Ms. Ge Peilin was 48 years old, employed by Jianglian Inc. located in Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. She was persecuted multiple times before going to Beijing to appeal during the first half of the 2004. After her abduction back to Nanchang City, she was beaten up until her head was bleeding, lost consciousness, and died at the end of January 2005. More details of her story follow:

In 1999, Ms. Ge Peilin went to Beijing to appeal together with her younger sister, and was arrested on Tiananmen Square. She was detained in Xuanwumen Police Substation, where, against her will, the guards injected an unknown drug into her body. Interrogated alone, the guards beat her up. They punched and kicked her while another cruelly beat her head with a police baton. She felt blood on her skin, and then passed out.

Ms. Ge lived in the dormitory of Nanchang City's Boiler Factory. Police abducted her from her home multiple times to have her detained. The Boiler Factory withheld her husband's salary, and sent people to closely monitor her in order to stop her practice. The Factory Security Office ransacked her house, and took away her Falun Dafa book.

One day in 2001, Ms. Ge was abducted, sentenced to forced labor, and locked in the Nanchang City Labor Camp for the second time. She appeared to have high blood pressure, vomited, her face turned to a purple color, and she had cramps all over the body. She was sent to the Nanchang City Ninth Hospital. Even as she was dying, police still cuffed her hands and shackled her legs. She lost consciousness. The doctor said, "You do not have any conscience! She practices Falun Gong. It's what she believes in, so just let her be. She is dying! Who of you are responsible?"

Police threatened the doctor, "You'd better not speak for Falun Gong practitioners, otherwise you will be arrested." They saw that Ms. Ge was certainly dying, and left one by one with fake excuses. Ms. Ge's husband then found people to carry her home. On the evening of November 8, at 9 pm, more than ten police went to her home, took away many Falun Dafa materials, beat her up, and abducted her again.

During the first half of 2004, Ms. Ge went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested and taken back to Nanchang City. She was beaten up until her head was bleeding and she lost consciousness inside the Qingyunpu District Police Station. She could no longer look after her daily needs, and died at the end of January 2005.