my room, which led me to be nervous, resentful, and scared. It fully showed that I hadn't built a strong xinxing base during the period of self-cultivation and that I hadn't cultivated solidly enough.

If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

April 29, 2005