(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Han Yuxia from Fangzheng County, Heilongjiang Province was arrested in 2001 and held at the Linkou County Detention Center. The police cruelly tortured her and fractured her left arm.

On January 1, 2001, Ms Han Yuxia was arrested and detained at the Linkou County Detention Center. During interrogation, the deputy chief Zhang Shiqiang directed the police to force Ms. Han to curse the founder of Falun Dafa. Ms. Han refused. The police then tortured her with the "flying an airplane" torture. Meanwhile, in another interrogation room, Zhang Shiqiang and several policemen twisted the arms of Dafa practitioner, Ms. Xu Yanqing, pinched her breasts, and slapped her. The abuse caused her to bleed from the corner of her mouth and her face to swell and she suffered hearing loss.

On January 6, 2001, Ms. Han was again interrogated. She refused to say anything. Policemen Zhang Shiqiang the deputy chief at the detention center, Ren, Wang and Guo forced Ms. Han to lie on the ground and beat her thirty times. After the beating, Ms. Han still refused to say anything, so they continued beating her, and used a rope that they had prepared beforehand to tie and hang her in midair. Several people together forcefully twisted both her arms behind her back. Her arms were twisted and forced upward for a long time. The sound of Ms Han's arm snapping like a stick breaking off was heard. One of them said the rope must have snapped and then whispered to the others: "Lay her down and send her back." They told three practitioners there that she did not want to live and had intentionally banged herself against a wall. Ms. Han was beaten black and blue from her lower back down to her thighs. There were numerous bruises on her body from the ropes, her face was covered with wounds, the flesh was torn where she was beaten, and her left arm was fractured.

With a great deal of effort, Ms. Han made it back to her room. Every step was excruciating. By then her consciousness had become cloudy. She collapsed without taking off her shoes or getting into bed. Dafa practitioners strongly demanded that the detention center take responsibility. Police in the detention center grudgingly sent Ms. Han to the hospital and said: "We told you she'd have died in vain."

Ms. Han underwent surgery for her fractured arm. The police then put her in solitary confinement with four people watching her, and shackled one of her legs to the bed every day. Ms. Han had pain all over, and required assistance for even turning in bed or getting out of bed. She could not sleep the whole night. The police still cursed at and scolded her.

The police did not allow Ms. Han contact with anybody. On the morning of the 12th day, Ms. Han's husband heard the news and went to the hospital to see her. The police secretly took Ms. Han out of the hospital by the rear door and back to the detention center, and did not let her meet with her husband.

Phone numbers for Fangzheng County Detention Center: under investigation

Chief of police, Zhao Jiaqi: 86-13303617003 (Cell) 86-451-57124746 (Office)

The police station commissar: 86-451-57124662

Assistant chief of police, Cai Fusheng: 86-451-57122506

Chief of administrative security, Chou Yongsheng: 86-451-57124620 (Office) 86-451-55055668 (Home)

Administrative security police: Zhang Zhensheng, Li Kun, Yu Liancai

Evil person: Jin Guoxing 86-451-57147901

Fangzheng County Second Detention Center: 86-451-57124253

National Security Section: 86-451-57129096

The First Detention Center: 86-451-57123024