(Clearwisdom.net) Before I read the article "Further Purify Ourselves and Eliminate All Microscopic Elements of the Communist Party's Spirit Possession," (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/12/5/55238.html) no matter whether I was clarifying the truth or doing Dafa work, there was always something that I could not get rid of and bothered me. Many everyday people were very nice and friendly, and they had a good understanding of the truth and the beauty of Dafa. However, for some reason, sometimes they even pushed me out of the door with a lot of nonsense such as "The Communist Party pays my salary... even the 8 million army of Kuomintang was defeated by the Communist Party...etc."

Why was it so? I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil interference at the time, but I could not find the fundamental reason behind it. I knew that some of these people were very timid normally and would not do these things. When I was doing Dafa work, the evil beings would interfere with me using the emotional attachment for family. Because of this I was persecuted and I made a big mistake, which caused huge losses to Dafa. After reading the article "Further Purify Ourselves and Eliminate All Microscopic Elements of the Communist Party's Spirit Possession," I suddenly understood why some things happened the way they did.

Next, I would like to share my understandings related to my own experiences. If there is anything improper, please kindly point it out.

My uncle had been working in the education system for many years and was retired. He is honest and good-hearted. He is in his 70s. When we clarified the truth to him, he would not say anything, fearing that it would hurt our feelings. I knew he was knowledgeable about many things, so I asked him, "What is the purpose of being a human being?" He replied without a second thought, "For revolution." At that time, I thought his answer was so ridiculous that I did not give it much thought. I did not realize that he was influenced by the evil and failed to send forth righteous thoughts targeting the evil influence. It was not until recently that I realized what I should do. I asked my uncle again, "You are already in your 70s, this is an electronic age, so against whom are you revolting?" He was speechless.

From the above, one can imagine how deep the influence the evil spirit of the CCP has over the people with its theory of fighting with heaven, earth and man. As an intellectual who has been in the education system for years, he should know that a teacher's responsibility is imparting knowledge. Without knowing for himself what humans live for, how could one do a good job of teaching children? Of course, I am very fortunate to have obtained Dafa, so I know the real purpose of being a human being is to return to one's true self.

One of my colleagues is a CCP member. When I told him about the beauty of Dafa and the facts about the persecution, he could understand some of them and even agreed with me. However, as soon as I began to expose the evil nature of the CCP and its origins, he behaved as if one of his sore spots was touched. His tone of voice and facial expressions all changed and said, "You are getting political!" I explained to him that we were not involved in politics, but merely exposing the evil nature of the CCP, exposing its crimes in persecuting Dafa, Dafa practitioners as well as the general populace. I told him that the Constitution stipulates that Chinese citizens over 18 years of age have the right to vote and the right to be elected and this applies to the election of officials at all levels, from the state government to provincial and municipal governments and to city and county governments. I asked him, "Which one of the national leaders of China was elected? Which governor, mayor or county executive was elected? Who have you voted for? As a citizen, you have never been given a chance to participate in politics at all. It is only a mere scrap of paper stating that you have this right, it is the biggest lie."

Upon hearing this, he seemed to think hard. He murmured while walking, "That's right, I'm in my 50s, I have never participated in a single election or cast a single vote. What political rights have I got?" When do Chinese people have political rights? The time that we hear it most is when someone is sentenced to a jail term or sentenced to death, the verdict would mention, "deprive so and so of lifetime political rights or deprive so and so of political rights for so and so many years." People have been cheated so badly, and we must help them clear the obstacle created by this kind of conventional thinking so as to let them understand the beauty of Dafa and the evilness of the persecution.

There is another phenomenon. People who are poisoned by the CCP's brainwashing education would often think that we are "getting political." Some fellow practitioners fail to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and their minds are also poisoned without knowing it, and they have also affected others. The phenomenon of sickness karma and trouble in validating Dafa lately, in my humble understanding, are results of dark minions, rotten demons and evil spirits working together. I would like to warn my fellow practitioners to be alert and upgrade our understandings without delay.

Last autumn I went back to my hometown. While clearing out old books, I found a book that was a collection of quotes from CCP leaders. I was going to destroy it. To my surprise, my parents were strongly against it, "We have to keep this! We may need it in the future!" There was a terrible row, "You are not our son, and we are not your parents! We disown you!" My parents are both practitioners. How could this be happening? They did not sound like practitioners. It was all because my mother is a CCP member.

I began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them, but I did not clear them completely. Maybe the evil spirit was thinking, "Even you were brought up under the CCP system. Your thoughts and dimensional field are contaminated. You have not realized it yourself, and now you want to eliminate me in others!" Later on, the matter got worse and worse. It turned out the evil spirit had held on to my weakness of being an "obedient" child. All the education at home and school were to follow the CCP: you must listen to the Party when you are little, listen to the organization when you are grown up, and you must obey superiors' orders, etc. My kindheartedness and honesty were taken advantage of by them without my knowing it. I did not detect it until I was illegally detained and made a big mistake. I did not recognize its evil nature clearly, until I read the article "Thoughts on 'Further Purify Ourselves and Eliminate All Microscopic Elements of the Communist Party's Spirit Possession.'"

Only after Dafa practitioners clearly recognize the nature of the communist spirit can we be free from its interference, and do the three things well that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples are supposed to do, especially saving sentient beings.

February 1, 2005