(Clearwisdom.net) I want to share with you my experience in studying the Fa more and studying the Fa well; the great happiness I gain from studying the Fa and how wonderful and magnificent cultivation is.

I learned Falun Dafa in 1996 with my mom. After reading Zhuan Falun, I realized that this was something I had been searching for. I felt like I was the lost child who finally found the benevolent father.

Every morning I practiced the exercises outside at the park and we did the meditation and experience sharing in the evening. I did not realize until then that people could get along with each other so nicely. We did not need to know each other's names, addresses or where we came from. We came together because we had the same belief.

The last time we did the exercises in the park as a group was in July 1999. After the Public Security Ministry announced the "Six Prohibitions" against Falun Gong on TV, we were not allowed to practice or show our Falun Gong banners in the park. I lost contact with the practitioners. My mother did not know what she should do either. All the information sources were blocked. To study the Fa, we had to stay at home. Without the group study environment however, I read the book less and less.

Without the Fa, I gradually became an ordinary person. I was very puzzled and was not happy at all.

In 2002 I saw a DVD about the facts of Falun Gong outside my house. I was really shocked after watching it. The DVD was about the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. My mother later came across a practitioner on the street and she clarified the truth to her. At last we got in touch with practitioners again. We also had the chance to read Teacher's newly published articles and the latest two issues of Minghui Weekly. We did not know that we should clarify the facts to people until then.

I asked myself what I had done in the three years from July 20, 1999 to September 2002. During that time I was very perplexed at work and did not enjoy it at all. I sulked with my family and was indifferent in my marriage. Life was joyless. Without the Fa, I was like a well without water.

First, I downloaded all Teacher's new articles and books. I started to read them eagerly and earnestly. Life became joyful and meaningful again. I was no longer at a loss. I began to burn VCDs using the one I picked up from outside of my house as the master copy. I now study the Fa every day and try my best to keep up with the process of Fa-rectification and do the three things well. I do everything using the Fa as guidance. I feel so happy and blessed.

I am very introverted but I try to overcome it. I talk to people whenever I have the chance. I always direct the topic to Falun Gong once the conversation starts. I work on shifts. During the daytime, I do photocopying or printing, and at night I hand out flyers. On Sundays I go down to the country. With righteous thoughts in my mind, I walk briskly and hand out truth-clarification materials quickly. I truly feel the magnificence and the joyfulness, which I am sure a lot of practitioners have experienced as well. I have no fear. I do things step by step and in a dignified manner.

I have managed to get in touch with the local coordinator. I have broadband Internet access so I assume the work of downloading and making copies of the two weekly publications. I send the quit CCP statements to the editor of the web for others and do other internet-related jobs as well. As I become busier, I require myself to study the Fa more. From time to time however, I have experienced interference.

Some of the interference comes from work. One day I was listening to an MP3 audio file at work. Somebody reported me to the boss and I was not allowed to listen to it any longer. During that time I did not have any chance to read the book at work. So I used the lunch break to study the Fa. The situation changed soon after. I was assigned to work in another department. I had more time to study the Fa, though my salary was reduced a bit. I know that the change took place because I had a very determined heart, a heart that wants to assimilate to Dafa.

The interference also comes from my family. I inadvertently found that my wife was exchanging mobile text messages with a male colleague. I had been busy doing Dafa work and might have overlooked her. I understand that cultivation includes all aspects. A week later, I adjusted myself and had a long and in-depth talk with her. The misunderstandings and contradiction between us were dissolved.

The interference comes from practitioners as well. I have tests and tribulations when I help with the setup of the material-production centers for other practitioners. I am very determined however, in doing this thing well. All the way through, our Teacher gives me hints and takes care of me.

Returning to one's true self - this is the most joyful thing in one's life. Through continuous Fa study we understand the reason behind everything that exists in this world today. So what else can we not let go of? To do the three things smoothly and well, we cultivate ourselves in this process.

We come to this world for the Fa. We listen to our Teacher and assimilate to the Fa. We live a truly happy life.

November 19, 2005