I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Baohang town, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. I obtained the Fa in November 2002. Dafa has given me everything that is most beautiful, most benevolent, most pure and most righteous.

This is how my journey of cultivation began. I had to go on a long-term business trip in April of 2002, so I rented my house to a practitioner, Ms. Zhang. Six months later, I got a very serious disease and had to return home. I was so sick that I was unable to take care of myself. At that time, I was alone, as my son was in his second year of college. My financial situation was very bad and my health continued to deteriorate. The practitioner who rented my house took care of me and while doing so, introduced me to the principles of Falun Gong.

It was during this desperate time that I began my cultivation with the help of Ms. Zhang. I could not even sit up for long periods of time. Ms. Zhang would read Zhuan Falun to me, while holding me with her back against the wall. After she read one or two pages, I would fall asleep. She would then patiently wake me, as if coaxing a child. After about 7 days, I became well and was able to eat and to go to work.

Two weeks later I was fully recovered and went back to work full-time. During this time I personally experienced Dafa's might and Master's benevolence. Not only did I become healthy again, but more importantly I understood how to be a truly good person. Zhuan Falun taught me how to live up to a cultivator's standard by practicing Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. The changes in my heart also caused my appearance to change as I became healthy, relaxed, happy and more youthful looking. It also caused all my relationships to improve and by business to prosper.

Like my fellow practitioners, I have had many tribulations on my path of cultivation. Because of the poison spread by Jiang and his gang, at first, my family and my friends were against me. In the beginning stages of my cultivation, my son tried to persuade me to quit practicing. I told my son firmly, "Falun Gong gave me health. How could I give it up?" At that moment, my righteous thoughts convinced my son that I was doing the right thing. Six months later, my son came back home to visit. After seeing his mother so healthy and happy, he was not against me practicing anymore. He gave his favorite audio player to me before he went back to school so that I could listen to Master's lectures. Gradually, my colleagues, friends and neighbors all began to understand, from seeing the outstanding changes in me, that Falun Dafa is good.

One day, Ms. Zhang and I went out to buy bricks. The person who was selling the bricks asked us to count them ourselves. He gave us the key and said, "I trust Dafa practitioners and I trust your Master." This made me deeply understand the magnitude of the responsibility and the mission that we carry as practitioners of Falun Dafa. The things that Dafa practitioners have done have indeed validated Dafa!

Like other practitioners I have encountered many adversities on my path - including policemen coming to my home to steal my Dafa books and to threaten to interfere in my son's career. I told them righteously, "I have done nothing wrong by practicing Falun Dafa. There is nothing wrong with being a good person and practicing "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." No one can change my belief. Why do you policemen make trouble for good people? Where is your conscience?" They have not been able to answer me at these times and so they have left me alone.

In the past two years since I obtained the Fa, I have walked along step by step, following Master and doing things according to the Fa to the best of my ability. The more diligent I am in following Master, the more I feel the enormity and power of the Buddha's infinite grace.