(Clearwisdom.net) In order to rescue the orphans who have been suffering severely due to the persecution of their parents, the World Committee to Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners (WCRPFGP) successfully held two charity concerts with the theme, "Rescue Orphans," on May 14, 2005 at MacMillan Theatre at the University of Toronto. Artists from China, Canada, the U.S., Germany, the UK, Russia and other places presented a wonderful performance, bringing much enjoyment and a beautiful artistic experience to the audience. At the same time, through playing videos and through the performance itself, the concert helped the audience learn about the persecution that children in Mainland China have been suffering due to the Chinese Communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong. Many audience members were shocked at the brutality of the persecution, and showed sympathy for those orphans who are living in such great difficulty. They donated money to express their concern and to help the orphans.

According to WCRPFGP, the organizer of these concerts, the income of the performance will be completely used to rescue orphans, whose parent(s) have been persecuted to death by the Jiang regime and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the same time, a representative of WCRPFGP said that the main purpose of these concerts and other rescue activities is to let the Canadian public and government know the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution. All the efforts will be more meaningful if the public and government consequently develop the heart-felt wish to help to end this brutal persecution and rescue these traumatized orphans and other innocent children.

The following photos are highlights from the concert:

Susan and Jiang Fan, representatives of WCRPFGP, give opening remarks
Dance "Celestial Flower Maidens" from the Lotus Art Troupe
The Lotus Art Troupe performs the dance, "Elegant Sleeves in Gentle Breeze"

Alto Yang Jiansheng's vocal solo "Chant in Prison" and "Late Spring"
Soprano Bai Xue's vocal solo, "Thinking of My Homeland" and "To My Fellow Countrymen"
World renowned tenor, Guan Guimin and his wife

Septette, "Ode to Lotus," performed by Chen Rutang, Li Lisha, Lin Jiaqi and others
Orchestral music trio
Indian dance by Tishawna Persaud

Stories before the Concerts

The Concerts were organized by the World Committee to Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners (WCRPFGP) and are part of the activities to rescue orphans of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted to death in China. Before the concerts, representatives of WCRPFGP testified at an immigration committee of the Canadian Parliament regarding rescuing orphans and persecuted relatives of Canadian residents.

To help raise awareness of this rescue effort and clarify the truth, Toronto practitioners went to many busy areas including YOKVILL Mall to hold large-scale truth-clarifying events, using cultural performances, anti-torture exhibitions, paper lotus flower and crane folding to raise awareness of the persecution and the rescue orphan project. Some practitioners also met with professors, VIPs, CEOs and renowned lawyers to tell them about the persecution and invite them to the concert.

The concerts successfully set up a stage to introduce the truth of the persecution to more people, especially many from the Canadian mainstream. In the past two months, Toronto practitioners distributed more than 70,000 copies of "Rescue the Orphans" fliers and the effect has been very positive.

The Concerts

The "Rescue the Orphans" Concerts on May 14 were very successful. The audience was enthralled by the spectacular performances by Oriental and Western artists. After having attended the first concert in the afternoon, some audience members bought second tickets to the concert held at the night.

In his opening remarks, the president of WCRPFGP told the audience that more than 10 million children have been harmed by the ongoing brutal persecution and many have become orphans. While some have been or are being detained with their parents, more are discriminated against, intimidated, unable to go to school, illegally detained, and beaten. They often end up becoming homeless, losing their parents, and some have even been tortured to death. The concerts are to help the public to understand the tragic situation of these children and raise the funds needed to rescue them.

The concerts started with a wonderful performance by The Lotus Art Troupe: More than 10 celestial flower maidens danced to a melody depicting the beautiful and pure state of human world brought by the fairies. Their elegant dance mesmerized the audience and attracted warm applause.

Alto Yang Jiansheng, Soprano Bai Xue and world-renowned tenor Guan Guimin, as well as renowned flute performer Chen Ningfang and her family, who have all been very active in North America in recent years also made an appearance on stage.

Hosts Zenon and Grace Wei
Chorus, "Candlelight"

It was reported that more than half of the audience were non-Chinese, including lawyers, professors and community activists. After watching the performance, a Caucasian couple said that the performance was spectacular. Another said that he developed great interest in traditional Chinese dance during the show.

During the concerts, a short video clip was played to help the audience understand the suffering of Chinese children during the brutal persecution against Falun Gong in the past 6 years. Shocked by the brutality revealed by the video, and out of deep sympathy to the orphans, many people made generous donations directly or bought lotus flowers and "Rescue the Orphans" clothing. It was reported that the concert will be held at Montreal as well.

The WCRPFGP said that the success of this concert is just a start. More public activities will be held to carry on with the rescue efforts until the persecution is brought to an end.