(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I suddenly wanted to listen to the music, "Pudu". When I first heard it I felt it was extraordinary. It was really like heavenly music, elegant, melodious, and delightful to listen to. A few years later, I listened to the heavenly music once again and it made me feel very happy and joyful. The elegant and melodious music let me experience truly beautiful sounds for the first time.

I quietly immersed myself into the heavenly music--Dafa's music. Unconsciously, my tears began to fall. I thought about how Master nearly exhausts everything he has to save the sentient beings of the entire cosmos with great mercy. I am not able to describe how great Master is and even after exhausting all human language, I cannot describe Master's mercy. At the same time, as a Dafa disciple in the Fa-Rectification period, I also felt incomparably proud and glorious. As I listened, in my heart I said, "Master, I will be worthy of your benevolent and arduous salvation. I will steadfastly cultivate in Dafa, validate Dafa, do the three things well and follow Master home.

Immersed in the music, I felt as if I were back in the remote past. I signed a pact with Master and then came to this world. In the human world, I'd reincarnate one lifetime after another and wait for Dafa to begin spreading. After I obtained the Fa, I'd sincerely cultivate myself, continuously get rid of my attachments and improve my xinxing. During tribulations, I'd trust Master and firmly devote myself to cultivation. When Dafa is persecuted, I'll spread the truth widely and save sentient beings without caring about my own safety. I felt as if I saw that after Master signed the pacts with Dafa disciples, he looked at us compassionately and said, "You must firmly remember your missions are to validate the Fa and save sentient beings." Master's Fa-rectification is to save the sentient beings of the entire cosmos, wake up the Dafa disciples who are lost in the human world, and compassionately protect every disciple.

As I listened, I felt as if a celestial maiden were flying freely and dancing in the sky. A wonderful and magnificent feeling spontaneously arose within me. Numerous gods stood in order in the sky with smiles and greeted Master and Dafa disciples as they came back after a long journey. The beautiful and magnificent scene was really moving and hard to describe. I saw that all the gods showed infinite respect towards Master, and all the Dafa disciples shed tears of happiness. Master looked at the gods and Dafa disciples solemnly and compassionately with a joyful smile.

November 24, 2005