(Clearwisdom.net) The remaining evil has become less and less, and the situation of Fa-rectification is becoming better and better, but recently Mainland disciples in some areas are suffering a new round of persecution. Regarding this, many fellow practitioners think that this is because the Dafa disciples who are directly persecuted have personal loopholes, as well as the Dafa disciples in those areas, and as a whole, they have attachments and have not kept up with the process of Fa-rectification.

After studying Master's new articles, I have realized that both aspects above make sense, and both are part of the reason. But there is also another important factor. In the process of being massively eliminated, evil sprits of the wicked Party are not willing to be eliminated, so they are attempting to make a superficial, false impression of "still being formidable" to mislead the public.

As the communist evil spirit puts up a last-ditch struggle and harms human beings, we Dafa disciples should, while studying the Fa well and paying attention to cultivation practice to upgrade xinxing, more firmly and with joint efforts send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. We should eliminate them in the process of clarifying the truth, while exposing the persecution and to help people clearly see the essence of the wicked Party's evil specter.

April 12, 2005