(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Yanju, 36 years old, was from Fuxin County, Liaoning Province. She went to Shenyang to appeal for Falun Dafa with her child, husband, and two fellow practitioners on July 19, 1999. She was unlawfully arrested and taken back to her hometown by policemen from Fuxin County three days later. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang was forced to attend a brainwashing class for two weeks.

In September of 1999, Ms. Zhang Yanju went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong again. After more than 40 days, she went home. On the day she returned, Ms. Zhang was abducted by police officer Lu Nan and other policemen. She was unlawfully detained for 18 days and the policemen prepared to send her to a forced labor camp. However, she was set free through her family's rescue efforts. Zhang Yanju was harassed by Lu Nan several times after she returned home. On the evening of December 30, 1999, she was abducted and detained again by Lu Nan. The authorities detained Ms. Zhang in order to prevent her from appealing during events surrounding the return of Macao and the "Two Meetings" that were being held in Beijing.

On January 8, 2000, under her family's intense request, the host administrative bureau and the leader of her workplace posted bail for Ms. Zhang. However, Zhang Yanju passed away on March 6, 2000 due to the relentless persecution.