Facts of the Persecution - Tumen City Policemen Torture Ms. Xue Xiuhua and Ms. Zhang Shuhua

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Xue Xiuhua is in her 50s and lives in Tumen City, Jilin Province. At the beginning of 2005, she was arrested while passing out truth clarification materials. Ms. Zhang Shuhua, also in her 50s, lives in Shixian Town, Tumen City, Jilin Province. She was arrested while watching a truth clarification VCD at home. Both women were brutally tortured by policemen at the Tumen City Police Department. Ms. Xue Xiuhua was beaten until her whole body was covered with purple and black bruises. Ms. Zhang Shuhua's lower body was also covered with purple bruises. They were detained at the Tumen City Detention Center together, and both went on hunger strike to protest the persecution. Guards force-fed them through nose tubes, which damaged Ms. Xue Xiuhua's throat, and caused swelling. After two months of detention, Ms. Xue Xiuhua was sentenced to two years of forced labor, and Ms. Zhang Shuhua was sentenced to one year of forced labor. They are both currently held in Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun City.