May 12, 2005

The Hong Kong's Epoch Times on paper stands (Epoch Times image)

Dear Hong Kong Residents:

The Epoch Times in Hong Kong is facing the crisis of having its printing terminated. We need your support to help us overcome the difficulty we face as a result of losing our current printing house service.

In Hong Kong, the "oriental pearl," under the dictator rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The Epoch Times has come through hardships side by side with Hong Kong residents for almost four years. However today, in the city with the most prosperous printing enterprises, The Epoch Times is facing the danger of having its printing terminated.

Due to fear of people learning the truth, the CCP has exerted hard and soft pressure on the printing house that prints The Epoch Times in Hong Kong. The printing house has decided to terminate its printing service on May 14.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank this printing house for its services for our newspaper in the past.

Under the CCP's pressure, The Epoch Times is experiencing great difficulty contacting printing houses. Today, we expose what we have encountered to the public, reveal to the Hong Kong and international communities the crisis concerning freedom of the press in Hong Kong, and the pressure and difficulty facing a newspaper that dares to expose the CCP and publish reports forbidden by the CCP (such as issues concerning Falun Gong, Taiwan, human rights, China's financial crisis, etc.). We sincerely hope that the Hong Kong people will give moral support for The Epoch Times, and support printing houses that have the courage to print The Epoch Times under the current circumstances, so as to uphold freedom of the press in Hong Kong!

The CCP is blocking news in China, and establishing and buying off media overseas. It threatens international media not to report on the Falun Gong persecution, the editorial series "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and the wave of withdrawals from the CCP triggered by it. The CCP is afraid of letting overseas Chinese learn the real situation in China, which would help them realize the false impression of peace put up by the CCP. Hence the CCP is attacking The Epoch Times worldwide, including arresting Epoch Times reporters in mainland China and harassing Epoch Times' overseas staff.

For almost 4 years, with the support from Hong Kong residents, The Epoch Times in Hong Kong has developed from a weekly publication to a daily one. Since January 3, 2005, The Epoch Times has served its readers five times a week for free. The Epoch Times' unique characteristic of reporting the truth without fear of power and influence is obvious to all. The Epoch Times website has been recognized by Human Rights in China as the best website in providing information for mainland China.

The media carries the social responsibility of exposing the truth and upholding justice. This is the principle The Epoch Times adheres to. Starting in November 18, 2004, The Epoch Times published globally the editorial series "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" that gave an unprecedented, thorough and deep analysis of the CCP's evil nature. It exposed countless crimes the CCP has committed towards the Chinese nation and Chinese traditional culture. It delivered the final judgment on the CCP and predicted its imminent demise. Since its publication, over one million copies of the "Nine Commentaries" special issue have been printed and freely distributed in Hong Kong alone.

The experience of protesting Article 23 has taught us that we must say "NO" to the CCP in order to preserve the core values of Hong Kong: freedom, government by law, democracy and human rights. The publication and distribution of The Epoch Times in Hong Kong illustrate the tenacious vitality of these core values and prove that the universal values of honesty, kindness and tolerance will not yield to brutal tyranny. We are searching for a printing house for The Epoch Times, and we hope that any printing house willing to print The Epoch Times in Hong Kong will contact us as soon as possible. We also believe that only by exposing the CCP's dirty tricks can we prevent the next business from becoming the CCP's victim.

Our fellow residents who have suffered from the CCP's atrocities, The Hong Kong Epoch Times needs your support!

Supporting Hong Kong's Epoch Times is supporting yourself and our future generations.