The "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" has helped people to understand just how evil the Communist Party truly is. It is natural and logical that people will try to save themselves. When a person suddenly realizes that he is being enveloped by an evil being, he will quickly jump away. This is a human being's survival instinct and people who have come to this understanding are resigning from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Communist Party is also aware that people value and cherish their lives more than anything. So why did it kill so many people? Many people find it hard to understand why the CCP had caused so many deaths during its reign - 80 million people, all told. Why does it kill indifferently, as if people are worthless? It is because the CCP has seen people's fear of death and has taken advantage of it. So many people completely submit to the CCP and obey its control over every aspect of their lives.

Now it is time for heaven to eliminate this evil spirit, the CCP. Will everyone go to hell together with the CCP and be buried beside it, or will everyone resign from the CCP? Each person's choice will show whether that person really has great wisdom or not. The life-altering decision has to be made between right and wrong.

Every day we see tens of thousands of people resigning from the CCP and its associated organizations. As so many people resign from these organizations, why do people still want to risk their lives and continue to wait? If the time when gods eliminate the CCP arrives earlier than expected, what will be those people's futures?

Many people are trying to protect themselves and will resign from the CCP. What are people waiting for? They do not like the CCP at all and even find it disgusting. If people choose to die along with it without being aware of the consequences, that would be even more of a pity!

People may announce their resignations from the CCP with aliases, allowing them to avoid reprisal. On the other hand, if people are gambling that the CCP will exist forever and choose not to break away from it, then they will be destroyed when it is time for the gods to eliminate the CCP. For the sake of themselves and their families, however, they should seriously consider the issue of resignation from the CCP.