(Clearwisdom.net) The policemen and other workers in Huanxiling Labor Camp of Jilin City, which is a province-level labor camp, totaled more than 300. Since July 1999, this camp has been closely following Jiang's regime in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

On the surface, it seems that the camp advocates civil administration. Hung on the both sides of the front gate are two eye-catching boards inscribed with the words "train people in civilized ways" and "enforce the law strictly." However, it is truly a "hell on earth" where good people are cruelly persecuted and killed. Several hundred Dafa practitioners have been detained here.

Close-up shot of the camp's front gate

Distant shot of the camp's front gate

The new administration building of the camp

The watching room of the camp

The dining room of the camp

The high frequency and high intensity of tortures in the camp have caused at least seven Falun Gong practitioners' deaths. Their names are Chen Yongzhe, Tong Zhentian, Xiao Jingsong, Wang Shuquan, Li Zaiji, Wang Shujia and Hou Zhanhai. There are many means of physical torture in the camp; among them are shocking and beating with high-voltage electric batons, depriving one of sleep for a long time, forced running for a long time, forced military training, forced heavy labor, forced brainwashing, forced "sitting on a wooden board," forced standing for a long time, force-feeding, beating with a big wooden club studded with sharp nails, tying in a variety of ways, forced injections, and so on. Mental tortures include forced writing of a guarantee statement, forced exposure to propaganda slandering Falun Gong, humiliation, 24-hour-a-day monitoring, implicating one's family member(s), and so on.

Photos of some Falun Gong practitioners who died from persecution in Huanxiling Labor Camp of Jilin City:

Xiao Jingsong

Chen Yongzhe

Li Zaiji

Wang Shuquan

Tong Zhentian

Hou Zhanhai

How Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zaiji was persecuted to death

In October 1999, Li Zaiji was illegally detained in the fourth brigade of Huanxiling Labor Camp of Jilin City. For being a steadfast practitioner, he was brutally beaten, tortured by criminals, and suffered a variety of physical tortures and forced brainwashing from the police. Policemen in the fourth brigade forced him to take part in heavy physical labor.

In July 2000, due to long-time persecution in the camp, Li Zaiji developed dysentery and suffered serious dehydration. The camp didn't give him treatment right away, which caused his condition to worsen. The camp's so-called jail-doctor, Li Zhigang, a man in his fifties, is a veterinarian who doesn't know how to treat human patients at all. Facing Li Zaiji's serious situation, he asked several criminals to drag Li Zaiji to the water room and force-feed him a large amount of concentrated salt solution. Li Zaiji struggled not to take it and almost all the people in that brigade heard the commotion. After a short while, nothing was heard and people saw policemen running into the water room one after another. They wrapped Li Zaiji in a blanket and carried him out. They said that they were carrying him to the hospital for an emergency treatment. In fact, Li Zaiji died at the very moment the noise had stopped.

To avoid the possibility that Li Zaiji's family members would hold the camp legally responsible for the death, Huanxiling Labor Camp instantly declared that they had fired the jail doctor, Li Zhigang. Actually, the camp said this just to deceive the public. The jail doctor was not fired at all, but just transferred to another unit inside the camp. When things died down, Li Zhigang returned to his old position.

Fearing that this incident would be further revealed to the public, all the related workers in the camp met with Li Zaiji's wife Zu Chunrong. Seeing that Li Zaiji's family was in a difficult situation, they gave his wife 3,000 yuan in aid to trick her into signing a document saying that Li Zaiji's death had nothing to do with the camp.

The persecution death of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Chen Yongzhe

On April 27, 2001, police brigade director Xu Xuequan, and policemen Wang, Cui, and Pan took Chen Yongzhe out of his cell and beat him brutally for two-and-a- half hours. His face was battered and blackened, and his cheeks swollen. Several days later, five policemen tortured him with five electric batons for three hours, causing burns all over his body, and large blisters on his neck. He was in a semi-conscious state. On May 14, 2002, after suffering all kinds of tortures, Chen Yongzhe left this world.

(The following re-enactments of tortures in this article are based on the descriptions given by Falun Gong practitioners who suffered it themselves)

Re-enactment 1: shocking with five electric batons at the same time

Re-enactment 2: shocking with electric batons