(Clearwisdom.net) The so-called "Legal Education Class" continually tortured me physically and brainwashed me day in and day out, until I completely let go of my true self and became a soulless person who blindly followed their orders. In order to show off his achievement of having ruined me spiritually, He Guohua, the head of the 610 Office, called in a TV crew from the Xiantao City TV Station and forced me to slander Dafa and my Master, who had saved my life. While I was being forced to commit this crime, he ordered me to smile and pretend to be happy. I was forced to dance and sing Karaoke with the "teaching assistant" from the brainwashing class.

My name is Mao Yiqiang. I live in the housing provided for the sales department for a construction materials company on Maochang Street, Sanfutan Town, Xiantao City. I am 32 years old. On the surface I don't need to worry about my material well being at all. My family is doing well in our business - selling construction materials. My parents even had a house built for me. However, in reality, because I persevere in my practice of Falun Gong and conduct myself according to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" to be a good person, the lawless government officials, police, and even my family cruelly persecuted me. Right now, there are three fistulas with severe abscesses in my body. One is to the left of my groin. It was the result of fierce beatings in the detention center. I wrote the guarantee statement after the beating. The other two are the result of torture in the so-called "Legal Education Class." The torture I had suffered in the "Legal Education Class" caused cyrtosis (abnormal curvature of the vertebra), spinal necrosis, and an abscess inside my body, all of which are clustered in my lower back.

Now, I solemnly declare that all the statements I made, and my behavior under the brutal persecution and coercive brainwashing in the so-called "Legal Education Class," all which were not up to the standard of Dafa, are null, particularly the slanderous words and actions on TV.

I. Dafa Brought Me Tremendous Benefits

In early 1997, when I was a student in Wuhan City, I had the good fortune to become a Falun Gong practitioner. After I read Zhuan Falun for the first time, all my questions and puzzles about life were answered. After I started Falun Gong practice I shed my former bad habits very quickly, such as using swear words, smoking, watching pornographic movies, and other inappropriate behaviors. The attachment to recognition and personal interest, the competitive mentality, the show-off mentality, jealousy and anxieties gradually faded away. All the physical ailments I had before, such as hair loss, scabies, and tuberculosis, were healed without my having to resort to medical treatment. I was also able to stop wearing glasses.

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

"Matter and mind are one thing;"

"Once you upgrade your xinxing, your body will undergo a great change. Upon xinxing improvement, the matter in your body is guaranteed to transform."

"What is owed must be paid for. Therefore, some dangerous things may occur in the course of cultivation practice. When these things take place, however, you will not be scared, and neither will real danger be allowed to happen to you." (Zhuan Falun)

One summer night in 1998, my father, my uncle and I went to remove a metal construction bar from a transportation vehicle. I didn't feel well and went upstairs to take a break. When I was at the top of the stairway on the second floor I felt dizzy and I fell down the stairs. I suffered only a few broken teeth and I vomited slightly when I stood up. Other than that I was all right. It could have been a life-threatening disaster. Even if I didn't get killed, I could have been paralyzed. However, I was all right in only ten minutes. Falun Gong is indeed a miraculous practice!

II. I Was Detained and Furiously Beaten for Going to Beijing to Appeal

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist regime started persecuting Falun Gong under the leadership of Jiang Zemin's gang. I have experienced many tribulations since then. In October 2000, after I was unemployed for a year and a half, through painstaking efforts I finally found a job in Wuhan. A few days later the boss found out that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, and he was afraid he would incur trouble for hiring me, so he fired me. Once again I experienced great difficulties.

In order to uphold justice for Falun Gong, I went to Beijing to appeal in late October. I was arrested and detained by the Xijingzhan Police Station in Beijing. Police chief Ma fiercely beat me and stripped off my clothes. It was snowing, but I was stripped down to a single layer of clothes. For several days in a row he handcuffed me to a chair, or sometimes onto the window frame to expose me to the cold. After I revealed my name and address, I was sent to my hometown where I suffered continuous persecution for a year.

When I was detained in the First Detention Center in Xiantao City, Zeng Jingwen, a police officer in the Political and Security Brigade, frequently interrogated me. During my family's visits he made use of such opportunities to try to shake my determination. I developed a wrong understanding, thinking that my family's suffering was due to my going to Beijing to appeal. In actuality, all the tribulations we endured resulted from the evil persecution. I could no longer endure the two-pronged persecution, both physical and spiritual, and I succumbed to writing the so-called guarantee statement. I was depressed and became sick. The severe beatings at the detention center left an egg-sized abscess on the left side of my groin. There is still a fistula there now.

III. I Became Homeless and Had to for Food

In the summer of 2001, He Guohua, deputy head of the 610 Office in Xiantao City (he was later promoted to be the head of the 610 Office for actively participating in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners; his hands are stained with the blood of innocent practitioners), came to my home numerous times. He even demanded that staff from the Xiantao City TV Station come with him, and bring a camcorder. He tried to persuade me to speak ill of Falun Gong. I firmly refused. Later, He Guohua came to harass me with another group of people, forcing me to listen to those who denounced Falun Gong. In order to resist the persecution, I became homeless. I went to Wuhan, but I couldn't find a single fellow practitioner that I knew. Later, I learned that all the practitioners I knew of had been arrested and sent to forced labor camps. Moreover, at that time, under terrifying threats from the perpetrators, my father dared not help me. On the contrary, he even hurried to Wuhan to take 500 yuan from me, which was all the money I had with me. I had to beg for food.

I went all the way across Wuhan, and took a bus headed north via National Highway 107. I got off the bus at Queshan, Henan Province and walked to Puyang. About six to eight li (one li is 500 meters) south of the city gate of Puyang, I was swindled into a brick factory to perform slave labor. Upon seeing that most workers there were mentally challenged, mute and beggars, I tried my best to force my way out. But eight hired roughnecks surrounded me and beat me fiercely. They hit my head with bricks, and my head was badly cut and bled profusely. I was forced to perform slave labor for eight days. Sometimes I was forced to drag a flatbed hand truck, which weighed six hundred pounds. I am not tall and I have a relatively weak physique. I was completely unable to endure such hard physical labor. The boss was afraid that I might accuse him when I got out, so he gave me 70 yuan and released me. I went home.

IV. Whenever I Think of that Night, I Feel Chilled from the Bottom of My Heart

Because Li Weimin, the Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in Sanfutan Town often went to my home to talk to my family, my father was deceived by the lies and slander against Falun Gong. My father and Li Weimin came up with a plan to send me to a brainwashing class. I was not in the least aware of their plan. My father dreamed that the evildoing forces in the 610 Office would break my will and I would then resume a soulless, normal life.

One day in September 2001, very late in the night, with my family's collaboration, Li Weimin and another officer from the Sanfutan Police Station abducted me without providing any warrant for my arrest. My brother also got into the police car, saying he would accompany me to the police station.

All my family and my neighbors knew about this plan. I was the only one kept in the dark. To this day, whenever I think of that night, I feel a freezing chill from the bottom of my heart. The brainwashing class is incredibly evil.

I was sent to the Xinlirenkou Brainwashing Class. The brainwashing class staff were self-proclaimed "Legal Education Class" personnel. But in reality they were a group of people who did not obey the law in the least. The brainwashing class is not in any way an officially supervised agency, but is a courtroom secretly set up by the 610 Office. Here they arrest, beat and torture Falun Gong practitioners at will. The only purpose for this class is to force practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," betray Falun Dafa, which brought them tremendous physical and spiritual benefits, betray their Master, and betray their fellow practitioners. Their end goal is to "reform" practitioners into soulless persons, a minion who is obsequious to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which advocates "Falsehood-Evilness-Fighting." This is the fundamental reason why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong - to "reform" people into soulless individuals, devoid of spirit.

V. I Escape from the Brainwashing Class, But There is No Way Out

He Guohua, the 610 Office deputy, was a hypocrite. When a practitioner was just abducted and taken to the brainwashing class, he would take advantage of the practitioner's kindness and ask them to do cleaning work without rushing them to be "reformed." One day in September, when He Guohua told me to go get a mop in the kitchen, I took the opportunity to escape. I climbed out of the kitchen's skylight and then jumped onto the roof of an adjacent building. I walked hurriedly the entire night and finally arrived at a classmate's home. Unfortunately, my classmate had a job at another location and wasn't living at home. His family couldn't understand why I would rather be a beggar than be "reformed." I had to leave.

I traveled to Wuhan City, part of the way by vehicle and the rest on foot. I begged for food all along the way, and finally arrived in Wuhan. By this time I was quite weak. I ate in the wind and slept in the dew. I was only able to walk 30 to 40 li (9.5-12.6 miles) per day. Sometimes, I didn't manage to get any food and had to pick up things from the ground. My feet became swollen and every step was painful and difficult.

When I arrived in Wuhan I couldn't find any fellow practitioners. With no other way out, I contacted my classmate Li Fengtao, who worked at a PC center. Li Fengtao took me out to eat. When I talked to him about the brainwashing class where they wanted me to give up my belief, he said it's better to be "reformed" than to be a beggar. He locked me in his room and warned me, "Do not try to escape, otherwise I will report it to the police. There is a police station nearby." He called my father that day.

My father came to pick me up. He saw my badly swollen feet and promised me he would not force me to go back to the brainwashing class. I didn't violate any laws, and just wanted to be a good person and to cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." I thought that perhaps the 610 Office would be hard on me. Therefore I agreed to go home, still feeling extreme pain in my heart.

VI. Abducted and Taken to a Brainwashing Class Again

After I came back home, my father thought he could settle the matter by himself. He went to the brainwashing class and asked for my luggage. In fact, the Municipal Party Committee head, Ma Qingming was afraid my situation might affect his career and had already issued the order to arrest me. Otherwise all implicated people would lose their jobs. My coming back was just like walking into a trap. When the 610 Office became aware of my return, they immediately ordered the Sanfutan Town government authorities to bring me to the brainwashing class. People involved in my arrest were those from the Town Party Committee - Head Liu, Fan Shaoyong, a driver in the town, and Li Lirong from the police department.

I refused to cooperate with the arrest and called out loudly, "Come see! They are arresting someone who just wants to be a good person." Many people came to see but only one neighbor said a just word for me. It was a completely illegal arrest. The persecutors were local Communist cadres. They didn't show any ID and used a rented car in the abduction.

On the way to the Xinlirenkou Brainwashing Class, the scoundrel Fan Shaoyong pushed, berated, and beat me. When we arrived there, deputy He Guohua openly shook my hand and hypocritically welcomed me back. He immediately ordered police officer Cheng to bring me to a room on the third floor.

He Guohua talked to He Qunbo (who was later transferred to the municipal government) and Wang Hanlin (a cadre in Zhenchang Town) and then handed me to officer Cheng, for torture. There was a party on the first floor going on, to celebrate National Day and Mid-Autumn Day, which both happened to fall on the same day that year. To cover up the crime they were committing, they made a lot of noise.

VII. The Lawless "Law Education Class"

Police officer Cheng claimed he had a deal with the criminals on death row. People in the brainwashing class called him "Crazy Man" behind his back. Cheng first used a bottle of water to hit my head and ordered me to kneel down. I firmly refused. He started to kick, beat and stomp on me. He took a chair and hit my back after sprinting several steps towards me. He ordered Wang Hanlin and Hu Junbo to pull my hands behind my back and forcibly lift up my arms. He kicked my back with his heavy shoes and hit my back with his elbows and knees. Even now there is a fist-size abscess on my back.

Police officer Cheng was intent to kill me through torture. If I didn't practice Falun Gong, I might already have been tortured to death. He brutally tortured me for about one hour. I still refused to kneel down. He ordered me to face a wall and stand still. Finally I felt I couldn't handle any more and I collapsed physically and mentally. I gave in.

The next day He Guohua ordered me to call home, and only allowed me to say two sentences, "I am currently in the Xinlirenkou Law Education Class. I am very well." I said, "After you beat me in such a way, you expect me to tell my family everything is ok?" He saw me not cooperating with him and ordered two people to beat me again. The two people were Qin Zhilin, a section head in the Industry and Business Bureau, and Hong Gang, the league head from Longhuashan Office. Hong Gang viciously slammed my head against the wall continually, causing bumps and bruises on my forehead and my mouth.

VIII. Gaining Promotion for Persecuting Falun Gong

Many young cadres from different government branches were brought into the Xinlirenkou Brainwashing Class, to conduct "help and education." They had not read any Falun Gong books, and anything they thought they knew about Falun Gong they had learned through the lies on TV. They were promised a promotion if they did well in this brainwashing work. In order to achieve recognition and personal gain, some of them, including Cheng Qingsong from Miancheng Town, the head from the Zhuji Office in Maoju Town, Fan Hua, and the league head in the Longhuashan Office, Hong Gong, worked very hard and volunteered to take part in "transforming" practitioners. The 610 Office also hired some hatchet men, including Xu Bo, Du Xiaohua, Liu Yong and others.

IX. Devastating My Mind and Forcing Me to Smile on TV

After devastating my mind, the brainwashing class authorities pushed me even further. They continually played videos defaming Dafa and Teacher and forced me to write the so-called "understandings." If they were not satisfied with what I wrote, the "teaching assistants" would force me to rewrite it. Every day, besides morning drill and writing this "understanding" late into the night, all day long they would instill the poisonous messages into my mind. The purpose of the brainwashing is to implement spiritual control. In the course of the persecution, day after day, they continuously defamed Dafa and Teacher in front of me, until I completely gave up my soul and turned into a walking dead person, letting the brainwashing class play me freely. Later, He Guohua told me to write the so-called guarantee statement, repentance statement and "exposing and criticizing statement." Moreover, he wanted me to turn in other practitioners.

In order to show off his achievements in having devastated my mind, He Guohua called in the TV crew from the Xiantao TV Station, and forced me to defame Dafa and Teacher, who had saved my life, in front of the camera. They forced me to say that Falun Gong couldn't treat illnesses and that practitioners weren't allowed to take medicine when they are sick. The brainwashing class authorities forced me to smile when they were doing this, and didn't even allow me to strike a pensive pose. Moreover, they forced me to dance and sing Karaoke with the "teaching assistants." When the essence of a life is lost, the so-called entertainment also becomes imposed persecution.

Mental abuse is far harsher than physical pain. Physical wounds heal relatively easily, but it is difficult to permanently restore the wounded mind. This raping of the soul is the most virulent and evil aspect of the persecution.

Falun Gong is not an ordinary qigong but is the Great Law, "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance," which constitutes the essence of life. Teacher is not a run-of-the-mill qigong master. He has suffered numerous hardships and traveled to many places to spread the Fa. His teachings have raised human moral standards and helped people keep mentally and physically healthy. I was forced to defame Dafa and Teacher, poison numerous people's minds, cause misunderstanding and hatred toward Dafa, and put peoples' lives in grave danger. I have therefore created huge, sinful karma that is difficult to repay.

Those who forced me to do this were even more sinful. Some of them have already suffered retribution, and some of them are just living toward their day of reckoning. For instance, Li Weimin, the Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary for Sanfutan Town, was in the prime of his life, yet he suffered retribution and died. When he died, his skull was crushed.

According to the existing criminal law, He Guohua and the brainwashing class are guilty of numerous crimes. Their persecution against me involves the crimes of illegal detention, extorting confessions by torture, illegally depriving a citizen of his beliefs, forging evidence, bringing false charges, libel and insult. Existing legal measures are not capable of judging their crimes of damaging my mind and conscience, and of so brutally harming my soul. They have committed monstrous crimes.

X. Witnessing Dafa's Wonder When I Was on the Brink of Death

In September 2002, Li Shaohua, from the Sanfutan Town 610 Office sabotaged my Internet connection, which kept me from running my business. Several days later he came to arrest me and intended to send me to the Magang Brainwashing Center. To resist the persecution, I had to leave home and was homeless for four months. The winter that year was very cold. At the beginning of 2003 I went back home and my old physical wounds again developed several abscesses. I had to stay in bed. It took me six months to have those treated, but the wounds did not fully heal.

At the beginning of December 2004 I suddenly couldn't move. I had to stay in bed. People thought I was going to die. I studied the Fa wholeheartedly and didn't take the symptoms seriously. Just a few days later I could get up and practice the Falun Gong exercises. Although I wasn't completely recovered, I could see hope in life. This again proved the wonderfulness of Dafa.

I currently have three fistulas on my body. One formed in the detention center after I wrote the guarantee statements, and two formed after I was released from the brainwashing class. The curving vertebra and necrosis as well as the abscesses were concentrated at the lower back, which is precisely where the policeman Cheng used cruel methods to torture me. My forced defamation of Dafa, where they made me perform on TV, saying that Falun gong is not able to cure illnesses, was the one and only unique incident among all practitioners in the city. As a result, I became the one and only Falun Gong practitioner in our area who is seriously sick. I currently cannot take care of myself, and every step I make is very difficult. I am on the brink of death. This is all evidence of the ruthless persecution.

I hope that people in Xiantao City, especially in the Maochang region, are not deceived by the lies on TV any longer. Please take the initiative to see the truth of Falun Gong for yourself. Maybe it is easier to distinguish blatant lies on TV, but it is very hard to distinguish the "true lies," like I have made. This is a result of the savage persecution being carefully covered up. The physical torture and mental destruction are taking place in hidden corners. On the other hand, long-term mental torment is launched among family members. And everything dished out by the CCP is flaunted under a banner saying, "It is good for you." When you are pushed to the brink of death with the justification that, "It is good for you," they shift the responsibility to Falun Gong.

Please, trust a Falun Gong practitioner who has suffered all kinds of tribulations but retains a compassionate heart. I hope that your life in the future will be forever wonderful.

Please remember, "Falun Dafa is great. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are great!"

Relevant phone numbers:

Mao Yiqiang: 86-728-2839021 (Home)
Sanfutan Police Station: 86-728-2832110
Police Chief, Wan: 86-13035344383 (Cell phone)
Sanfutan Party Committee Office: 86-728-2832011
Sanfutan 610 Office: 86-728-2833400
Li Shaohua from the "610 Office":86-13872986466 (Cell phone)