(Clearwisdom.net) After Teacher's article, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People" was published, our local practitioners strengthened the momentum of truth-clarification efforts. Practitioners in the countryside, especially, began clarifying the truth door-to-door. After finishing truth clarification in their own villages, they went to villages where there were no Dafa practitioners. Some practitioners went to villages far from their own to clarify the truth. After they learned the facts, some people asked the practitioners to have meals with them, some invited the practitioners to stay overnight, and some even wanted to clarify the truth together with the practitioners. There were also some people who wanted to study the Fa and learn the exercises right away. The number of new practitioners in the area has reached more than a thousand. The number of practitioners who stepped forward to clarify the truth has reached more than 3,700. Truth-clarifying materials in the area were also very plentiful, including calendars with facts about Dafa on them, truth clarifying cards, VCDs, New Year's couplets (1), and pamphlets. Practitioners gave these materials to people right after they clarified the facts to them face to face. The majority of people in the area have gained a good understanding of Dafa as a result of the renewed truth-clarification efforts of practitioners.

In previous years, it was Dafa practitioners who took the initiative in sending New Year's couplets to people. This year, before New Year's Day arrived, many ordinary people had already asked for the New Year's couplets ahead of time and said, "We just put up your Falun Gong couplets. See how wonderful the words are!" Some of the couplets were as follows: "Always remember Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. May happiness fill your home your whole life," with the streamer "Heaven extends huge blessings," and "People's hearts return to righteousness and they cherish virtue and do good. Family is in harmony and life is in safety" with the streamer "Honesty and Tolerance from above."

Some people obtained good fortune after they put up the couplets that practitioners sent to them last year, so they wanted to put up Dafa's couplets again this year. Some ordinary people didn't even put up the couplets that their family members bought, but put up Falun Gong couplets instead, because they thought they would obtain good fortune by doing so.

This year, Dafa disciples created over 20,000 pairs of New Year's couplets, 20,000 cut-outs of the character "Blessings," and 20,000 hanging banners. On the characters of "Blessings" and the banners were printed, "Falun Dafa is Good," and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good." The amount of couplets made was several times more than last year, but even so, all the couplets were taken by people. A few days before New Year's Day, the couplets that Dafa disciples had saved for themselves were even asked for by people. And still other people said, "Please save some for me next year if you still make the New Year's couplets."

All this has had a great effect on helping people to know the facts about Dafa, and on spreading Dafa.

The day before New Year's Eve 2005, Dafa disciples in a county in Northeast China hung many scrolls and banners and made a lot of couplets.

Two days before New Year's Day, eighteen huge banners over ten meters long, and five thousand small banners gently waved in the wind. An eighteen-meter long golden banner saying "All Dafa disciples around the world send New Year's greetings to revered Master! Wishing Master Happy New Year!" printed on it was shining on a cell phone tower that is sixty-meters (197 ft.) high. A banner over twelve meters long saying "All Dafa disciples throughout the world send New Year's greetings to great revered Master!" hung high up over the street. Colorful banners also hung on both sides of the streets, and became a unique aspect of the local scenery.

(1) New Year's couplets are a traditional custom of the Chinese Spring Festival. On the lunar New Year's Eve, households decorate their gate posts or door panels with the couplets, written on two strips of red paper and composed of two sentences that complement each other and often rhyme expressing their hopes for the coming year.