(Clearwisdom.net) Being a teacher, I introduce Falun Dafa to my students every semester. This year with my new class, just as before, the students changed a lot in a short period of time after they learned Falun Dafa. One of the most dramatic examples was a boy who used to be very naughty and was punished almost every day by his previous teacher. This year, after he learned Falun Dafa, he totally changed. Now he can sit and listen quietly, he is overcoming many of his shortcomings, his test scores have risen quickly and his health has improved. He has changed from being a notorious "bad" boy, to becoming a well-known good student.

One day during class, another student saw that this boy's homework was very tidy and carefully written and found that his test scores were always 100 or close to 100. He was so surprised he yelled out, "The miracle of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance happened in our class! Before, it was useless to make him study harder, no matter how our teacher punished him; now in our class, the teacher never punishes him and only teaches him Falun Dafa, and he has become a good student." This student wants to be a good student too, so he came to ask me to teach him Falun Dafa.

A student wants to study more about the Fa

In my class, many students like to play the popular "Magic Cards." Those cards have all kinds of ghosts and monsters on them. The students even used to take out the cards to play with in class. I strictly forbid them to play with these cards in my class. One day, a student said, "I used to like the wizard cards very much and collected over one hundred different cards. I was so fond of them and I played with them every day and often forgot to do my homework. My parents use to scold me and hit me to make me stop, but I couldn't get rid of the habit. After I learned Falun Dafa, I suddenly don't like these cards any more. I have not played with them for a long time." This student came to like reading more and more, and after some time, he tore up his cards and threw them away. He also told other students to throw the ghost cards away. My students studied the Fa, and later realized that they needed to get rid of the influence of demons, so they threw the cards away. The whole class started to enjoy reading more, and students would go to the library to borrow books. The librarians were curious as to why the students in my class liked reading so much. The students enjoyed books like "Journey to the West" and other stories about celestial beings. Their test scores are also outstanding and there are many perfect scores on the monthly Chinese language and math tests.

I remember once seeing a pile of paintings on an art teacher's desk. About 80% of them were of devils, monsters, or skulls. I talked to the art teacher and asked, "Do you feel that the devils have occupied the hearts of our children? Nowadays, the children have a lot of influence from devils inside them and their behavior has become weird and they are difficult to discipline. It seems that art class should inspire children to enjoy beauty and to paint nice and wholesome objects, so as to build within them a good foundation. I usually forbid my students from painting anything ugly and disturbing." The art teacher agreed that this was reasonable, and thanked me for reminding him of the point.

Every year, our school has a costume contest where every class has a few representatives. Often, the costumes are dominated by devils and ugly figures. In my class, two girls wanted to participate in the contest. I asked them what they wanted to dress up as. They said they wanted to dress up like a fairy lady and a butterfly spirit. In the end, they were the most eye-catching and bright characters among a pool of dark figures.

After learning Falun Dafa, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance has filled the children's hearts. They have become sweet, considerate, they enjoy reading and they have become healthy.