(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of February 5, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners in Tainan provided their families, friends and fellow practitioners an evening of entertainment. The program included singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, reading from the teachings of Falun Dafa, experience sharing and videos.

Falun Gong practitioners took this opportunity to thank their families for their support and to further explain the meaning of their Falun Gong truth-clarification activities.

A musical performance

Singing and dancing

Mr. Ma, in his 90s, shares his experience of cultivation

There were no empty seats in the audience

Everyone was fascinated to see the video, "Falun Dafa Around the World," and the demonstration of Falun Gong exercises. Practitioners' family members and friends were shocked upon learning more details of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. They also learned more about Falun Gong through the activities of the evening.

The following is what some of the practitioners' family members and friends had to say about the evening's presentations:

A: "My mom has changed a lot about the way she thinks and deals with family life since she started practicing Falun Gong. I have been influenced by my mom. We feel the warmth of today's entertainment."

B: "The atmosphere is so peaceful. There was also teaching on the way of practicing Falun Gong. It makes me feel close [to the practitioners] and gave me a chance to learn what Falun Gong is."

C: "After seeing the children's exercise demonstration, I think Falun Gong is very good for children too. It teaches them good virtues, and improves their health and character."

D: "I think Falun Gong practitioners are very close to each other and care for each other."

Falun Gong practitioners put a lot of thought into how to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to their family members and friends. The evening of entertainment was very successful. The audience had high praise for the performances and watched the truth-clarification video attentively.

Later on, a practitioner said, "My dad didn't stop me from going to Hong Kong for a truth-clarification activity. He knows what we are doing."

Another practitioner said with a smile that his wife could understand him better and wouldn't oppose his cultivation anymore. We were very happy to see more practitioners who used to have misunderstandings in their families now participating in more activities.