(Clearwisdom.net) Police officer He Xuejian in Hebei Province recently raped Falun Gong practitioners Liu Jizhi and Han Yuzhi. These are the first two cases of rape that have been thoroughly exposed. To my knowledge, these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Master has told us repeatedly that the evildoers fear exposure of their heinous crimes. We have to expose the evil because it is the most powerful way to stop the atrocities of the persecution. In the past few years, however, many incidents of rape and sexual assault have gone unreported, and some cases that were reported are not very clear. I want to share my understanding on this issue with fellow practitioners.

Undoubtedly, one important reason why many incidents of rape were not exposed is due to the information blockade and the perpetrators making threats against the victims and witnesses. But why is it that incidents of rape and sexual assault are particularly under-reported, compared to other types of atrocities? We have mental barriers!

First, sexual battery does not necessarily result in severe physical damage, so some practitioners don't take it very seriously.

During the early stage of the persecution in particular, many practitioners could not understand how sexual assault could be used against Falun Gong practitioners. As a result they did not think to report it to the Minghui website as they would incidents of torture. Instead, they spent lots of time trying to figure out why it took place. The conclusions they reached were sometimes not quite correct.

For example, a practitioner from Beijing was held at the Tiananmen Police Department in 2000. She was detained in a single room and the police officer on duty sexually assaulted her for two hours. She thought it was the result of her karma, and she simply endured without even calling for help. Afterwards she thought she should be "tolerant" toward the officer and did not want to expose the incident. Some practitioners thought the attack was the result of an attachment to lust, and some others criticize the victims, saying they had the attachment to lust. Many cases that took place around 2000 still remain unreported.

We cannot look at things during Fa rectification cultivation from the perspective of personal cultivation. These incidents are not accidents or personal grudges. They took place against the background of the persecution of Falun Gong. This is persecution! Even if we as individuals have attachments, we should still resist the persecution as we give up our attachments, or our attachment to karma and cultivation level would form even greater attachments.

Secondly, the evildoers unscrupulously persecute the practitioners by taking advantage of the victims' shame.

Sexual assault is a tremendous blow to the victim's dignity and psyche. Many women practitioners cry instead of trying their best to resist their attackers. It is understandable, of course, if the victim is an ordinary person, but we all know that a man absolutely would not dare to do this kind of thing to a god. If our spirit gets struck down during the attack, it would be difficult for our righteous thoughts to take effect, which is why some practitioners who persisted during torture collapsed after sexual assault. The evildoer thinks, "So this works, then I'll use it as the trump card." One practitioner was determined when she was first arrested in 2000, but her body swelled after she was stripped naked, thrown into a male cell and raped by the inmate(s). She suffered a mental breakdown and even started helping the guards persecute other practitioners.

Third, the evildoers take advantage of the victims' anguish to cover up the persecution.

Rape and sexual assault are crueler than physical torture, because the victim is left feeling powerless, as well as experiencing overwhelming guilt and shame. The crime is savage and the victim is unwilling to give her real name to expose the persecution. Witnesses are also reluctant to talk about it.

In 2001, a practitioner was raped by a police officer underneath a bridge near Dabeiyao in Beijing. She is very brave and she exposed the crime. However, she only recounted her experience but did not provide more detailed information on the perpetrator and the circumstances. This practitioner was later held at Division 7 and has possibly been sentenced to prison. The rapist is free, yet the victim is incarcerated. If this practitioner could thoroughly expose this evil act, as did the two practitioners in Hebei Province, people would know that the persecution is real and acute, and other practitioners will be able to better rescue her. In fact, the exposure of the rape of 18 women practitioners at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is incomplete, which results in the evildoers taking advantage of the lack of detail in our reporting and claiming we are "making it up."

In 2000, some practitioners from other cities went to Tiananmen Square to appeal and police arrested them. They didn't want to give their names and were sent to a detention center near Qiliqu. The police stripped all of the women practitioners naked and threw them into male cells to be gang-raped. They also forced all of the male practitioners to watch the crime. One male practitioner from Shandong Province could not take it and gave his name. Local police took him back to Shandong Province. The police realized that he is a distant relative and released him. When he came back to Beijing, he mentioned this incident in passing and was unwilling to go into detail. He looked anguished and said the crime scene was unbearable.

From the perspective of a normal person, these practitioners' feelings are completely understandable. However, the old forces would think, "You have shame and are unwilling to reflect on painful past incidents, which are human notions; then we will use it to persecute you, because the more severe the crime, the less likely you will expose it." We are leaving a gap for the evil to persecute Dafa practitioners.

Cultivators must transcend ordinary people. Shame is proper for ordinary people, but it may be a barrier for someone on the path to godhood. Aren't we cultivating into godhood? A great enlightened being is the guardian of the truth of the universe, so shouldn't we uphold the truth of the universe while cultivating in the human world? If we keep silent in the face of murder, arson and rape, we would not be upholding the truth.

Master said,

"Dafa disciples, wipe away [your] tears,
Satan the devil, completely crumbled.

Speak the truth, send forth righteous thoughts,
Expose the lies, clear out rotten ghosts."

("Clear-Headed" Hong Yin II)

Let us not indulge in the pain of humiliation; let us no longer keep silent and despondent, and let us no longer be attached to our own cultivation and improvement. We should speak up to expose the lies, to rescue sentient beings and uphold justice and the truth!

Three suggestions:

  1. Victims should courageously step forward and expose the evil;
  2. Witnesses should provide relevant information and supplement the victim's accounts to strengthen the factual evidence;
  3. Other practitioners should not criticize the victims or tell them what to do. We should look for the kind of help we can give them and contribute our best ideas and thoroughly clarify the truth to the society.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please add anything important.