Tianjin City Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Yuanyong continues to be subjected to persecution. As a result, his life is in great danger, and officials have told his family, "We fear no consequences should he die. We won't release him because he's been sentenced to six years in prison."

Mr. Li was arrested in April 2004. During his subsequent illegal detention, he continued to conduct himself with righteous thoughts and righteous actions and refused to surrender to the evil. After being on a hunger strike for more than a month, he was severely debilitated. Mr. Li is a young man, just over 30 years old, yet he was tortured to the point of emaciation, and his body became deformed. One month later, after he was bailed out, he left home and moved from one place to another to avoid arrest.

At the end of 2004, after a Fa conference attended by more than thirty people that was held out of town, authorities followed Li, arrested him again and sent him back to Tianjin City. At the Beicheng District Police Station Detention Center in Tianjin City, Li went on a hunger strike for more than 15 days in order to resist the illegal detention. He refused to cooperate with their unjust demands. By the first night of the Chinese New Year, Mr. Li's condition had become critical, so the policemen had to tell his family to come and take him home.

On February 18, Mr. Li had yet to fully recover when the police broke into his home and took him away again. On March 2, his family received a phone call from the hospital saying that he was in critical condition. Because he was refusing to eat, hospital staff asked his family to come and persuade him to eat. If that did not work, they denied responsibility for the consequences, saying they had no reason to fear his death. They also told his family that they couldn't release him because he had received a sentence of six years in prison.

During that period, Mr. Li's family wrote a letter to Song Pingshun, the deputy mayor, asking him for Mr. Li's unconditional release. Their letter went unanswered, and Mr. Li's life could end at any moment. Mr. Li told his family that he would persevere to the end.

We appeal to the Tianjin City practitioners to actively expose the perpetrators' evil deeds in their persecution of practitioners to the relevant departments. We also request that practitioners who read this article clarify the truth via all available means and actively assist in rescuing their fellow practitioner Mr. Li Yuanyong, who is suffering persecution and whose life is in great danger.

Tianjin City Police Bureau: 86-22-23398255
Tianjin City Beichen District Beichang Police Station: 86-22-26390326
Originally posted on March 5, 2005