A Government Employee's View

Once, I met a man who works in a government office. After we greeted each other, this government worker said, "I am so discouraged! Now I can clearly see the destructive nature of the Chinese Communist Party. I definitely will not join the Chinese Communist Party. If I didn't have to support my family, I would not have started to work for them in the first place."

"The Chinese Communist Party says one thing and does another. They use money to buy and sell government jobs, embezzle huge amounts of money, and put the taxpayer's money in their own pockets--it's standard practice for them. The supervisors are switching to luxury model cars, while the general public has to live in poverty. The government officials spend more than a thousand yuan on just one meal and they never hesitate to spend other people's hard-earned money. They do everything out of their own self-interest, only thinking about their own personal benefit and "political merits," and never thinking of the people's interests. Occasionally, they do something right and then they put in a TV appearance to make a big deal out of it. The Chinese Communist Party is always making people's life miserable."

"One guy from my county, who is in his forties, is now a street peddler on Bei Street. He happened to be a university student when the June 4th incident took place. Back then, the university kicked him out for no reason at all, and the army would not take him either. He was left with no other choice but to peddle on the street. Simply because he had appeared on a video recording of the June 4th incident, a good university student's life was ruined."

"What's more, have you ever heard about this? During the June 4th incident, they used tanks to crush the students. It was really horrifying. The Chinese Communist Party has always persecuted its own people. All these years, they have done nothing but harm people and make their lives miserable. Yet the media still cover up for them, glorify them, and claim that everything is great and glorious. They always lie. The way I see it, they won't be able to keep it up for much longer. It's time for them to end everything. I have to go now but we'll talk some other time."

Phone Calls from Overseas Convince an Official's Wife to Quit the Party

By a practitioner in Jilin, Huiming

Ever since July 20, 1999, a company manager in Northeastern China has been closely following Jiang's Party line and has willingly participated in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. He has illegally withheld and confiscated two Falun Dafa practitioners' wages amounting to between sixty and seventy thousand yuan. He has also cooperated with the local police department to send Falun Dafa practitioners in his unit to forced labor camps.

After the local Falun Dafa practitioners exposed his wicked crimes on the Minghui website, many overseas Falun Dafa practitioners called him at home. Since he lives an extravagant and corrupt life, he was always gallivanting about town and not at home. However, his wife remained at home to answer the phone and listen to the truth. In March 2005, local Falun Dafa practitioners told his wife that the only way for them to get eternal blessings would be to withdraw from all the Chinese Communist Party organizations and thereby remove the mark of the beast.

Initially, the local practitioners had expected that it would be a real struggle to get her to quit the Party because she had always been an active government worker and Communist Party member. However, because she had received so many phone calls from overseas practitioners' explaining the truth to her, she immediately published an open statement on the Epoch Times website to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party.