(Clearwisdom.net) When I read the stories where many Falun Gong practitioners clarified the truth directly to members of the 610 Office, policemen, and prison guards, I was really moved. I felt that the particles of Falun Dafa truly cannot be destroyed. I would like to share my experience of how I distributed truth clarifying VCD's in city government offices and 610 Offices.

At the end of 2004, I had a chance to visit the government building of Yongzhou City. I found the 610 Office on the second floor of the building. For safety reasons, I paid special attention to the surroundings. There was no monitor installed, and I was familiar with the conditions around the entrances.

The righteous thoughts of Falun Dafa practitioners are powerful. First, I asked for Master's support to help me send powerful righteous thoughts in order to clear away the evil factors blocking me from clarifying the truth. Then I went into the office during the lunch break. There were no people in the large office area so I put the truth clarifying VCD's into the drawers of several desks. After that, I put a VCD on the desk in the 610 Office. (There was a glass wall in front of the desk).

After the lunch break, I went back to the city government office. When I arrived at the 610 Office, I asked some people around, "What is the meaning of 610?" A young lady then asked me, "Did you put the VCD here?" I answered her saying, "What VCD?"

She stayed quiet, as the evil was afraid of being exposed. She was afraid to reveal the content of the VCD. After seeing her pick up the phone, I went downstairs and left. At the same time, I sent one righteous thought, "I am here to clarify the truth - not to be persecuted. The workers there should not persecute practitioners. They are also victims of the lies."

Later, a police car stopped in front of the building. Several policemen came out of the car. I kept sending forth righteous thought to eliminate the evil factors behind them.

While clarifying the truth, I realized that:

Belief in Master and his teachings are the basis of validating the Fa, and the foundation for our cultivation. Also, harmonizing and completing things according to what Master wants, and using the Fa to weigh everything is the basis of our righteous beliefs and actions.

Master gives us plenty of chances to validate the Fa. Because of our attachments, we cannot always do well. If we maintain pure and righteous minds while clarifying the truth, the old forces and the evil dare not oppose us, since the law bodies of Master and the numerous righteous gods are with us.

We should validate the Fa, instead of validating ourselves. Every step of our cultivation is under the merciful guidance and protection of our Master. Everything of ours is given by Master. We can never ever repay him. Master only wants us to have pure, good and gold-like hearts. We should get rid of our selfishness, during our validation of the Fa, in order to save the sentient beings. Only by following the requirements of the Fa, and validating the Fa, will our safety and our bright futures be guaranteed. If we focus on validating ourselves, it will be very dangerous. There are lots of articles from practitioners about this issue and it has already been explained in detail.

I would like to study the words of our Master,

"The way gods see it, saving sentient beings is absolutely not something done in a manner like in human society, where after someone makes some mistakes human means are used to correct him. Gods are merciful and have the greatest capacity to forgive, and they are truly responsible to beings, instead of focusing on a person's actions at a given time. That's because gods awaken a being at a fundamental level, and enliven a being's Buddha-nature at a fundamental level. So looking at things from this perspective, you still need to step up your clarifying the facts some, and still need to do it in greater depth, do it better, and do it more solidly; you absolutely can't just go through the motions. Only when you do it earnestly can you save that many people. So no matter what excuses a small number of people and some people with ulterior motives in Mainland China use to stop the [Dafa] students from informing people of the facts, they are interfering, and it's the evil using human beings to interfere with you. People who do that either have a crooked understanding or have been used by the evil, or it's a case where some people with ulterior motives are playing a negative role. Clarifying the facts is something you must do, and you must do it to the end. It's not something we do according to the old forces' arrangements; we completely negate everything of the old forces." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference")