Greetings, Mom and Dad,

Time passes by so fast. It is again almost the Spring Festival season. I wish both of you happiness and good health. Although I cannot be there with you, you should not let this affect you. Please try to keep a calm heart everyday. I am a grown-up and know how to take care of myself. I become more and more mature after each tribulation. Our future must be bright.

Mom, they do not allow the family to send things here. You do not need to visit me if there is nothing important.

You do not need to spend money to find someone to take care of me. We are practitioners and need to walk our paths righteously. All of the persecution of Dafa practitioners is illegal. Even though we do not follow the prison rules, they still should not physically abuse us with brutal torture. We must eliminate all evil torture, as these are arrangements by the old forces. We need our family to step up and say a fair word for imprisoned practitioners. Our family are all practitioners and therefore different from other people. We need to do things from the perspective of the Fa and should not be controlled by sentimentality. All we do is to validate the Fa. Visiting me is your right. We need to expose their violation of the law if they do not allow you to visit me. One righteous thought suppresses hundreds of evils. If you are righteous, they will be frightened. If they prevent you from visiting me or if you see that I have been injured, you can report it to the prison, the prison management bureau, and the prison procurator through different channels to expose and stop the evil. Since you are older, you can try your best to clarify the truth or ask for help from other practitioners.

Mom and Dad, it is Spring Festival. Please take care of yourselves and do not worry about me. I am a practitioner and will walk my path as a cultivator. Please be diligent in the Fa. Good wishes to everyone.

Wishing you happiness and good health,

Your daughter

January 2005