(Clearwisdom.net) Ting Ting's mother: I wrote down my young daughter's story as she told it, including some background information that is relevant to the story.

At about midnight on October 6, 2004, Ting Ting called out from her room, "Mother, mother!" I went into her room and lay by her. This was not unusual for her, so I did not think much of it. The only thing was that she tossed and turned in her bed for a long time before finally falling asleep.

(Narration by Ting Ting) My name is Ting Ting and I am seven years old. When I was four years old, Mom started to read me the book Zhuan Falun. Teacher took me to the heavens, and I will publish my story on Teacher's birthday. When I was lying in bed at night, Teacher came down from the chandelier. Teacher was sitting on a lotus flower, which floated in the air by my bed. There were two fairies, each holding a flute and standing by Teacher's side. They were also floating in the air.

At first I was frightened and called for mom. Mom came in and slept by me. Teacher said, "Don't be afraid!" I was no longer afraid. I stretched out my hands and asked Teacher to hold me. As I reached out my hands, the fairies became very small and they descended upon my hands. Then Teacher picked me up and put me on his lotus flower. Slowly we ascended into space.

Teacher gave one thought and we went to my friend Janet's home. We saw that Janet and her parents were sleeping. Teacher opened his hand. I saw three bookmarks in his hand. I took the bookmarks and carefully placed one underneath Janet's pillow and put the other two below Janet's parents' pillows. There was a Falun as well as words on the bookmarks.

Then, Teacher took me to the homes of the rest of my classmates. When we arrived at a home, Teacher knew how many people were in the household and took out the exact number of bookmarks. First, I put a bookmark underneath the pillow of my classmate. If there were brothers and sisters I would put bookmarks under their pillows as well. In the end I put bookmarks under their parents' pillows. Then Teacher took me to the heavens.

I sat on Teacher's large lotus flower and we flew higher and higher. Half way up, Teacher created a lotus flower that floated beside him. He helped me onto this lotus flower. Teacher then created a golden dress with many colorful ribbons. Then he took something out of his pocket and held it in his hand. He slowly opened his hand and I saw it was a Falun necklace. The necklace was blue and the pendant was a Falun. On one side the Falun was of a golden color, and on the other side it was light pink. The Wan symbols and tai chi symbols inside the Falun were the same color as the ones in the book Zhuan Falun. The eye of the tai chi symbol was white. The five Wan symbols were golden. I put on the necklace and sat cross-legged on the lotus flower. When I looked down, I saw a large Falun on my hand, the same color as the one in Zhuan Falun. At first I put my hands on my legs with the palms down. After I saw the Falun, I flipped my hands over and held the Falun. It hung slightly above my hands and followed the movements of my hands. I then kissed the Falun.

Teacher named me "little lotus flower." He gave me great abilities and I transformed into a lotus flower. The petals of the lotus flower were pink and the pistils yellow. The pistils were transformed from my hands. One minute later, a Falun entered the bottom of the pistils. This Falun was the same as the one in Zhuan Falun, except the outer circle was golden. About ten seconds later I changed back into myself. I flew higher and Teacher manifested as a Buddha with blue curled hair, wearing a golden kasaya.

We passed many beautiful heavenly worlds, but we didn't stop. After a long time, we came to a world with gorgeous colors, and it's called "Colorful World."

Teacher first took me to a place where the children lived, and there were about 100 children there. Each child had a house of his own with an arched door. A vertical banner that reads, "Falun Dafa is great" hung in front of each door, and the words on the banners were in different colors. Teacher led me to my house, and the banner that reads, "Falun Dafa is great" in front of my door is golden. When other children learned about my arrival, they came out to play with me. The boys played together and the girls played together. I liked a girl named Little Angel the best. She followed me around. I also had a younger brother in that world. He had the hairstyle of an ancient Chinese boy, with a patch of hair on his forehead and on the back of his head, and his hair was combed into a braid. He was adorable.

Each girl wore beautiful earrings. I wanted them, too. Teacher put out his hand and there were a pair of earrings in his hand. The pendant was again a Falun.

After I played for a while, I told Teacher that I wanted to go to the zoo, so he took me there. Eleven other children also went. I was able to transform into a lotus flower. My friends were happy to sit on me, the lotus flower. The lotus flower was very large; the outermost petals changed into a staircase by which my friends climbed into the lotus flower. Soon, they came down and I changed back into myself. On our way to the zoo, we saw many Buddhas with blue curly hair, all wearing golden kasayas. We also saw many Bodhisattvas that were too beautiful to describe. When I walked by the Buddhas, all of them smiled benevolently at me. A Bodhisattva played with me and gave me word puzzles to solve. After we left the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Teacher led us further.

When we arrived at the zoo, we saw that the large door was very colorful and the stone beneath the gate was rainbow colored. The colors were translucent and brilliant, and they kept changing. There was a huge rainbow in the sky. After we entered, we found ourselves in a fruit garden. All kinds of fruit hung from the trees and they were all very colorful. There were countless colors for the apples alone. At that time, we were all hungry. Teacher gave a thought, and there appeared a tree with eleven bowls of rice. Every child had a bowl of rice, and the rice grains in my bowl were of different colors. I ate a spoon of rice and it was very delicious. Several birds flew over and they wanted to eat the rice in my bowl. I asked Teacher if I could give my rice to the birds and Teacher said yes. So I gave some rice to the birds. In the heavens, all of us are compassionate; had we not given it to them, the birds would not have eaten the rice.

After eating the rice, the children went to pick the fruit. Apples of different colors tasted differently. The largest fruit tree in the garden with various fruit on it belonged to Teacher. All of the apples on Teacher's tree were golden. We picked fruit from other fruit trees, and only Teacher could pick the fruit from his tree. I liked the yellow apples the best and green apples second. I picked a yellow apple and gave it to Teacher. He took one bite and the apple turned golden. Teacher took me to his fruit tree and asked me to close my eyes so he could give me a present. I closed my eyes and Teacher said, "Done!" I opened my eyes and saw that Teacher had drawn a picture in which Teacher was holding me. I took the picture and kissed Teacher's hand. Teacher held me and kissed my forehead. Then he picked a golden apple from his fruit tree. This apple was the most delicious. In fact, all the fruit in the garden came from Teacher's tree. After we picked a fruit, another fruit would immediately grow out from another branch.

We left the orchard and saw an even larger garden with fruit trees, flowers, grass and various kinds of trees. It was a beautiful place. After we left the large garden, we went to the place where all the animals lived.

All the animals in the heavens are good-natured. We could play with the lions. I put my hand next to a lion's mouth, and he opened his mouth so I could feel the inside of his mouth. He waited for me to take my hand out before he closed his mouth. The caterpillar was the cutest; his body was covered with soft golden fur. When I touched him, he raised his head and kissed my hand. The birds all had colorful feathers. There were several phoenixes with a golden body and colorful, long tails.

After we left the zoo, Teacher took us to swim in the Milky Way. The Milky Way is immense and the color of the water is silver. It has edges made of large lotus petals that slowly rose from the bottom of the river. I saw a stone in the middle of the river, and I asked Teacher why the stone was there. Teacher said, "You'll know." One minute later, pistils slowly rose from a hole on the stone. The pistils were yellow with a tear-shaped object on top. We played there. Some of us played with balls and some swam, while some did other things. When it was time to leave, the lotus flowers and the pistils descended back to the bottom of the river. We left the Milky Way and I saw all the children's bodies had turned into a golden color.

Then Teacher took us to his world. Teacher's world is not within this universe. We went a long, long way and the Earth and other planets became very small, while our bodies became enormous. We saw Teacher's world was empty but we could see all planets from inside his world. It was very interesting. We asked for toys to play with, and Teacher created swings and slides the size of our hands with a single thought. We jumped on the swings and slides without a second thought. As soon as our bodies touched the slide, it grew larger, as did the swings. Teacher created whatever we wanted to play with.

After a while I wanted to go somewhere further away, but Teacher thought there was no more time and I must return. It was about dawn and I must go to school. Teacher sent the other children to their places in the Colorful World. I said goodbye to them and to my little brother. Then I prepared to go back to Earth with Teacher. Little Angel insisted on accompanying me on my way back and Teacher let her.

Later, we passed by many heavenly worlds. This time, we first stopped by the Falun World, where we saw some male Buddhas. They are different from the Buddha in the Colorful World because they all have a Falun on their chest. The Falun World is very large and we didn't have time to go everywhere. Teacher took us to a place with lots of fish. The big fish lived in a large pond, and the small fish lived in a small pond. They could change size. If a big fish wanted to be small, it would go into the small pond, and vice versa. The scales on the big fish were all Falun, and new fish were born from eggs. There are supernormal abilities that stir the substance inside the large eggs that eventually turn into a big fish. The eggs of the small fish change colors, and every time they change colors, the egg grows in size. At first the color changes slowly, and when the color flashes and changes quickly, a small fish comes out of the egg. If the fish wanted to, they could also fly up into the sky. I fed them some carrots and lettuce, and they ate it. I didn't have time to go to other places. I followed Teacher, and we kept going downward.

We stopped at the Lotus World, and a beautiful Bodhisattva came to welcome us. The lotus flowers on her white dress could change colors, and the hem of her dress was covered with lotus flowers. The Lotus World is also very large and we couldn't explore much. The Bodhisattva took us to a place with many animals. She gave me a baby porcupine. I put it in a large bowl and took it, and we left the Lotus World.

After passing some more heavenly worlds, we didn't stop anymore and directly came back to Earth.

I said to Teacher, "Teacher, you have to take me to the heavens often." Teacher said, "Okay, but you must promise me two things. First, you have to cultivate until the end; second, you must cultivate diligently." I said, "I will. I promise." I asked Teacher, "How much has my mother cultivated?" Teacher said, "Your mother has cultivated halfway. This time I gave you lots of gong and your gong column is now higher than your mother's. Tell your mother to be more diligent." I asked if my father could cultivate Dafa in the future, and Teacher said, "Yes."

Then we arrived at my home. I saw mother was still lying in my bed. Teacher motioned for me not to wake mother and then he left. Little Angel sat on a lotus flower and flew all over my room and my house before she left. We embraced before we parted. The hole closed on its own after Teacher left. I saw the chandelier was still lying on the floor, and I pulled on it but it didn't move. Teacher came back smiling, and he put the chandelier back with ease, and in an instant the hole on the roof and the chandelier returned to the way they were. The hole on the floor where the chandelier was lying also repaired itself. I waved goodbye to Teacher and Teacher left. There was another hole on the roof and there were flashes of light visible through the hole. The area of the hole where the light went through then filled in.

I knew it was time to get up and go to school, so I got out of bed and woke up Mom. I told her, "I didn't sleep last night. Teacher took me to the heavens." Then I went to school as usual.

Ting Ting's mother: "I felt she woke up as she usually did. She got up and said to me, "Mom, I didn't sleep last night. Teacher came and he took me to the heavens." I immediately knew what she was talking about. I didn't have much time in the morning to ask her any questions, so I said to her, "Go to school for now and tell me about your story later, okay?" She nodded and looked very happy. She said many times, "I am so lucky, I am so lucky." My husband would usually drive her to school, and I would hug her and kiss her goodbye.

She stood at the door and waited for me. I looked at her face; she was glowing and she looked so vivacious and beautiful. Although she hadn't told me the story yet, I seemed to have understood everything. I hugged her and said, "Mommy's darling, mommy's darling." She said, "I'm Teacher's darling."

I thought, "I'd be committing a big crime if I don't take good care of this young fellow practitioner." I said to her, "Yes, you are Teacher's darling. Tell mom about it after you return from school."

I felt she left for school with happiness and satisfaction beyond anything that words could describe. After she left, I immediately realized human sentiment does not begin to compare with Buddha's compassion. Aside from being away at school, Ting Ting has always been with me. She loves me as much as I love her. She has been a happy and carefree child, but I have never witnessed this kind of happiness and contentment in her. Ordinary feelings could not be the cause of Ting Ting's happiness. It was genuine compassion.

She told me after school about what happened. She went into her room and told me about how the hole had completely closed and it was like before. The baby porcupine stayed in our home and it could change size. It walks everywhere and goes to the bowl to sleep. Ting Ting said, "I took him with me to school today. He sat there and watched me do homework and sleep."

She asked me, "I know I went up with Teacher; so, why did I see you lying by me on my bed?" I explained to her that her main consciousness left her body as told in the book Zhuan Falun. Right away she understood. She said, "Children are allowed to visit the heavens." "I am so lucky, I am so lucky!" She was happy and content but she was not trying to show off. She thought all children could go to the heavens.

Because I thought it is difficult for Ting Ting to comprehend the new writings and other Dafa articles, the two of us almost always studied Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin. I never told her that Teacher is not within this universe. She thought I didn't know and explained it to me.

This experience made me realize that I should take young practitioners seriously. Ting Ting is a child and she does not recognize all the characters in Zhuan Falun. She refuses to do the exercises sometimes, so I thought she was not a good practitioner, while in fact she is not necessarily lower in terms of cultivation levels when compared to adult practitioners. When I recalled some of the things she did, I remembered she was serious about things, like adults. I was surprised by her understanding and compassion in wanting to save the world's people from harm during Fa rectification. I thought, "How can such a young child understand the concept of saving the world's people so well?" Her pure and righteous mentality and behavior made me feel Dafa's magnificence and boundless wisdom. Teacher only looks at people's hearts. Dafa would reveal the principles of the Fa even to children who are illiterate, as long as their xinxing is up to the standard.

Ting Ting and I respectfully wish Teacher a Happy Birthday.


May 14, 2005

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