Mr. Liu Ruping, an attorney and also a Falun Gong practitioner in Jinan City, Shandong Province, was arrested and put in the Jinan City Liuchangshan brainwashing center on October 17, 2005, because he had posted up a notice from the Falun Dafa Association. His 84-year-old father heard the news that the Changqing District Police Department was going to send Mr. Liu to a forced labor camp if he did not renounce his spiritual beliefs within a week. The old man was so upset and worried that he subsequently died of a sudden stroke on November 15, 2005.

During his one-month detention, Mr. Liu was first put in Changqing Jail for seven days. They ransacked his house and took away his Dafa materials and computer equipment, and also searched his office in the Communist Party Academy. Then they forced him to stay in the so-called "Justice Training Center of Shandong Province" in Liuchangshan to brainwash him. The 610 Office personnel accused him of not cooperating and brutally persecuted him and forced him to watch propaganda desecrating Dafa.

To increase the pressure, the police extorted 2,000 yuan in "business expenses" from Mr. Liu's family and demanded that the Communist Party Academy send a person to accompany him in the brainwashing center. It was said that the police threatened that they would send him to a forced labor camp if he did not "reform" within a week. Mr. Liu's father could not withstand the bad news and died as a result. With the neighborhood association's guarantee, Mr. Liu was released to take care of his father's funeral, on condition that he would return to the jail after the funeral.

Mr. Liu Ruping was born on November 1, 1961. He worked at the Changqing District Planning Committee in Jinan City. He taught classes in law and business management in the Communist Party Academy and began to work as a full time attorney at the Shuntian Law Office. His license number is 150094120774.

Mr. Liu began to practice Falun Gong in 1997. Pressured by his office and the local police, he pledged not to practice after July 20, 1999, but later rescinded his pledge because it was made under duress.

Relevant phone numbers: (Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 531)

Changqing District Jail: 87262354
Switch board in Changqing Police Department in Jinan City: 87221350, 87221351, 87221352
Office of the Police Chief: 87221319
Public access for the Police Chief: 85085233
Changqing District Police Office
Wang Zongyan, Chief: 85085201(Office), 87216020(Home), 13361086966(Cell)
Liu Wenquan, Political Director: 85085202(Office), 87226696(Home), 13361081502(Cell)
Wu Lewen, Deputy Chief, 610 Office: 87233618(Office), 87224986(Home), 13361081503(Cell)
Gao Enhe, Deputy Chief: 87201696(Office), 87232989(Home), 13361081505(Cell)
Zhang Weidong, Deputy Chief: 85085205(Office), 87224816(Home), 13361081518(Cell)
Liu Xigang, Deputy Chief: 85085206(Office), 87226969(Home), 13361081508(Cell)
Dong Qingming, Deputy Chief: 85085207(Office), 87227599(Home), 13361081509(Cell)
Zhang Qinglin, Deputy Chief: 85085208(Office), 87262989(Home), 13361081516(Cell)
Han Shaopeng, Deputy Chief: 85085211(Office), 85085200(Home), 13361081511(Cell)
Yan Xinke, Discipline Secretary: 85085209(Office), 87224226, 13361081512(Cell)
Zou Huayuan, Manager of Political Department: 85085210(Office), 87223481(Home), 13361081510(Cell)
Wang Chunge, Deputy Chief: 85085381(Office), 87211656(Office), 87201922(Home), 13364083001(Cell)
Shi Zhibo, Captain of Domestic Security: 85085248(Office), 87227636(Home), 13361083271(Cell)
Zhao Changjun, Captain of law and order: 85085226(Office), 87222961(Office), 87223097(Home), 13361081561(Cell)
Wang Xianliang, Political Director, Branch of Law and Order: 87228598(Office), 13361081598(Cell)
Dong Zhiqiang, Captain of Jail Administration: 85085312(Office), 87226011(Home), 13361081626(Cell)
Jiao Yutang, Political Director, Branch of Jail Administration: 85065312(Office), 13361083302(Cell)
Changqing District 610 Office
Chen Zhong, Deputy director of 610 Office: 87233618(Office), 87224817(Office), 13361081591(Cell), 87224986(Home), 13361081503(Cell)
Changqing District Communist Party Academy
Wang Youhai, Vice President and Director: 87265108(Office), 87222616(Home), 13905416626(Cell)
Lu Zhongwei, Vice President: 87265524(Office), 87223339(Home), 13708921528(Cell)
Hou Lihong, Vice President: 87265924(Office), 87220557(Home), 13465922164(Cell)
Li Zhaosheng, Vice President: 87266154(Office), 87226506(Home), 13605411881(Cell)
Changqing District Political and Justice Directory
Li Guanxian, District Director and Secretary: 87225555(Office), 87222383(Home), 13905417756(Cell)
Yuan Jide, Deputy Secretary: 87221083(Office), 87227138(Home), 13953138266(Cell)
Dong Diangang Deputy Secretary: 87221083(Office), 87211326(Home), 13583176078(Cell), 87285666(Home)
Huang Qingshui, Deputy Secretary: 87221083(Office), 87413001(Home), 87289319(Home)
Meng Qian, Deputy Secretary: 87221083(Office), 87223511(Home), 13793138510(Cell)
Shandong Province Shuntian Attorney's Office
Switchboard: 82926311, 82926312, 82950981, 82926307; Fax: 82927553
Address: 65 Jinshi Road, 21st Story East Building, Zip 250014
Owner: Liu Pifeng, 82926307(Office), 13953191159 (Cell)
Li Xiangjie: 82927573(Office), 13953106366 (Cell)
Yang Chunsen: 2927392(Office), 13805317190 (Cell)