(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering persecution for five and a half years. Although there are very few reports about it on TV, the persecution is actually still underway, and practitioners die nearly every day. On December 26, 2004, the Chinese news reported that the anti-torture exhibits held by Falun Gong practitioners outside of China are a distortion of reality. Obviously, exhibits that exposed the torture and maltreatment of practitioners enraged the people in power, so they arrested more Falun Dafa practitioners in our area. Is the torture exposed by these exhibits a display of the truth or is it a distortion of reality as the Chinese news alleged?

Under a dictatorship, dissenting voices are not allowed to be heard. Who is able to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the CCP's media reports? People have even described Chinese news agencies as the Party's dog. Lyrics from a folk song say: "It is a dog raised by the Party, guarding the Party's gate. It will bite anyone the Party wants it to bite, and bite however many times the Party wants it to." The song accurately depicts the true situation. The Jiang regime incited hatred towards people believing in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." It used modern media to spread fabrications and propaganda among the populace who, being unclear about the true situation, believed what they heard. The propaganda caused hundreds of millions of people to hate Falun Gong (as it was portrayed in the Chinese media).

Since 1999, the 610 Offices at different levels across China have been receiving orders from Jiang's regime and following an inhuman policy of genocide with regard to Falun Gong. The Jiang regime issued many directives including: "beating them (practitioners) to death is counted as suicide," and "destroy their reputations, cut them off financially, and eradicate them physically." It even issued orders to kill practitioners who used TV programs to broadcast truth clarification programs about Falun Gong. Up to now more than 1200 practitioners' deaths due to torture have been confirmed. Tens of millions of practitioners have been detained. Could a false report by the Chinese media make these fact untrue?

Actually, the anti-torture exhibits only show the tip of the iceberg. Many torture methods simply cannot be portrayed since they are too brutal and horrifying, even going beyond the ability of human beings to imagine.

At 7:00 a.m. on a day in June 2003, in the conference room of the Fifth Brigade of Harbin City's Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp for men, director Zhao Shuang said in a meeting attended by more than 60 people (including 41 Falun Dafa practitioners): "Since the CCP trusts me, I was sent to the Fifth Brigade to deal with Falun Gong. Once you are here, you will lose any personal freedom. According to a stipulation from higher authorities, I will be fined 200 yuan if one practitioner dies. I would not like you to die easily. I'd like to make your life a living hell instead. If you are not well behaved, I will pinch your genitalia. Some were pinched until they cried out. The CCP awarded me a bonus and beer to drink every day (he was always seen drinking beer during working hours). Therefore I must be worthy of the CCP's trust. You said on the Internet that I am a rogue director. That is correct. I am a rogue. I am not a thief. My main trait is lechery. To dally with women I am.... (His sexual innuendo has been removed)." It is clear that "guards" who are very cruel and of low morals have been pushed to the frontlines in persecuting Falun Gong, and the effect of their cruelty during the persecution is self-evident. Zhao Shuang often employed different kinds of torture including shocking by electric baton, hanging up by handcuffs, and punching in the mouth. He rebuked inmates who could not bear to hit others: "You must employ the power I gave you well."

In the Heilongjiang Provincial Police Department located on Zhongshan Road in Harbin City, during the summer of 2000, Falun Dafa practitioners were hung up by handcuffs with their hands behind their back so their feet could not touch the ground and their heads were covered with a soaked plastic bag. When they were about to pass out, the bag was removed and they were interrogated. If the police were unsatisfied with their answer, the bag would be placed back over their head, repeating this process until their answers were satisfying. After this was done to a young female practitioner wearing a skirt, three male police officers pinched her high up on her thigh using pliers and hit her chest and breast.

The guards in the Taiping Detention Center in Harbin City incited inmates to strip off Falun Dafa practitioners' clothes in the winter and douse them with cold water. They named this torture "taking a bath." The guards and military police took practitioners outside, stripped off their clothes and made them squat and hold their heads with their arms. They named this torture "searching for contraband goods."

The hospital in the Harbin City Wanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp was specially founded for inmates in custody. It is just like a concentration camp and practitioners have suffered all sorts of persecution there. The guards granted full administrative authority to selected inmates, while they secretly took in the money the inmates extorted. The inmates forced hospitalized practitioners to stay in the bottom bunk bed in a group of five people. They were stacked there the whole day, being unable to stand or squat. Some of them were stacked this way for two or three months. Under this kind of beating, scolding and torment, some practitioners died a tragic death. Moreover, the hospital stuck needles into the bodies of patients who died from not receiving treatment in a timely manner in order to evade their families' investigation.

It is a common practice for the guards to extort money from practitioners. The van driver of the Taiping Detention Center, who transports practitioners to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp, extorted money from practitioners' family members in public. If he could not extort enough money, he would cooperate with the labor camp and aggravate the persecution of those practitioners. The excuses used for obtaining the money included: bridge fee, road fee, having to pay an acquaintance to look after them, and so on.

In the Fourth Brigade of Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp, there is a political instructor named Sun who beat practitioners especially ruthlessly. He did not install glass panels in the workshop's windows during the winter. Practitioners were forced to work 14 hours per day in this icy workshop and many practitioners were frozen and physically devastated to the point that they could not take care of themselves. Even so, they were forced to carry frozen trash. When they spoke up about the cold conditions, they were forced to buy the glass panels for the workshop's windows with their own personal money.

The above-enumerated descriptions are but a tiny fraction of the barbaric persecution innumerable Falun Gong practitioners have suffered since 1999. Given this information, who is really lying and presenting a distortion of reality?