(Clearwisdom.net) Currently, some local practitioners are disturbed by the superficial appearance in the human world brought on by Fa-rectification. Instead of having righteous thoughts and righteous actions, they have many human notions that are very severe.

The following are a few examples:

Some say that, according to the prophecy, the evil spirit of communism will end this March or April. They also say that, according to Teacher, although things differ from the old arrangements, the difference is not dramatic. So things will finish during a certain month.

Some think that things will finish soon. Although they previously had plans to learn some techniques such as skills on the computer and preparing truth-clarification materials, now they feel these are no longer necessary. They say that the culture of human society will change completely, and current techniques are the result of degeneration. So we no longer need to learn them, and should not use them. Therefore, these practitioners spend much time watching TV each day, and they send fewer righteous thoughts than they used to.

There are probably other erroneous thoughts in addition to these. This is very dangerous!

The following are some of my understandings:

  1. Some practitioners still use prophecy as guidance. Due to their attachments they have certain expectations, which then lead to the attachment of being too engrossed, and the attachment of complacency. Eventually they stop cultivation and no longer keep up with the current of Fa rectification. We should know that although it is a heavenly change, if we Dafa practitioners are not involved how can we save sentient beings? We can not just sit around and wait for human beings to be eliminated.
  2. We need to be clear that we are cultivating, not just doing some tasks. It seems to some practitioners that we are waiting for this to end, so we can reach consummation. With such mentality, how can we reach consummation?
  3. We are here to save sentient beings. It is not that once the evil spirit of communism is ended, everything will be over. In fact, it is while saving sentient beings that we found that the poison from the evil spirit of communism was so deep that we were unable to save many beings. Only by eliminating the evil spirit's elements in people's minds and bodies can we possibly save them. Therefore, unveiling the evil spirit of communism and eradicating it from other dimensions is one step in our saving of sentient beings, not our goal. Here I would like to remind fellow practitioners that if you still have a complaint or hatred toward the evil spirit of communism, or are very delighted expecting it to end soon, please do think carefully. Why are we doing this? What is cultivation for?
  4. If you have felt huge disturbance in your mind, it means you already have attachments. Please wake up quickly.
  5. I would suggest that for practitioners who have such thoughts, please read Teacher's new articles "In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human" and "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York" several times.

I would like to end this article with Teacher's words:

"Before long everything will change, but as Dafa disciples, you can't waver in any way before Consummation. You should do what you have to, just as you have been all along. If so much as one thought or idea of yours is extreme, and if you don't consider the consequences, or if you don't think of Dafa's sake, I'll tell you, then you have not walked your path well." "So I hope that under no circumstance will you waver. Whether the verdict on Dafa is overturned by people or not, whether a new situation comes about or not, whatever the case, Dafa disciples should still save the sentient beings that need to be saved. Keep doing what you should do all the way until Consummation!"

("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York")

February 22, 2005