(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Xu Jinhua. I am forty-three years old and a Falun Gong practitioner in Zhangjiako City, Xuanhua County, Hebei Province. Since I have to support my family financially, I went to work in Beijing. On December 19, 2004, I was illegally arrested and sent to the Xuanwu County Detention Center in Beijing for clarifying the truth and passing out truth clarification flyers. I started a hunger strike immediately in protest of the illegal arrest and detention. After five days, I was sent to the basement of the Police Hospital of Beijing. I was dragged into a restroom, where two policewomen tore off my clothes and started to spray cold water all over me. It was December and very cold. Then they forced me to lie on a metal bed and handcuffed my hands and ankles to the side rails of the bed, a torture that is really hard to endure. After that, they gave me drugs through an IV that made me feel very cold. At the same time, three criminal patients in the same room tried to discover my name and address for the police. I started to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to them and told them never to do anything harmful to Falun Dafa practitioners since Dafa disciples are all good people.

On the second morning, I had serious hair loss. I asked the police about the drugs they had given me, but they did not answer. I tried to refuse the IV, but the police fully extended my arms and legs and handcuffed my wrists and ankles to the bed rails again. They then wrapped chains around my ankles twice, which was extremely painful. One policeman said to me, "I don't believe that you cannot be "transformed". Let's see how long you can endure this." Then they gave me eight to ten bottles of fluid through an IV and did not allow me to use the restroom for a entire day. My lower abdomen became very painful and swollen. I started to shout, "Falun Dafa is good!" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are good!" I could hear the echo of my words from the corridor. I kept shouting throughout the entire lunchtime and all afternoon. Amazingly, I did not feel thirsty at all! The more I shouted, the more comfortable I felt. After that, a policeman and a nurse came in. The nurse ordered a female criminal inmate, Liu Jianping, to firmly press on my lower body so that the nurse could insert a catheter. It was so painful that I could not help but scream. After three days, I started to bleed non-stop. This continued from December 29, 2004, to January 15, 2005.

During this time, the director of the internal medicine department, Dr. Liu, and the physician-in-charge of the gynecology department worked together to try to stop the bleeding. They not only couldn't stop it, but it became even worse. I questioned them to find out the real reason why I was bleeding, but no one dared to answer me. Therefore, I calmly told them that if they did not answer me, I would refuse any future medication. Around this time, my hemoglobin dropped from 12 grams (11-15 grams is normal) to only 5 grams. Despite their threats to handcuff me, I refused the hemoglobin test every day. The next day, a doctor told me that if they didn't do a blood transfusion, I could collapse and even die at any moment. My refusal to agree to the transfusion resulted in my being handcuffed again to the metal bed. In tears I asked them, "I was a healthy person before you reduced me to this terrible condition, and now you want to handcuff me to the bed again? Are you human beings or not? I am still bleeding. When are you going to give up?" Unexpectedly, they answered that they would give up only when I was sent to the morgue. I told them that I would refuse any treatment they proposed. They were afraid that I might die in the hospital and informed my husband to take me home. Around noon on January 15, two policemen brought in a document and told me that, if I signed it, I would be released. I told them, "I will never sign it. After persecuting a good person who believes in 'Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance' to such an appalling state, you people just want to send me out the door and finish everything?" They did not argue with me but proceeded to grab my hands to get my hand imprint. I shouted, "I would never agree with that document! Your tactics are really despicable!" The policeman sent me out the door towards my husband and left immediately. My husband asked me what had happened. He was extremely shocked that I was in such bad shape after a month of hospitalization. I told him it was because they had tortured me and caused serious internal bleeding.

I have no money to hire a lawyer and no other way to seek justice. I can only write down my torture experiences to ask for a fair judgment and to seek moral support from good people.