(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, the following Huai'an City officials have been closely cooperating with Jiang Zemin's regime to persecute Falun Dafa disciples: Ding Jiemin, secretary of the city committee; Fan Jinlong, deputy secretary of the city committee and mayor; Wang Xiangming, member of the standing committee and vice mayor; Li Rongrong, vice mayor; Zhou Yunfei, vice mayor; Lu Changsu, vice mayor; Zhu Yimin, vice mayor; Liu Youchao, vice mayor; Hong Dawei, party secretary and director general of the employment bureau; and Wu Zhaofang, secretary of the Education and Work Committee and director general of the city education bureau. They have committed many crimes against Falun Gong.

In 2000, 610 Office police arrested practitioner Mr. Ma Xuehua, head of the city committee's Party School. The police punched and kicked him and handcuffed his hands behind his back. They also shackled his feet. They falsified a case against Mr. Ma and tortured him for seven days and nights. Mr. Ma was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.

In 2000, practitioner Zhang Shuying was illegally arrested by police in the 610 Office for producing materials for clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. Police took turns interrogating Zhang for five days and nights. The practitioner was also not allowed to sleep and was burned with a light bulb. The 610 police sentenced Zhang to three years in a forced labor camp. Practitioner Du Mingliang was also arrested for producing Dafa materials. While imprisoned in the police station, Du persisted in meditation, so the police shackled the practitioner's feet for over two weeks. They finally sentenced Du to two and a half years imprisonment.

In July 2001, police officer Cai Zibing arrested Wang Dafang, former provost of the Beijing Road Middle School. Cai insulted Wang with filthy words and handcuffed Wang's hands behind the back for two days and nights.

Police officer Yang Shiyu, former head of the Changxi Police Station, is well known for consorting with prostitutes. In 2000, 2001, and 2002, Yang Shiyu led several search parties to practitioner Ms. Zuo Kangwei's house. After confiscating her books, Yang hypocritically said to her husband, Wang Shixin, "We have confiscated all your books. Your health is poor. Let me give you a copy of Zhuan Falun. You can practice at home." Afterwards, with the excuse that Mr. Wang Shixin had a copy of Zhuan Falun at home, Yang Shiyu searched their home again. Mr. Wang and Ms. Kangwei have been illegally imprisoned many times and beaten nearly to death several times.

In 2002, the City Court dropped its case against Ms. Zuo Kangwei. Officer Yang Shiyu appealed this decision, claiming that Ms. Zuo would "act up" after being released. Yang pressured the court and Ms. Zuo's lawyer until Ms. Zuo Kangwei was illegally sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

While Yang Shiyu continued to persecute Falun Dafa disciples, his wife suffered from liver cancer. Once he persecuted a female practitioner whose family name is Wang. This practitioner suggested that he do what was good for him, "Your wife already suffers from liver cancer. You'd better accumulate some virtue." Yang Shiyu slapped her face. Soon after this incident, his wife died of liver cancer. One month later, Yang married his mistress. He colluded with people in the 610 Office, and, because he was "meritorious" in "converting" Falun Dafa practitioners, he was rewarded with a free trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Seeing the grand scene of thousands of Falun Dafa disciples spreading the Fa in those places, he seethed with hatred.

Since he began working for the 610 Office, policeman Wang Jianhuai has gone all out in his efforts to persecute Falun Dafa disciples. He has sought rewards, promotions, and money for his efforts. Almost all the practitioners he has arrested, male or female, young or old, have been subjected to his beatings. Even Ms. Yu, over 80 years old, did not escape his wrath. He brought Ms. Yu to the police station for interrogation and announced, "Eighty-year-old people will be imprisoned as well." When Ms. Yu refused to sign the guarantee statement, the other officials were told that they should not feel any remorse if she died. Ms. Yu said, "I used to suffer from liver ascites but recovered by practicing Falun Gong. I save more than 10,000 yuan for our country every year. How do you want me to change?"

Wang Jianhuai resorted to fabricating cases and deceit, threatening and cruelly torturing practitioners to obtain confessions. He colluded with Chang Shulin, head of the National Security Group in the Qinghe District, and Cai Zibing to take turns "chatting" with detained practitioners. As they put it, this was "to first wear down the practitioners over several days and nights." After the practitioners were exhausted from this harassment, the officials tortured them to obtain a confession. They beat practitioners with punches, kicks, and electric batons. They handcuffed practitioners' hands behind their backs or suspended them in the air by one handcuffed hand, put heavy shackles on their feet, forced them to squat in an awkward posture or to bend with straight legs at a 90 degree angle, stood on practitioners' legs and ground into their flesh with heavy boots, slapped practitioners in the face, force-fed them with hot chili water, padded practitioners' chest and back and then beat them, causing internal injuries that would not be outwardly apparent, and so on. Since May 2004, practitioners Liu Hongjun, Wang Shixin, Zhu Shixia, Ms. Lin, the Liu Zhengfu couple, Zheng Ping, Wu Xingxiang, Yang Yong, and others have been arrested, interrogated, and subjected to the above tortures. Wang Shixing was force-fed with hot chili water and suffered skin irritation. After failing to obtain confessions by interrogations with torture, they tried deceiving practitioners with promises. Moved by their human attachments, some practitioners gave in. Since February of this year, practitioners Wang Shixin, Zhu Shixia, Yang Yong, Ms. Lin, Zheng Ping, and Wu Xingxiang have been arrested. These six practitioners are still imprisoned and being persecuted in the detention center.

Since July 20, 1999, over 100 practitioners in Huaian City have been arrested, more than 40 have been sentenced and imprisoned, over 10 practitioners have been sentenced to labor camp, and almost 100 have been forcibly "reformed" through brainwashing. Police in the 610 Office are rewarded with over 1,000 yuan for each practitioner they can "reform." They also extort money with fines from practitioners who go to Beijing to appeal or who cannot be "reformed." They do not follow any legal procedures when issuing the fines, and no receipts are given.

Judicial Division in Jiangsu Province:

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