(Clearwisdom.net) During the Fa-rectification period, we face all kinds of complicated situations and problems. Teacher's articles have special significance in guiding practitioners as to how to correct our deviations in order to improve in cultivation and thus make us more effective in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. Many practitioners have stepped forward to validate Dafa after reading Teacher's new articles. When practitioners were held in detention, in such an evil environment and under extreme persecution, many practitioners have made it through, steadfastly with the guidance of Teacher and the mighty virtue of Dafa. Many practitioners who stumbled, have stood up once again after reading Teacher's new articles. Some practitioners did not do well in certain aspects or had some problems because they did not study the Fa and Teacher's lectures well. Some practitioners who do not step forward to validate Dafa or who have very serious problems, use all kinds of excuses to cover up their attachments because they rarely study Teacher's latest articles or do not study the new articles at all. Regarding this situation, Teacher has said:

"Some people say, 'I only read Zhuan Falun, I don't read the new teachings.' Are you still my disciple?" ("My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'")

Regarding the importance of the articles and the existing problems among practitioners, Teacher also said in his earlier articles:

"I know that a few of you seldom read the books or study the Fa, nor do you examine yourselves according to the several articles I have written for you that you call scriptures. What are the "scriptures"? They are simply articles to be read frequently. Do you read them? If you study the Fa more, you will not do a bad job in your work. ("Clearheadedness")

"I suggest that everyone set his mind to reading ten times the book I wrote, Essentials for Further Advancement, which you call scripture. When your mind isn't at peace, studying the Fa is not effective. You should study it with a peaceful mind." ("A Heavy Blow")

Therefore, Falun Dafa practitioners should study the Fa more and pay close attention to Teacher's articles; especially the newly published articles. Wouldn't it be even better if we memorized the new articles? In order to memorize them, we have to have a peaceful mind. If our mind is not peaceful, we will not have a deep understanding and it will be difficult for us to commit the article to memory. When we study the Fa, sometimes our minds are not peaceful; sometimes the eyes read, but the mind is interfered with by random thoughts or the book is read without care. This will not achieve the desired effect of Fa study. During the process of memorizing the Fa, we can better assimilate to Dafa, from the microcosmic state to the surface. If we memorize the Fa, the Fa can better guide our cultivation and the way we validate Dafa. When we face problems, we can remember Teacher's Fa and use the Fa to guide our words and deeds. Therefore, I suggest that fellow practitioners memorize Teacher's latest articles.

I have talked about the importance of the new articles and I have mentioned the benefits of memorizing them. Of course, this is not to say Teacher's other lectures are not important or that they do not need to be memorized. In fact, I personally think "Zhuan Falun" also should be memorized. Actually all of Teacher's lectures and articles should be memorized. But because Falun Dafa practitioners have tight schedules and memorizing the Fa takes a long time and because some practitioners have no experience with memorizing, we should start with small steps. Therefore, I suggest that we first memorize Teacher's latest articles. For other articles and lectures, every practitioner can also systematically memorize them based on his or her situation and/or schedule. Of course this is not to say that we must memorize Fa; if we can study Fa with a peaceful mind, the effect is the same. However, I think it is very important to memorize Teacher's newly published articles.

Finally, I would like to share my way of memorizing the articles. Once I get Teacher's latest article, I first read it over several times. Then, I begin to study and try to memorize it. I use a certain amount of time each day to do this. In this way, I can memorize the article in several days. After that, I study the article and review it periodically; this way I will not forget it. I also recite articles or Hong Yin while doing housework or while taking short breaks from my daily activities. I find it better to memorize the whole article, and not just certain select parts. I try not to use human notions to divide Teacher's articles into "important ones" and "unimportant ones" or those that need to be memorized and those that do not need to be memorized. I find it best just to memorize all of Master's articles.