(Clearwisdom.net) In late December 2004, I went to Hong Kong to clarify the truth. This was my first experience facing so many Chinese people from Mainland China, many of whom had been deeply deceived by the lies of the Chinese Communist regime. Living under the threat of violence, they watched each other very closely and were worried about the repercussions of receiving our material. As soon as they entered the first station and saw the Falun Gong materials, we could tell from their facial expressions how great an impact the materials have on them and their thinking. On the one hand, they really wanted to know how the outside world viewed Falun Gong; on the other hand, they were so scared that most of them dared not take our materials. They pretended to be indifferent when they saw us.

Occasionally, some Mainland Chinese came and asked me, "How much money do you earn distributing flyers here?" I kindly responded, "We all have good jobs and earn a decent salary. We're using our vacation time to do this. How much do you think we should earn?" Upon hearing this, he had nothing to say.

To avoid disturbing the tour guide (since his misunderstanding might affect his acceptance of the truth), we didn't overdo it when telling the tourists the truth about the practice and persecution of Falun Gong. While the Mainland Chinese were watching the tour guide make announcements, we held our truth clarification materials high behind his head to trigger their attention. The effect was good. On the bus, almost all the tourists read the posters we held. They even squinted to carefully read the signs in the dazzling sun.

At all the scenic places, the tourists would see practitioners and Falun Gong materials. Gradually, the tourists came to know the truth of Falun Gong. At a popular nightspot, many people accepted our materials, possibly because they gradually understood the truth, or because the dim light made people more relaxed. One day, we gave away all our materials by early evening.

Once, I had a conversation with a Hong Kong practitioner. He said that although there were a limited number of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong, the environment in Hong Kong had changed tremendously due to their persistent efforts. Now, they can continuously broadcast videotapes that exposed the staged Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation incident while policemen are standing nearby to protect them. Such a scene is a striking contrast from Mainland China.

During the Christmas holiday, there were brilliant fireworks every evening. Most tourists, however, stood in a tiny crowded space with their eyes fixed on the Falun Gong program we broadcast on a TV. From the expression on their faces, we could see that they were surprised and awakened. I believe that their innermost hearts were moved, as I was.

A young girl had been reading the posters and watching the TV the whole time. Her mother, who seemed to have been deeply deceived, pulled the girl away and tried to stop her from reading and watching the program. The girl spoke to her mother loudly, "This is Hong Kong." She meant that her mother should not interfere with her freedom of knowing the truth. I was sincerely happy for the girl's knowing side.

Many kind-hearted tour guides told the tourists, ""Hong Kong has freedom of speech. Feel free to take the Falun Gong pamphlets. You won't violate the law!" After that, the tourists accepted the flyers immediately. Some tour guides even said, "Hurry up and watch them practice Falun Gong!" We concluded that it is very important to clarify the truth to the tour guides and to the bus drivers and to eliminate the interfering elements behind them.

We politely greeted every tourist when the sightseeing bus arrived. Regardless of whether the tourists accepted our flyers, we always said, "Have a good trip" with a smile. While we were waiving goodbye to the tourists on the bus, most of them understood the truth, and happily waved back. The entire process showed Dafa disciples' well-behaved demeanor. Our appropriate and courteous behavior also told the truth to people.

In recent years, many precious Chinese people visited Hong Kong and came to know the truth of Falun Gong. Compared to the efforts of the Hong Kong practitioners, I came to realize that I fell far behind and should be more diligent.