(Clearwisdom.net) Editor's note: Truth clarification materials production sites in China are places where a small number of Dafa practitioners prepare and print Dafa-related literature for truth clarification to the public. Because of the brutal persecution in China and the resulting security issues, the information sites are generally run by and known only among a limited number of practitioners.

A few days ago, I visited two local truth-clarification information sites, Site A and Site B, and was moved deeply. I never knew that the truth clarification materials production sites were run under such difficult situations and that the life of practitioners working there was so simple and modest. Under extremely difficult conditions, fellow practitioners work diligently to prepare truth-clarification literature to save sentient beings.

The fellow practitioners at Site B get up at 3:20 a.m. each morning, practice the exercises, read Dafa books, do truth-clarification work, and go to bed at 12:20 a.m. after sending forth righteous thoughts. They do not take a rest at noon. They sleep for only three hours every night and are energetic. A woman practitioner in her fifties looked like an old lady in her sixties just two years ago when she first joined the site, because of the persecution. Currently, she looks like she is in her thirties or forties, with healthy, smooth skin.

After reading the brief description below, you may have the same feeling as I: our great Master and Dafa have created great Dafa practitioners during this time of Fa-rectification.

1. Information Site A

A small room of 6 square meters (about 55 square feet) is the practitioners' working place during the day and also the place for Fa-study and rest at night. Since 2002, local practitioners working on printing and copying machines have worked in this environment every day. During the hot summer, the small room is like a sauna as the windows and door have to remain closed and covered tightly for security. Practitioners work continuously in the room, sweating. In the summer of 2004, two woman practitioners worked 10 hours a day in this room.

2. Information Site B

The work of printing and copying literature, and checking printings is almost the same at this site as it is at Information Site A. For security reason, we omitted photos of practitioners working.