(Clearwisdom.net) After reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I understood that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not just an ordinary political party in the human world, but one with a fundamentally wicked nature. Since I was never interested in politics or political parties, I thought that these things had nothing to do with me. Especially as a Dafa cultivator, I thought it was enough to simply know about it. However, after I read Teacher's recent lectures, I realized that we Chinese have been infused with the CCP's culture, and we unconsciously approve of it in our hearts. As such, we have been unaware of certain aspects of the evil Party's propaganda.

The people who grew up in Mainland China have been deeply stamped with the CCP culture and are unaware of it. This is manifested in their methods of looking at things, ways of thinking, language and even personal hygiene. This is apparent when comparing articles written by people in Mainland China with articles written by Westerners.

Works of film, TV and music in Mainland China sing the praises of the CCP. We have been reading and listening to them since we were young, and have enjoyed them. Now when we encounter them, they are familiar to us and we like to see and hear them. Even though we turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to them, aren't we giving the Party's evil spirit a chance to spread its poison? Even the articles that expose the dark side of the CCP, don't they do so from standpoint of the CCP? And finally, don't they attribute success to the Party's leadership? We should pay attention to this issue! When we allow the Party's spirit to spread poison, we are giving it a venue and breathing space. Especially for practitioners whose family members are not Dafa practitioners, they should tell their family members about the harmfulness of the CCP and thus prevent it from spreading its venom. In doing this, we can suffocate the evil and eliminate its interference in Fa-rectification and harm to human beings.

We can even see it in our truth-clarification materials. When I sorted and checked downloaded truth-clarification materials, I found many cases of this. For example, if a Dafa practitioner achieved good results while he went to the countryside to aid the poor as the secretary of a Party Committee, an impression of "the Party serving the people" was given. Meanwhile, a Dafa practitioner's elegant demeanor after practicing Falun Dafa, such as improving morality, attaining selflessness and altruism, thinking of others and being strict with himself, weren't highlighted. When Jiang Zemin was mentioned, other CCP leaders were praised in order to offset Jiang's evilness. Actually, they are all birds of a feather. When we talk about the persecution suffered by some former Party leaders, we cannot mix it together with the persecution of Dafa practitioners. When we talk about the police who persecuted veteran cadres years ago and later were shot, we talk about the principle of evil meeting karmic retribution--yet some veteran cadres rode roughshod over common people, and the police were merely scapegoats. In one article mourning Zhao Ziyang, a CCP historian said that he wouldn't praise Zhao Ziyang because all CCP members were guilty. As a historian, he had attained such an understanding. As Dafa practitioners, we should be clear-headed and not spread the poison of the CCP culture consciously or unconsciously any more.

When we expose the CCP's evil spirit and its nature of lies, wickedness, and violence, we have to relate to these issues. How should we do it? First, we must see how the CCP culture has infected us, and eliminate it by studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. I think that the key is to distinguish between the CCP culture and our own thoughts.

Teacher said in the section, "Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate" in Zhuan Falun:

"There is another powerful karma that greatly affects practitioners--it is called thought karma. People have to think in leading their lives. Because one is lost among everyday people, one will often develop in one's mind thoughts for fame, benefits, lust, anger, etc. Gradually, these thoughts become the powerful thought karma. Since everything in other dimensions has life, karma is also the same. When one begins to practice cultivation in a righteous way, one must eliminate one's karma. Eliminating karma means having karma wiped out and transformed. Of course, karma will resist, and so one will have tribulations and obstacles. But thought karma can directly interfere with one's mind. Therefore, one's mind has swear words that condemn Teacher and Dafa, and one may think of some evil thoughts or swear words. As a result, some practitioners do not know what is going on and think that these thoughts come from themselves. Some people also believe that they are from possessing spirits or animals, but they are not from possession by spirits or animals. Rather, they result from the reflection of thought karma on one's mind. Some people do not have a very strong Main Consciousness and will comply with the thought karma to commit wrongdoing. Such people will be ruined and drop in levels. Most people, however, can remove and resist it with very strong thoughts from themselves (a strong Main Consciousness). With this, it indicates that this person can be saved and can distinguish good from bad. In other words, the person has good enlightenment quality. My fashen will help eliminate the most of such thought karma. This situation is seen frequently. Once it transpires, one will be tested to see if one can overcome such bad thoughts on one's own. If one is determined, the karma can be eliminated."

I have a suggestion: we should carefully check the contents when we distribute truth-clarification materials and clarify the truth face to face, and not allow problematic materials to be used. Practitioners who have computers should modify them if possible or just delete them. This will make our materials, as well as our hearts, purer, and we will have greater power to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.