(Clearwisdom.net) Six Dafa practitioners from Karamay City, including Ms. Zhang Xiaowei, were arrested on November 24, 2005 and detained in Karamay Detention Center. The authorities plotted to detain them for one month and then transfer them.

After Zhang Xiaowei was arrested, her four-year-old daughter cried for her every day. Her husband went to the detention center to see her, but was turned away. Xiaowei and her husband are both from Heilongjiang province and both work in the Karamay Oil Mechanic Production Institute. Her mother passed away just one month ago. Her father suffers from hypertension and cannot come to Xinjiang to see her.

It is said that policemen coerced two colleagues of Zhang Xiaowei to testify that she printed the materials. This way, policemen could establish this case and go ahead to investigate it. The police plotted to persecute her.

Dafa practitioner Zhao Shuyuan, an engineer of Karamay Oil Management, was sentenced to nine years in prison. She was detained in the Xinjiang Women's Prison in 2003 and subjected to brainwashing. Zhao went on a hunger strike to protest. The deputy chief of the No. 4 section, Ma Ling, force-fed her three times every day. As a result, her trachea was damaged and she could not speak for a long time. In June and July of 2004, the chief of the No.9 Section Li Peixin locked her to a bed with arms extended to both sides and the body bound to a small bench. She was cuffed in this way for four months. Zhao is now emaciated due to the torture she has been subjected to.

Phone numbers of responsible government units: Postal code 834000

Karamay Oil Mechanic Production Company
General Manager's Office 86-990-6222006
Deputy General Manager's Office 86-990-6848741, 86-990-6847216, 86-990-6847563, 86-990-6846930, 86-990-6847246
CCP Secretary's Office 86-990-6846454
Deputy Secretary's Office 86-990-6847816

Karamay Police Department
Operator 86-990-6888311
Law Office 86-990-6886870
Karamay Political And Law Committee Office 86-990-6236437
Secretary 86-990-6882731
Deputy Secretary 86-990-6881225

Karamay Police Department
Chief 86-990-6232534
Secretary 86-990-6223775
Deputy Chief 86-990-6232564, 86-990-6222615, 86-990-6888700
Chief of Criminal Police Brigade 86-990-6240545
No 1 Brigade 86-990-6238919
No.2 Brigade 86-990-6239993
No.3 Brigade 86-990-6882076
Safety Brigade Chief 86-990-6882088
On Duty Office 86-990-6881652
State Security Brigade 86-990-6234998
Internal Security Brigade 86-990-6885298