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Torture Method 17: Electric shocks to sensitive parts of the body

Figure 64

Figure 65

Figure 66

The guards peel off the practitioners' clothing while they are bound to a chair. Meanwhile, two wardens shock the practitioners' genitals, feet and palms with electric batons. Usually it is accompanied by beatings, and causes extreme pain to the victim. Three guards who are guilty of this torture are Li Songtao, Zhang Jiabin and Feng Zibin.

Torture Method 18: Wearing a "Mouth Piece"

Figure 67

Figure 68

Figure 69

To prevent the detained Dafa practitioners from speaking, the guards coil thick metal wire around a piece of cork and put it into their mouths. The cork presses down on the tongue and reaches down to the throat. Then they bind the wire around the victim's head. Anyone who is tortured this way feels like vomiting. The guards also put earphones on their ears and turn the volume to the loudest setting and force them to listen to slandering words against Dafa. Meanwhile, they also step on practitioners' necks and shock their necks with electric batons.

Torture Method 19: Force-feeding with human feces and urine

Figure 70

Figure 71

Figure 72

This involves wiping the practitioners' mouths with toilet paper that has human feces and urine on it and pouring urine into their mouths. It is usually done by handpicked prisoners.

Torture Method 20: Sitting on a small chair

Figure 73

Figure 74

(1) This is a cruel physical punishment. The practitioners are forced to sit on chairs no wider than 35 centimeters and the distance between legs is less than ten centimeters. They are forced to sit still on such chairs with hands on the knee and eyes open. Anyone who doesn't do it is beaten. After keeping up the posture for a long time, the back and legs become numb and very painful, the flesh on buttocks becomes purple, painful and festers. This punishment lasts for as long as 16 hours every day. Some have been tortured this way for 3 years.

Figure 75

Figure 76

Figure 77

(2) This torture was designed by a guard named Yan Guosheng. To prevent the detained Dafa practitioners from speaking, the wardens handcuffed them behind their backs, tied them to chairs and put a towel in their mouths. The wardens also ordered the other prisoners to monitor them so that they couldn't move at all.

Figure 78

Figure 79

(3) The wardens forced the Dafa practitioners to sit on small benches and to wear

helmets with their arms bound to iron beds. The other prisoners monitored them to prevent them from moving.

Torture Method 21: Forced brainwashing

Figure 80

Figure 81

The practitioners were forced to sit on small benches, handcuffed and had earphones put on them that broadcast slandering material against Dafa. The volume was turned up to the loudest setting. The prisoners monitored the practitioners, and guards patrolled beside them. Sometimes the wardens violently shocked them with electric batons.

Torture Method 22: Burning the fingers with cigarettes

Figure 82

In this torture, they burn the practitioners' fingernails with lit cigarettes.

Below is a description of some of the tools used for torture.

  1. Iron chair
  2. This is the model of an iron chair used to persecute the detained Dafa practitioners. The real one is much heavier.

    All those who refuse to be "transformed" or refuse to cooperate with the persecution are tied onto such a chair for a long time. The most inhumane practice is to put a thick tube into the victim's throat and stir it around. Then they open the victim's mouth and force-feed the person while they are bleeding. Most of the victims were persecuted to such an extent that they couldn't move their limbs and their eyeballs were bulging out. The arrow points to the hook used to fix the body.

    Figure 83

  3. The following are the handcuffs, shackles, tube used for the force-feeding.

Figure 84

Figure 85

Figure 86

Figure 87


The authorities of the Jinzhou Labor Camp implement various sorts of torture on the practitioners who refuse to yield to them. During the period of so-called "intensive brainwashing and transformation," all the wardens were ordered to live in the labor camp and were not allowed to go home. When their normal tactics didn't work, the wardens would apply all kinds of torture.

In the past six years, this labor camp has become infamous for its most vicious and in-humane methods in the persecution. Dafa practitioner Shi Zhongyan from Jinzhou was killed by the torture. Xiao Peng from Yi County was persecuted to the state of insanity before dying.

Dou Guojun from Beizheng was persecuted to the point of developing a mental disorder. Hundreds of people once suffered from torture in the labor camp, and the persecution is still going on.

Under the torture Shao Mingang has been close to death, with blood pressure as high as 200. The labor camp refuses to allow family members to see him and doesn't allow him to be released for medical treatment.

Qi Mingli has become disabled from the persecution. His body is covered with scabies and he has trouble seeing. The labor camp didn't give him any medical treatment.

Dafa practitioner Miao Jianguo, who has been persecuted until he is in very poor health, should have been released on July 2, 2005. However, the labor camp refused to release him using the excuse that he had not been transformed. In 2003, the labor camp extorted 7,000 yuan from his 80-year-old parents, and the money has not been returned yet. Miao's parents are enduring a great amount of grief while missing their son and being unable to repay money that they borrowed to pay the police.

The crimes committed by Jinzhou Labor Camp headed by Zhang Haiping, Jin Fuli, Li Fenglin and its second team headed by Bai Jinlong, Li Songtao in the last 6 years will not go unpunished.