(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2003, I was arrested for clarifying the facts about Falun Gong to the public and was forced to spend two years at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. I personally saw and experienced the violent brainwashing and inhumane torture by the guards and leaders at Masanjia.

1. A Falun Gong practitioner from Dalian was driven to a mental collapse

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp authorities sent a group of collaborators to monitor and persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Almost every day during my two years at Masanjia, they showed videos that slander Falun Gong and the Teacher. Everyone was forced to watch it and then talk about their "understanding." The collaborators usually spoke first. The guards judged who had been fully brainwashed by the practitioners' words and facial expressions. There was a Falun Gong practitioner from Dalian who was kicked out of the brainwashing class by Zhao Yonghua (collaborator) shortly after she was sent to Masanjia because she said, "Falun Dafa is great." From that point on, the practitioner was put in solitary confinement. Soon after that, I saw that she became crippled and knew that she must have been tortured. Her life was really hard ever since then. The team leaders ordered several collaborators to beat her, to keep her from sleeping, to throw her on the ground and kick her, and to tear her clothes off. Every day, she was only allowed to eat pickled vegetables and cornbread buns. Another time, they sent her to a different team, but she didn't cooperate with the authorities' unreasonable demands. The prison guards ordered the collaborators to drag her away and her shoes came off during this violent act. Later, this practitioner was tortured so much that she suffered a mental collapse. The prison guards then sent her home for treatment.

2. Using humiliation and other means to break Dafa practitioners' will

In 2003, during the so-called "harsh attack" campaigns at Masanjia Labor Camp, many steadfast Falun Gong practitioners were brought to the General Building and forced to undergo brainwashing by wardens from various provinces and cities. The wardens tied the practitioners' legs together and called it "meditation exercise." Some other practitioners' heads were tied to their legs. Even more viciously, the wardens would place the Teacher's pictures, name, or Dafa books under practitioners' buttocks or in between their legs. When the practitioners returned from the General Building, almost all of them were limping.

3. Hanging upside down, beating with electric batons, and threatening practitioners to make them keep silent

Because a Falun Gong practitioner refused to join the chorus to celebrate the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (July 1), she was detained at the entrance office of Building One. A guard hung her upside down, deprived her of sleep, and beat her sensitive areas with electric batons. This practitioner did not want to be persecuted anymore, and swallowed a foreign object (Note: under the persecution at the Masanjia Labor Camp, some Falun Gong practitioners could not bear the torture and did things to harm themselves. This is inconsistent with the teachings of Falun Gong and should not be imitated.). Only then did the guard stop. He ordered the practitioner to keep silent about the torture. We all saw the marks on her neck from the beating.

4. Separating Falun Dafa practitioners from each other

A Falun Gong practitioner from Huludao had been detained for more than a year and she refused food and drink for a long time, as a means to protest the persecution. She was emaciated and her teeth became loose. However, the prison guards did not set her free. Instead, they force-fed her every day. Such things happened often. In order to keep people from knowing their malicious actions, every day, the guards ordered the collaborators to watch the Falun Gong practitioners and keep them from talking. If the practitioners do not obey, their prison terms would be extended and they would be tortured. The guards thought they would be able to separate Falun Dafa practitioners and achieve their goals. But actually, the more they acted like this, the more clearly Falun Gong practitioners could see their evil nature. As a result, practitioners who had wavered in their belief because of the persecution returned to Dafa with even more determination. The Falun Gong practitioners all gradually wrote "solemn statements" to annul what they had signed against their will. Some practitioners detained in the same area also wrote joint solemn statements. This dealt a huge blow to the persecutors.

5. Extended terms for further persecution

In March 2005, Masanjia Labor Camp separated the detained Falun Gong practitioners into three groups to further persecute them. The first group was completely isolated from the outside. The second group was semi-isolated. The third group was not isolated. In other words, the first group had no opportunity to be in contact with the outside world. They were confined to their rooms when eating their meals, which were brought to them by the collaborators. The second group was allowed to go downstairs to eat. The first group was only given cornbread buns and pickled vegetables. Every day, they were forced to sit on stools all day long. They weren't allowed to go to bed until after midnight, and had to get up at 4 o'clock each morning. They were not allowed to shower for long periods of time, see their family members who came to visit, call home, or purchase necessities. They were given 10 to 15 minutes to wash their face and brush their teeth, including only 5 minutes in the morning. Even visits to the bathroom had a maximum time limit. If they had diarrhea, they had to get the group leader's permission to go to the bathroom and were followed by a collaborator into the bathroom to make sure they really had diarrhea. The collaborators then reported the findings to the group leaders. Once, a Falun Gong practitioner couldn't even finish her bowel movement before a prison guard removed her from the toilet. To protest the lack of the most basic human rights, the practitioners detained in the first and second group refused to perform labor, wear the labor camp uniform, or eat any food. They wrote appeal letters to oppose the persecution. As of now, more than two thirds of the people detained at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp are Falun Dafa practitioners.

6. List of wicked guards and collaborators

Wicked guards at Masanjia: Zhang Xiurong, Zhou Qian, Dai Yuhong, Zhang Zhuoying, Wang Xiuju, Wang Zhengli, Wang Xueqiu

Collaborators who beat Falun Gong practitioners: Li Junying (from Jinzhou), Wu Qiang (Benxi); Wang Xiuyun (Jinzhou, she has already received karmic retribution), Zhang Mei (Anshan), Li Yuling (Yingkou), Liu Jinli, Wang Aixia (Dalian), and Leng Bin.

December 8, 2005