Recently, among some local practitioners, and also apparently among many practitioners everywhere, the issue of serious sickness karma has come up, in some cases lasting more than a year. Although I have very limited experience in this particular regard, I have also had to deal with long term tribulations. In any case, a situation arises in which the old forces repeatedly take advantage of gaps in a practitioner's xinxing.

Out of their compassion, fellow practitioners have been actively sending forth righteous thoughts with, toward, and around these students. Several students have asked for help in this regard.

My understanding on this matter is that this is a proper and compassionate thing to do. In listening to the discussions about this long-term interference, though, it seems that sending righteous thoughts in this manner is viewed as nearly the complete solution. If it is a short-term incident, it could very well be that the student had a momentary lapse in some regard, was taken advantage of, and sending righteous thoughts would eliminate the interference. If it persists, however, it is my understanding that it can only be that there are some gaps or omissions the old forces are taking advantage of.

If this is the case, we should be even more compassionate and help each other in determining the source of the gaps. Perhaps fellow practitioners should ask the person about their thinking on the matter and resolve the issue fundamentally, rather than relying on sending righteous thoughts alone. Otherwise it seems like turning on the heat in a cold house without bothering to close the windows. The cold is just bound to creep back in.

I thought I would try to write down several common problems I have encountered in my own xinxing and perhaps practitioners may find something in this list that helps their own understanding. Although it is in reference to sickness interference, a lot of these can also apply to other long term tribulations. Here is my list, please add to it if you deem it helpful.

1. Lack of firm belief that one should not and cannot get ill
2. Lack of firm belief in the power of righteous thoughts
3. Fear of catching an illness
4. Fear of asking for help or exposing one's own weaknesses
5. Deficiency of (quality) Fa study
6. Not strengthening the benti through doing the exercises regularly
7. Fundamental lack of firm belief in Dafa and Master
8. Strong attachments to completing some everyday people's things
9. Attachments to other cultivation systems, religious beliefs or science
10. Fear of life or fear of death
11. Attachment to using one's perfect health to demonstrate Dafa's benefits

These are just some of the gaps I have had or encountered in others. If nothing else, my hope is that this article may trigger some deeper thinking on these matters and help us treat the root causes of this problem, rather than just repressing the symptoms on the surface.