(Clearwisdom.net) In April of 2002, the authorities arrested a few of my fellow practitioners and me for practicing Falun Dafa and detained us in an underground tunnel beneath the police department.

The dim light in the tunnel accentuated the ferocious faces of the police officers. They interrogated us one after another. When a young male practitioner refused to tell them his name, a policeman took off his wide belt and started to whip the young man with it. Without a second thought, I threw myself onto the practitioner and covered his head with my arms to protect him. The belt came down on my arms and head. Lashing me with his belt, the policeman shouted, "Stay out of this! What's your relationship to him?"

"He's my younger brother. Lay down your belt, or you'll regret what you are doing!" I replied sternly.

As the policeman continued to lash us with his belt, a small figure approached us from the brighter end of the tunnel, shouting, "Daddy" as he walked closer. The figure took out some snacks and started to chew them.

The officer stopped whipping us. As he watched his son pull the snacks out of his pocket, the cruel face broke into a smile.

After replying to his child, the policeman turned to whip us again.

I let go of my fellow practitioner and stood up slowly. Watching the six-year-old boy who, ignoring what was going on here, was still enjoying his snacks, I was surprised at how indifferent this little child was to the cruelty taking place in front of him.

I told the young policeman, sternly, "Take your child away from here!"

The young man was initially stunned but quickly replied, "Don't worry. My child is very experienced. He won't be scared of such a scene."

At that moment, I was very sad deep in my heart. I continued to tell him with an indisputable tone, "Remove your child from here! One day in the near future, when he understands that you were viciously and cruelly whipping the most compassionate people in the world, he will surely be disgraced to have a father such as you! You will lose your self esteem as a father!"

Dazed, he stood silently in the suddenly quiet tunnel, while his colleagues stared at him.

A few moments later, he slowly lowered his arms and put back his belt back on. Holding his child's small hand and bowing his head, he walked away. After a few steps, he stopped, turned back, and lowered his body to speak to his child. "Say 'Goodbye' to Auntie. Say 'Thank you' to her." His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Turning back and raising his little hand, the boy said to me, "Thank you, Auntie. Bye, Auntie."

Everyone watched them leave. As soon as they reached the end of the tunnel, the young officer stopped. He turned back and saluted us with his right hand. Then he disappeared near the bright spot at the end of the tunnel.

Later we were told that he was notorious for beating people. Since then, however, his colleagues have never seen him whip anyone again.