On September 27, 2004, at 3:00 p.m., Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Xinchun arrived at the Fengmao Forest Center in Yichun City in his wheelchair where he was seen by Wang Fengquan, a forest fire fighter. Without any explanation Wang Fengquan started to kick him and beat him up. Consequently, Wang Xinchun and his wheelchair fell into a ditch that was 2 meters deep. Then Wang Fengquan jumped into the ditch and continued to beat Wang Xinchun for another 30 to 40 minutes. Wang Xinchun's nose was bleeding and the side of his head, neck, chest, shoulder and his back were injured. During the beating, his watch was broken, his wheelchair was bent into an S-shape, and the remainder of his legs (he lost the lower half of both his legs due to persecution) were injured and bleeding.

Police abuse and terrorism caused Wang Xinchun to lose his legs

Wang Fengquan reported this incident to his supervisor, Dong Shuhua, and policeman Wang Shoumin. Later, Wang Xinchun went to see Wang Fengquan's supervisor, Dong Shuhua, and director of the forest center, Gao Yuguo, to ask them for an explanation as to why he was beaten up and his personal property destroyed. But as staff members of the country, Dong Shuhua and Gao Yuguo did not solve the problem; instead they ordered Zhang Yukun to beat up him again.

Because the persecution caused Wang Xinchun to lose both of his legs, making a living became very hard. On November 2, 2004, he went the forest center to ask the director Gao Yuguo to return five hundred yuan of the illegal fine that the ex-forest center director, Wang Changqi, and the Party secretary, Xie Yonghui, had taken from his family while he was jailed in a labor camp for one year. The current director, Gao Yuguo, and party secretary Mr. Chen and their staff members, Liu Guangmin, Xue Senlin, Wu Jian, Zhang Cheng and others, started to beat him and planned to tie him up and put him into a coffin (his clothes and pants were all torn). They did not dare to put him in a coffin, however, because the inspector from Yichun City was around at that time and because Wang Xinchun continuously clarified the truth to them. So, they put him at the top of the stairs instead and left. When Wang Xinchun came back to ask for his money, the center director and the inspector from the city ignored him and left in their vehicles.

The next day, Wang Xinchun returned to ask for his money again, and again he was beaten up. The authorities even seized the receipt which had entitled him to the money.

Wang Fengquan was hired by forest center director Gao Yuguo to watch Wang Xinchun. He was paid 270 yuan per month.

Several practitioners were paralyzed or persecuted to death and more than twenty practitioners were sentenced to labor camp in Jinshan district. Due to the many evil acts committed by these police officers, some of them have received their karmic retribution. For example, ex-party political sectional manager Zhang Xingguo was sentenced for illegally collecting fines from practitioners.

Phone numbers for those in charge of persecuting practitioners:

Dong Shuhua : 86-458-3734505
Xue Senlin : 86-458-3700169
Zhang Cheng : 86-13845844224 (cell)
Wang Xiaolin (officer of Fengmao Forest Center): 86-458-3700209
Gao Yujie (staff in the mail room) : 86-458-3700107
Director of Fengmao Forest Center: 86-458-3700001

(To learn how Wang Xinchun was disabled as a result of persecution, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/7/20/50454.html)