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3. The barbaric behavior in the second division and how they force ill and disabled practitioners to perform slave labor

On June 29, 2003, the fourth division was dismantled and Mr. Wang Jinbo was taken to the second division. The second division was known as the "Iron Army Wolf Team" and "Hell on Earth." They were divided into three groups. Mr. Wang was assigned to the second group, which was a "Strictly Controlled Group," and people called it the "Ghost Group." The guards put steadfast practitioners into separate cells and assigned the most vicious criminals to take charge of them. The criminal inmates were ordered to strictly monitor the practitioners at all times. Being in the "Strictly Controlled Group," practitioners had to work very fast and punishment was meted out swiftly for any so-called infraction, even just sitting for any length of time. Practitioners were not allowed to talk to each other or exchange goods, and had to ask the criminal in charge for permission to stand up or sit down. In September 2003, practitioners Liu Wen and Han Jianzhi spoke one word with each other during work. Zhang Yu, the labor team leader, reported them to guard Liu Xiaoyu. Liu ordered prisoners Fan Tiancun and Wang Zhichao to brutally beat the practitioners. He even gave them permission to beat them until they were close to death.

After Mr. Wang arrived at the second division, the criminal head, Fan Tiancun, asked to see him. Mr. Wang sat down and Fan slapped him twice and said, "Who told you to sit down?" Mr. Wang replied, "Isn't it normal to sit down?" Fan slapped him a few more times and kicked him many times. He said to Mr. Wang, "How dare you talk back? Tell you what, this is the second division, the "Iron Army Wolf Team" and the second group is the "Ghost Group." You have to obey the rules and do whatever you are told." The head of the third group, Yu Bin, fiercely beat and kicked Mr. Wang, which resulted in his eyes becoming blurred and his losing his hearing. Mr. Wang also suffered severe pain after this incident. Yu said, "This is the process in this section. All newcomers are treated like this. We were easy on you." That evening, Liu Xiaoyu, the guard in charge of the second group, came to the group to talk to Mr. Wang. Liu claimed that Mr. Wang did not sit in the correct posture and brutally punched him twice on his chest. This caused Mr. Wang to bend over and he could not breathe for a while.

In mid July 2003, the labor camp held a meeting and decided to persecute practitioners Mr. Yan Guozhu and Mr. Fan Gang, who both had escaped from the camp and been recaptured. Mr. Yan's sentence was extended by 8 months and Mr. Fan's by 3 months. After the director of the camp, Wang Yanwei, finished his speech, a prisoner started speaking. The minute he slandered Falun Gong, Fan Gang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Two guards beat Mr. Fan to the ground and dragged him away to continue the beating. After the meeting, the second division asked everyone to write a statement regarding this issue and to guarantee not to run away. Mr. Wang did not follow the order. He pointed out that Falun Gong practitioners escaped because they were not released after they had served their terms. Guard Zhu Shenglin called Mr. Wang to an office and, together with Su Guangwen and Liu Xiaoyu beat him. Zhu and Su cruelly punched Wang's head and chest. Liu hit Wang with a leather belt and at the same asked him, "Are you still going to practice Falun Gong?" After half an hour of beating, Mr. Wang became very dizzy and fell to the ground. The three guards continued to beat him. Zhu and Su kicked Mr. Wang's head, face, chest, abdomen, upper and lower back, with the tip of their shoes, and Liu hit him with a belt. Mr. Wang lost his breath, and fainted.

When Mr. Wang woke up, he saw Su Guangwen holding a container and found that his head and upper body were soaking wet. Wang realized that Su had dumped water on him. Mr. Wang was hurting all over and tried to get up. Liu Xiaoyu took him to a room where prisoner Fan Tiancun had already arrived. Liu tried to force Mr. Wang to "transform". Mr. Wang told them, "I'd rather die than transform." Liu asked him why, he replied, "Falun Gong saved me." He then told Liu how he benefited after he started practicing Falun Gong.

In July 2003, the second division forced practitioners to fold papers. Practitioners had to work from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m., with no break. Every practitioner had been assigned very heavy production work. The labor team leader kicked, beat, or used batons to hit practitioners who worked slowly. The indoor environment was humid, cold and dark. In August, Mr. Wang suffered from scabies. He suffered sleepless nights, because of the severe itching. In November, Mr. Wang suffered from blisters and his body became swollen. The blisters oozed pus, and his legs were so swollen that he couldn't remove his clothes. He could no longer sit on a chair. His shirt became soaked with pus shortly after he put it on. Sometimes the cloth would stick to the wound. It was extremely painful to walk. However, the guards did not stop mistreating him. They beat and scolded him when he moved slowly. The guards forced Mr. Wang to work at the same speed as everyone else.

In May 2004, Mr. Wang got worse and he could barely walk. He limped. Team leaders Tao and Sun Haibo still forced him to work. They threatened him when he refused to work, "Wait and see how I punish you. I decided that you violated the rule and "refused transformation." They ordered prisoners to intensify his persecution.

At 1 p.m on May 20 of 2004, group head Sun Lei, those practitioners who were unhealthy because of the persecution and those who were old to have a physical exam. Those practitioners held onto each other and walked to the front door. There was no physical exam. They were deceived and taken to the workrooms. Wang Yanwei, director of the camp, and Zhang Fengming, director of Administrative Section were waiting there and Wang Yanwei ordered them, "Pick up the sticks from the ground and wrap them tightly. Nobody is going to say no."

In March of 2002, practitioner Mr. Sun Changping had gone to Beijing to appeal. The police in Beijing tortured Mr. Sun and broke bones in his lower back. He was severely disabled and needed others help to walk and eat. Wang Yanwei and Zhang Fengming still forced him to work and accused him of working too slow and of sometimes needing a break. Later Mr. Sun couldn't move anymore and sat down to breathe. Wang Yanwei and Zhang Fengming yelled at him. They were too tired to work any longer. These practitioners were tortured until they could barely move and breathe. Practitioners Mr. Zhang Zhen and Mr. Shao Zhenkun were so tired they could barely move and stumbled when they tried to walk. The practitioners had to keep working until the guards got off work.

On May 23 of 2004, Director Wang Yanwei took practitioners who no longer were able to work outdoors to pull grass. The practitioners were exhausted and were crawling on the ground. Mr. Shao was so exhausted that he fell on the ground and could no longer move. The practitioners worked until 1 p.m. and were then allowed to eat (regular lunch time is at 11 a.m.).

From then on, the torture of older, sick and disabled practitioners worsened. The second division asked those who couldn't work to sit straight for a long time, saying, "This is to force you to go and work. Don't just stay at home." Those who worked in the evenings had to work until 11 p.m. If there was more work to do, sometimes they had to work until midnight. The guard asked the old, sick and disabled practitioners to join the work. The supervisor asked prisoner Wang Gang to ask Mr. Wang Jinbo to work in the evenings. Mr. Wang refused. Therefore, the prisoner went to guard Sun Haibo. Sun said, "No one is allowed to stay in their cells. Everyone has to go to work." Mr. Wang was therefore forced to work until 11 p.m. daily.

On the evening of June 24, 2004, a guard asked prisoner Li Mingzhi to slap Mr. Wang six to seven times because he moved slowly because of his bad health. Mr. Wang asked guard Sun Haibo and team leader Tao to resolve this issue. Not only did they refuse to do so but they also yelled at Mr. Wang. Sun immediately ordered Mr. Wang to go back to work. Mr. Wang fainted during work, so Sun took him to an empty cell and beat and kicked him, saying that the he disturbed the discipline of the workforce. Sun kicked Mr. Wang's scabies on his shin with the tip of his shoes and punched him heavily on his nose. This cruel treatment caused Wang to bleed profusely. There was blood all over the floor. Sun then took Wang to the discipline room and asked prisoners Sun Lei and Li Mingzhi to hold Mr. Wang's neck and his arms behind his back. Sun then shocked Mr. Wang's neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, buttock and legs with an electric baton. The torture lasted from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next morning. Mr. Wang even lost control over his bowels. Mr. Wang was wounded everywhere, could barely breathe, and became dizzy and nauseated. His hands and legs became numb. He became nervous and scared easily. He also became lethargic.

4. The fifth division forces the old, sick and disabled practitioners to work and denies the practitioners their legal rights

The guards in the camp continued to persecute Mr. Wang Jinbo. On July 13, 2004, the guard sent him back to the newcomers' group in the fifth division for strict monitoring. The guards made him sit for a long time. Mr. Wang fainted the next day. The guard pushed him aside and ignored him.

The labor camp issued an order that the practitioners in the fifth division who could no longer work had to return to work. On Oct 11, 2004, the camp organized the practitioners to bring in the harvest on the farm. Two practitioners from the newcomers' group who couldn't walk remained in the building and all others, regardless of their age and health condition, had to pick corn. Mr. Wang told Captain Zhu Dechun that he was not able to work. His request was denied, so he had to pick corn until he was exhausted and had to sit on the ground so he could breathe.

Practitioners Mr. Wang Jun and Mr. Ma Xiaodong also were in bad health. They were exhausted and couldn't walk. Therefore, they sat on the ground. Vice Director Wang Jiangang came and asked what happened. Captain Zhu Dechun said that Mr. Wang Jinbo and Mr. Wang Jun were in bad health and then asked Mr. Ma to go back to work. Mr. Ma said, "I have told you that I can't work." Immediately, Zhu kicked him to make him move. Seeing that Mr. Ma did not move, Zhu grabbed him and started to beat him brutally. Guard Lu Zhanlin joined and used a stick to hit Mr. Ma until the stick broke. They beat him to the ground and then kicked him with the tip of their shoes until he couldn't move anymore. They picked him up and kept on beating him. The Vice Director Wang Jiangang came and slapped Mr. Ma. His face, eyes, and neck were injured and bruised. After about an hour, a guard told these practitioners to go back to work. As soon as they went back to work, Director Wang Yanwei scolded Mr. Ma, slapped him and ordered, "Lock Mr. Ma Xiaodong in a small room and hang him up so that he doesn't have to work." After they went back to the camp, they locked Mr. Ma in a small room and hung him up. Guard He Jianxin from the fifth division beat Mr. Ma. The camp staff gave him only half a bowl of corn paste at each meal.

Six old, sick and disabled practitioners from the newcomers' group didn't pick corn. Director Wang Yanwei began to torture them on October 12. Wang forced the practitioners to pick Chinese cabbage. Practitioner Mr. Jiao Mingfeng's lower body was disabled due to the persecution and the guard still carried him to work. Wang asked Mr. Jiao, "Why don't you work?" Mr. Jiao replied, "My limbs are all numb and I can't work." On hearing his reply, Wang punched him twice, kicked him and ordered the guard, "Take him to a small room and hang him up." The prisoners dragged Mr. Jiao away and Wang Yanwei was right behind them, kicking Mr. Jiao. Practitioner Mr. Jiao Mingfeng, who was disabled, was thus taken to a small room and hung up.

At 1 p.m. on Oct 13, Guard Mao Chen from the fifth division forced the rest of the 5 old, sick and disabled practitioners to work. The Fuyu railroad company in Jilin Province employed practitioner Mr. Xu Qingwu. On Aug 24, 2004, Mr. Xu distributed Falun Gong truth clarification materials on a train traveling between Fuyu and Changchun. A train patrol arrested and detained him in the Changchun City Railroad Prison. The guard in the prison tortured him. He cuffed both of his wrists and ankles onto iron chains and pulled to stretch the iron chains as far as possible. They secured the chains to both sides of the walls. Mr. Xu's body was stretched tightly with his face down for 7 days and 7 nights. The cuffs cut deeply into his wrists and ankles and his skin, especially around the wrists, fell off. The wrist showed a 1cm deep cut and became putrid. The smell was horrible. Mr. Xu could no longer move his arms and couldn't take care of himself. He even needed help to tie his pants and take off his clothes. Even like this, Director Wang Yanwei still forced him to work. Mr. Xu showed Wang the injuries on his wrists and ankles and explained why he couldn't work. Wang said, "If you can't work, then you can't eat." During dinner time, as soon as Xu picked up the food, Wang approached him and yelled, "You can't work, don't eat." Wang ordered guard Lu Zhanlin from the fifth division to take away Mr. Xu's food.

The next day, guard Mao Chen forced these old, sick and disabled practitioners to work again. At 10 a.m. Director Wang Yanwei demanded that Mr. Xu Qingwu work, but Mr. Xu said, "I can't." Wang said, "If you can't work, you can only eat porridge." During lunch, the food service staff gave Xu half a bowl of corn porridge. The diameter of the bowl was about 15 cm. The porridge was watery and half-cooked. Xu asked, "Why do you give me corn porridge?" The staff answered, "Director Wang told us to do it because you didn't work." Mr. Xu did not eat it. The staff still gave Mr. Xu corn porridge for dinner and he still didn't eat it. All the guards felt what Wang did was going too far, because they knew Mr. Xu' wrists were badly injured and he really couldn't work. During dinner-time, Wang again went to the dining place to check up on the practitioners and threatened everyone, "From now on, whoever can't work will end up drinking corn porridge." On Oct 15, at 8 a.m., the deputy captain of the fifth division, He Jianxin, went to the big room and told the old, sick and disabled practitioners, "You all go out to work. Director Wang said whoever can't work will eat corn porridge for all meals."

Later in August 2004, Mr. Wang Jinbo appealed to the procuratorate. He accused the public safety department of torturing, abusing, illegally searching him and illegally forcing him to work. Guards He Jianxin and Zhang Wei tried everything to stop him. Several days later, the guards prevented him from seeing visitors, including his lawyer. The guards unlawfully confiscated Mr. Wang's appeal documents.

Later practitioners Mr. Dong Ming, Mr. Zhou Guoqing, Mr. Wu Xiangquan, and Mr. Zhang Jiehui prepared appeals and protested their forced labor camp sentence. The guard confiscated the documents and told these practitioners, "You are wasting your time. Nobody will accept the case."

They were afraid of letting the truth about the persecution of practitioners become public. The Changchun City Judicial Bureau, upon request from the camp transferred Mr. Dong Ming, Mr. Wu Xiangquan, Mr. Zhou Ji'an and Mr. Mao Wenren to the Changchun City Weizigou Forced Labor Camp. They separated the practitioners to prevent them from helping each other, and to stop them from appealing. They did not want the public to find out how the practitioners' were mistreated.

5. The fourth division abuses severely sick patients

On Oct 29, 2004, the labor camp began to persecute Mr. Wang Jinbo using different methods. They transferred him to the fourth division, where they held inmates with tuberculosis. They wanted him to get infected. There were also patients with hepatitis or non-infectious diseases. The labor camp placed patients with contagious and non-contagious diseases together, showing clearly that they did not care what happened to their lives.

The labor camp kept the practitioners with tuberculosis, hepatitis and other diseases for a long time and would not release them. The camp denied them medical treatment and refused to provide necessary care. Guards Gao Shilu and others brainwashed the practitioners and mentally abused them, using all possible methods, and thus worsened their illnesses. Practitioner Mr. Rong Zhanmin suffered from neuritis and prolapsed rectum because of the long-term imprisonment and persecution. He ate only once a day. In early November of 2004, Mr. Rong's prolapsed rectum worsened. His rectum couldn't retract. He didn't want to have bowel movement and dared not eat. Mr. Rong was bedridden for 8 days without food and no one looked after him. Later, other practitioners reported this to a guard. Yet, no one took care of Mr. Rong until day 9 when his life was in danger. The camp thus informed Mr. Rong's family and forced the family to take him to a doctor. The family had no choice but to borrow money in order to send Rong to a hospital. It is unknown whether Mr. Rong is still alive or not.

In March 2004, practitioner Mr. Liu Wen was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was supposed to be released on medical emergency, so he could see a doctor. However he was not released. He could not receive effective treatment, nutrition and care, and was forced to work, which worsened his illness. On Nov 25, 2004, Mr. Liu went on a hunger strike and asked to be released. The labor camp staff brutally force-fed him for more than 12 days. He was unable to walk after that. Once, a guard dragged Mr. Liu to the outside of the main gate. His shirt was torn and his skin had peeled off. Mr. Liu Wen is still imprisoned and his life is in danger.

After Mr. Wang Jinbo was transferred to the fourth division, due to the long-term imprisonment and frequent brutal beatings, he became nauseous and vomited. He couldn't eat or move. The guard ordered the prisoners to carry him around in the corridors and the prisoners were very careless. Mr. Wang's arms felt unbearably painful. The guard isolated Mr. Wang from other practitioners and ridiculed him. The guard saw that he couldn't eat food and began to force-feed him. This caused Mr. Wang to lose control over his bowel movements. He suffered from severe diarrhea. Mr. Wang couldn't move and there was no one to look after him. The excrement and puss were all over the bed sheets and smelled terribly. There was no one to change the bed sheets.

On Dec 8, 2004, the labor camp took Mr. Wang, who could barely breathe at the time, to the first division. As soon as Mr. Wang entered the discipline room, a group of guards yelled at and humiliated him. A guard with last name of Ji, knew that Mr. Wang could no longer stand upright, yet he still asked him to stand against the wall. Mr. Wang fell. They carried him to the dinning area and a guard there with last name of Ma yelled at and abused him. Ma then asked people to take Mr. Wang away. They dragged him from the front building to the back building and from downstairs to upstairs and caused him to become dizzy and lose consciousness. They placed him in a far off and cold cell, and ordered someone to watch him.

In the evening of Dec 13, practitioner Mr. Liu Ziwei died because of the persecution.

In the morning of Dec 14, the camp staff realized that Mr. Wang was dying and worried that he would die in the camp, which meant that the camp would have to assume the responsibility. The camp informed Mr. Wang's family to take him home.

Mr. Wang Jinbo in a hiking competition

Mr. Wang Jinbo, the day after his release from the labor camp

Mr. Wang Jinbo, the day after his release from the labor camp

Mr. Wang Jinbo, the day after his release from the labor camp

Mr. Wang Jinbo was arrested on Aug 26, 2002, and left the forced labor camp on Dec 14, 2004. He was illegally imprisoned for 2 years, 3 months and 19 days. He used to be 173 cm tall, weighed 84 kg, and won the first prize in a hiking competition held by his workplace. He was also a basketball player. After he left the camp, he weighed only 48 kg (the picture was taken on the evening of Dec 15, 2004). He was unhealthily skinny and was injured everywhere. He couldn't walk or eat, and his life was in danger.

The above is how CCP brutally persecuted Mr. Wang Jinbo and other practitioners just because they practice Falun Gong and believe in "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance".

Telephone numbers:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 431)

The Changchun City Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp: 4835680 (General line), 4833900 (Fax)
Duty Room: 4838828, 4839147
The Former Director (current Director of the Weizigou Forced Labor Camp), Wang Yanwei: 8631486 (Home), 13351503325 (Cell), 13844820515 (Cell)
The Current Director, Wang Xiaoming, 4835680 ext 8001 or 8000, 13351503013 (Cell), 4658559 (Home)
Wang Xiaoming's wife whose last name is Wang: 13904328520 (Cell)
The Administrative Section Head, Liu Yu, 13351503597 (Cell), 7888098 (Home)
The Political Commission: 4832680 ext 8002
Deputy Director, Wang Jiangang, who is in charge of transforming practitioners: 4835680 ext 8003, 13514402798 (Cell)
Wang xx: 4835680 ext 8004
The Secretary of the Discipline Commission: 4835680 ext 8005
The Political Division: 4835680 ext 8006
The Office: 4835680 ext 8015, 8016, 8017
The First Division: Li Zongjie, 4835680 ext 8011, 8012
The Second Division, 4835680 ext 8021, 8022
The Third Division, 4835680 ext 8031, 8032
The Fourth Division, 4835680 ext 8041, 8042
The Fifth Division, 4835680 ext 8051, 8052
The Sixth Division, 4835680 ext 8061, 8062
The Seventh Division, 4835680 ext 8071, 8072

The Guards from the Yongning Street Police Station in Yitong County, Jilin Province, who are responsible:
The Yongning Street Police Station, 86-434-4222708
The Police Station Chief Wang Lin, 13844493888 (Cell)
Chief Guard Zhao Dawei, 13844499987 (Cell)
Chief Guard Liu Tiejun, 13514343622 (Cell)
The investigation team officer You Tao, 13180922683 (Cell)