(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xiang Changyin from Laochi Village, Suining City in Sichuan Province had already been persecuted in a forced labor camp prior to his arrest in June 2004 while he was clarifying the facts about Falun Gong to people. He was tortured, unlawfully sent to forced labor for four years and died on March 11, 2005 as a result of torture. The following is his story:

Mr. Xiang Changyin was from Laochi Village, Suining City. As he was firm in his Falun Gong practice, he had been persecuted many times. In 2001 he was illegally sentenced to forced labor for one and a half years. After his return from the labor camp, he continued clarifying the facts and validating Dafa. He lived in Duanjiadian Village in Suining City and made his living driving a passenger tricycle.

During the night of June 15, 2004, someone named Yuan from Laochi Village learned where Xiang Changyin lived. On the morning of June 17, Yuan, along with officers from the Kaixuan Police Station from the City National Security Team broke into Xiang Changyin's home and forcibly took him away. He was illegally incarcerated in the Lingquansi Detention Center. There, the lawless people deprived him of sleep for seven days.

Xiang Changyin was then sentenced to four years of forced labor. As he suffered from inhuman torture in the detention center, he was at the brink of death. The criminal officials attempted to incarcerate him at the forced labor camp, but the labor camp refused to accept him.

When Xiang Changyin was sent back home, his life was in danger. He passed away on March 11, 2005.

Other practitioners in Suining City who have died as a result of persecution include: Chen Huakun, 75 years old, from the 10th Team in Dingjiao Village, Nanqiang Town, Zhong District of Suining City; Xi Zhimin, 55 years old, from the 11th Village, Fuqiao Town, Zhong District; Peng Fangjian from Renli Town; Xiao Zhilin, 50 years old, from Tiangongmiao Area, the Chuanshan District; Liang Guirong, 36 years old, from Fenshui Town, the Anju District, as well as other practitioners.

Practitioners from Suining City who are currently still detained in the Lingquansi Detention Center include Zhang Zhijun, Lin Shuzhen, Tan Xiaorong, Guo Dingmin, Xiao Yunqiang and others.

Even though Zhang Zhijun had been on hunger strike for two weeks he was force-fed and the police dragged him into the mountain area behind the detention center for brutal beatings. Lin Shuzhen was forced to kneel down, and was beaten on the face and kicked. Tan Xiaorong was handcuffed and hung up for three days and four nights without any sleep. Guo Dingmin was also handcuffed and hung up for three days and four nights.

Related phone numbers:
Suining City Police Department: 138 Heping Road, 86-825-2244736, 86-825-2227002
Chief of the Police Department: Liu Anyuan: 86-825-2227051
Political Head Yang from the National Security Team: 86-825-3889380 (Cell phone)
Policemen: Jiang Qiong: 86-13568700256 (Cell), Xu Jun: 86-135687085597 (Cell)
Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee: Wei Fuyou: 86-825-2227949

Sichuan Province Muchuan County Wumaping Prison:
Chief of the Prison: 86-833-4052001

March 28, 2005