May 14 2005

BANGALORE: It is believed that our Karma or deeds follow each of us throughout our lives. It is believed that bad karma is the cause of all illnesses and hardships. The Chinese practice of Falun Gong claims to have an answer to the haunting Karma. Based on the universal values of truth, compassion and forbearance, Falun Gong, say believers, has relieved many of their problems [...].

Banned in the country of its birth, the art has made a base in the city. City-based couple, Bhagwan and Chita Devnani, have been ''sharing the Gong'' by holding regular classes at the Cubbon Park every morning for the past four years. ''I have gained clarity of mind, which has helped me in my personal as well as professional life,'' says Bhagwan.

The couple was introduced to Falun in 2001 by a Singaporean Falun Gong practitioner Janice. Chitra was suffering from severe backache for 15 years. ''After staring practicing Falun Gong, I was cured of the pain within a week,'' she says.

Chitra says that the body, mind and spirit are ''cultivated'' in the practice, which relieves one of all negative influences. She uses the analogy of a garden to describe it.

''You take a plot of land, weed out all bad things and put good things such as seeds, water and sunlight. This is exactly what we do with our bodies, minds and hearts through our cultivation practices.''

The group formed has taken the practice to schools too. Principal Sri Baireshwara Vidyaniketan, Srinivaspura, Sriram Reddy encouraged the practice in his school which he says has brought a transformation in the students.

''This year we got a 100 percent first class result in SSLC examinations. Students have become more focused now,'' he says. Reddy, who was on medication for asthma for the past 40 years now claims to have been cured by Falun Gong.

Srikrishna from Hyderabad says that [...], "The mind is cleansed by Falun Gong,'' he says. Call 9341254320.