(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese government has been using torture, slander, and an information blockade in its campaign against Falun Dafa practitioners. It tightly controls the media and doesn't permit reporting of the truth or allow any interviews about the persecution. At the same time, it fabricates stories to slander Falun Dafa, and has falsely presented the persecution as a way of expressing "concern" for practitioners.

The methods that the Chinese government uses to persecute practitioners are illegal and are vulnerable to scrutiny. The Clearwisdom website has consistently exposed the acts of persecution and the lies. It has clarified the facts, and compiled and published cultivation stories and stories about Fa-validation events.

Clearwisdom was established in June 1999 by Falun Dafa practitioners in North America. Falun Dafa practitioners adhere to the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The website takes concrete steps to present and clarify the facts. It echoes the kindness, rationality, wisdom and peaceful nature of Falun Dafa practitioners, while at the same time recording history and helping readers understand the nature of the rumors and lies bred by the government-controlled media in China.

For the past five years, Clearwisdom has done its part to inform and facilitate communication among practitioners worldwide. It has supplied governments, organizations, and people around the world with firsthand information regarding the persecution in China. It presents evidence vital to the global lawsuits brought against Jiang and his followers. Many people, including government officials, have learned about the persecution through Clearwisdom.

Penetrating the Chinese government's information blockade and providing reliable information

Much of the information about the persecution published on Clearwisdom originates in Mainland China. Practitioners in China risk their lives in a dangerous environment, often in complete isolation, to collect facts about the persecution. They sometimes have to surmount great difficulties in order to send the information to Clearwisdom. Due to the sensitive nature of the data from China, volunteers who work for Clearwisdom have to verify the validity of the data received through a variety of channels.

To ensure the integrity of the reporting, Clearwisdom would like to have the opportunity to freely visit sites in China and perform on the spot interviews to get both sides of the story, but this is not likely to happen since, in China, the truth is suppressed. Faced with a high level of danger and difficulty, Clearwisdom publishes large amounts of verified information on the persecution, thus exposing and restraining it. This is due to the concerted efforts of practitioners around the world.

Jiang and his followers fear the public accessing Clearwisdom

The state controlled media in China spreads rumors, fabricates information and frames Falun Dafa practitioners to destroy the reputation of Falun Dafa.

Instead of addressing the massive amounts of data pertaining to the persecution published by Clearwisdom, the Chinese government has chosen to block the facts from the public. Their answer to the Clearwisdom website is to slander Falun Dafa, continue to cover up the truth, and deceive and persecute innocent people.

A government that cared about the truth would allow people to freely read Clearwisdom and allow reporters from Clearwisdom to visit Chinese prisons to research and publish their investigative findings so that the people can make their own judgment.

The persecution does not have the people's support and is rapidly heading towards failure, while Clearwisdom continues to develop as it reports the facts of the persecution.