(Clearwisdom.net) Officers of Division One of the Fushun City Police Department of Liaoning Province, have been arresting and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999. The perpetrators of these crimes are personally responsible for the deaths of several Falun Gong practitioners, and have also disabled many more. The basement of the Criminal Police Brigade building, which is referred to as the "Small White Building" by local citizens, is where the officers of Division One torture practitioners to coerce their "confessions".

Division One of the Fushun City Police Department and the location of the "Small White Building"

Panorama of Division One, Fushun City Police Department
Front view, Division One, Fushun City Police Department

Entrance gate, Division One, Fushun City Police Department
Signboard for Division One, Fushun City Police Department

According to the signboard, Division One is now called the "Domestic Public Security Section." The Internet Monitoring Division of the Fushun City Police Department is also located here.

The Criminal Police Brigade Building, nicknamed the "Small White Building"
Front gate of the Small White Building

The Murderers of Division One Have Stained Their Hands With the Blood of Falun Gong Practitioners

I. Torturing Falun Gong Practitioners to Death

1. Ms. Li Ying was a Falun Dafa practitioner in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. She lived on Xiuyan Street, Wanghua District. On March 31, 2003, Ms. Li was arrested by police from Division One and suffered severe torture while officers interrogated her. She died after enduring three days of torture.

2. Ms. Wang Xiuxia, was a 42-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner in Qingyuan County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. On May 29, 2003, more than 20 police officers arrested her. On the evening of June 15, police notified Ms. Wang's family of her death. In 2005, while the officers of Division One brutalized several Dafa practitioners in their custody, they shamelessly shouted, "We beat Wang Xiuxia to death! Go ahead and try to sue us!"

3. Mr. Gai Chunlin was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Bawanggou Village, Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, Fushun City. On April 14, 2005, officers from Division One arrested him. On May 6, his family was notified of his death.

It is worth pointing out that although some practitioners passed away in other places, such as detention centers, after they were transferred from Division One, the police in Division One were the ones who were directly involved in arresting and torturing these practitioners. They are therefore directly responsible for these deaths.

II. Severely Injuring Practitioners

1. Mr. Dou Zhenyang and Mr. Wang Hongjun Suffered a Torture Method Called "Penetrating the Forest."

In 2000, Mr. Dou Zhenyang and Mr. Wang Hongjun were falsely charged with attempting to derail a train. The police used a torture method called "penetrating the forest" to torture them. They couldn't withstand the torture, so they confessed to the false charges, and were sentenced to life in prison.

2. Ms. Li Ying (a different practitioner from the Ms. Li Ying mentioned above) was illegally arrested from home in January 2001, just before the Chinese New Year. The police tortured her and caused nerve atrophy on her right arm. She can no longer take care of herself. Later, she was secretly sentenced to 11 years in prison and sent to Dabei Prison. Initially, Dabei Prison refused to accept Ms. Li. After the police officers of Fushun City bribed the prison authorities, they admitted her to the prison, where she has been held to this day.

3. In 2002, Ms. Sun Yongli was arrested along with several other practitioners, including Ms. Wang Xiaoyan, Yan Jun, Wang Shengtao, Zhai Xu, Meng Hua and Zou Shengrong (who was tortured to death). The officers of Division One tortured them ruthlessly. As a result, both of Sun Yongli's legs were disabled, and she is no longer able to walk. She can no longer take care of herself, but the officers of Division One still sent her to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

4. Police officers from Division One arrested Mr. Wang Youcai during a mass arrest in March 2003. They beat his legs so violently that the flesh and bones were separated. His legs were severely swollen. The police brazenly shouted in front of other arrested practitioners, "We are the ones who crippled Wang Youcai."

5. Mr. Zhang Jinsheng is a Falun Gong practitioner from Qingyuan County, Fushun City. In April 200, he was arrested and the police officers of Division One tortured him in an attempt to force him to confess to the false charge of "conspiring with hostile overseas forces." Mr. Zhang Jinsheng's skull was fractured as a result of the torture he endured.

6. Ms. Lu Yan was arrested on March 15, 2005. Four policemen took turns beating her. They put handcuffs and shackles on her and hung her up to beat her, used high-voltage electric batons to shock her, pulled out her hair and stretched her legs sideways to the extreme points until she lost consciousness. Her face was distorted, swollen and black and blue all over. She was partially paralyzed and couldn't move her body. Later, Lu Yan was sentenced to imprisonment.

7. Mr. Zhou Shuyou lived in Beisanjia Township, Qingyuan County. He used to work at the Cangshi Train Station. On the evening of March 21, 2005 officers Guan Yong and Chen Daqing of Division One arrested Mr. Zhou and interrogated him on the evening of April 6. During the interrogation, Guan Yong and Zhang Tao beat him and shocked him with electric batons. Later Guan Yong and other policemen forcefully yanked Mr. Zhou's legs apart and struck him in the genitals. Mr. Zhou's testicle was swollen from the beating, and he was unable to walk. He is still suffering abdominal pain and cannot stand up straight. He is now detained at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp, serving a three-year term.

8. On April 14, 2005, police officers from Division One, working in collusion with officers from the Qingyuan County Police Department, went to Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, and arrested 56 Falun Dafa practitioners. The arrested practitioners were interrogated individually, one at a time. Everyone was savagely beaten; even the women, children and elderly practitioners were not spared. Oftentimes, they beat the practitioner being interrogated to the point of unconsciousness, and then they'd douse the practitioner with cold water to revive him or her. A female practitioner fainted on the spot during interrogation. She was immediately sent to the emergency room. She might have died without the emergency medical treatment. Currently, this practitioner is still unable to take care of herself. Police officer Guan Yong beat practitioner Ma Xijun and tortured him with electric shocks until he passed out. For ten days, Ma Xijun suffered nausea and vomited a lot; he couldn't walk and wasn't mentally alert, but his family wasn't notified and allowed to take him home until he was on the verge of death.

9. Mr. Zhang Huiqiang is a senior engineer in the instrument division at the Ethylene Chemical Corporation in Fushun City. On May 23, 2002, police from Division One arrested him at work and used torture to extort a confession from him. The perpetrators burned his hands with a lighter, used the hot metal part of the lighter to burn his nipples, and ripped his fingernails out. Later, he was sentenced to six years of imprisonment in Dabei Prison.

10. The police officers of Division One hammered bamboo sticks under Ms. Miao Shuqing's fingernails and pierced two of her fingers with toothpicks.

III. Illegal Arrests, Cruel Tortures, Countless Persecution Cases

The number of persecution cases committed against Falun Gong practitioners by the officers of Division One is incalculable. Among them are illegal arrests, torture, and illegal sentences to labor camps and prison. Below are more examples of the crimes committed by the police officers of Division One. Each case is soaked with the blood and tears of Falun Gong practitioners and their loved ones.

1. On December 16, 2000, more than 60 Falun Dafa practitioners were sharing their cultivation experiences at a practitioner's home. More than 150 police officers besieged and arrested these practitioners, charging them with illegal assembly and illegally practicing the Falun Gong exercises. The practitioners were incarcerated in forced labor camps and detention centers, and subjected to persecution. Among these practitioners were Zheng Hong, Ren Yi, Jiang Guofang, Ma Hongxia, Sun Yongsheng, Ma Huaidong, Huang Gang, Lu Hong, Hou Jun, Hu Guojiang, Gao Jian, Qi Shaowen, Liu Helun and others. Huang Gang and Hu Guojian suffered cruel torture at the hands of the officers of Division One, and were later sentenced to lengthy terms.

2. On December 24, 2001, a truth clarification materials production site in Xinhua District, Fushun City was destroyed. Practitioners suffered large losses, including computer equipment and materials promoting Falun Dafa. One practitioner was arrested. Officers from Division One coerced a confession from him by applying ruthless torture methods.

3. Mr. Wei Zaixin was a senior engineer at the Science and Technology Advancement College of Fushun City. On February 7, 2002, he was arrested and beaten by police officers from Division One, and then sent to the "Strictly Disciplined" division at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp. A few months later, Mr. Wei was tortured to death.

4. On May 13, 2002, officers from Division One went to Yongling Police Station to beat practitioner Wang Xiaoming and take him away. They kept beating him savagely as they dragged him from the second floor to the first floor. Mr. Wang was covered in bruises and other injuries. Then the Division One officers took him to the Fushun Police Department and tortured him.

5. On June 28, 2002, Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Guangying of Jiangjun District, Fushun City was arrested by the officers of Division One. At that time, he had been living on the streets for three and half months to avoid persecution. He was sentenced to three years forced labor and is now incarcerated at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang.

6. On the evening of July 6, 2002, police officers from Division One discovered practitioner Liu Zhange's residence and took him away. They also confiscated his personal computer. Some of them hid in the vicinity of Mr. Liu's residence, hoping to arrest more Dafa practitioners. They snared and arrested practitioner Zhang, who came from another city. Division One officers tortured both practitioners.

7. Between August and late September 2002, the police officers of Division One arrested Falun Dafa practitioners Ma Huaidong and Lu Renqing while they were clarifying the truth to people, and subjected them to brutal torture. Immediately after that, Falun Dafa practitioners Zhao Yuhong, Ma Hongxia and Guan Juying were in turn arrested and tortured. In early October, practitioners Sun Yongsheng, Ms. Jia Niazhi, Ms. Qu Cailing, Ms. Jin Shunnu, Ms. Hou Xiaohui, Ms. Wu Xiaoyan, Gao Guirong, Xing Yurong, Ms. Miao Shuqing, Ms. Dai Yulan, Song Wenliang, Wang Chengtao, Ms. Sun Qian, and Dong Qingfei were arrested in succession. All of them were sentenced to lengthy terms in July 2003. Later, practitioners Ms. Wu Yanbo, Ms. Zhou Yuzhi, Zhou Kan and other practitioners were arrested and suffered brutal torture at the hands of Division One officers.

8. In September 2002, police from Division One arrested Hu Wei, a Fudan University graduate who was living in his relative's house in Fushun City. Officers coerced a confession from him through torture, and confiscated his cell phone, watch, credit cards and cash. In late September 2002 Hu Wei was sentenced to forced labor at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp.

9. On March 1, 2003, Division One officers destroyed a Dafa materials production site in Gebu District, Fushun City. Police arrested Ms. Hou Xiaohui and several other practitioners. On March 2, another materials production site in Wanghua District was ransacked. The police confiscated an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner, two more photocopiers, and other miscellaneous equipment and paper, worth in excess of 50,000 yuan.

10. Between March 18 and March 28, 2003 police from Division One colluded with local police officer Xiao Gang and others from the Hongtoushan Police Station to carry out mass arrests of practitioners in a copper mine in the Hongtoushan region. Practitioners Ms. Zhang Huamei, Ms. Liang Suyun, Liang Junhua, Yang Shuxian, Ms. Cao Yanzhen, Liu Xiangyu, Wang Shuyun, Aunt Zou, Ms. Gao Xiuqin, Du Jinfeng, Zhou Hongqin, Ms. Li Shuqin and her daughter were arrested in succession. Among these practitioners, Ms. Zhang Huamei had over 7,000 yuan taken away from her family by the police and she was beaten to the extent that she couldn't stand up.

11. In May 2003, police from Division One arrested several Falun Dafa practitioners in Qingyuan County with the assistance of unscrupulous collaborators. The practitioners arrested included Li Wensong and his wife Ms. Wei Minghua, Zhou Yuren, Zhou Fulong, Zhou Yuyi and his wife and daughter Ms. Zhou Meina, Ms. Zhou Yuying, Zhao Liankai, Ms. Jiang Defang, Ms. Wang Guihua, Wang Lan, Yan Yuezeng and his wife, and Liu Jinping. Ms. Wei Minghua was a teacher in the First Middle School of Qingyuan County. The police beat her to the ground and dragged her by her legs to a police van with her head scraping the ground in front of all the teachers and students. As for practitioner Li Wensong, the police carried him to the van from the sixth floor.

12. Yang Boliang is a 46-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Hongtoushan Town (also known as Hongtoushan Mine). He was a taxi-tricycle driver. On August 18, 2004, he was trapped and arrested. Hao Jianguang, the director of Division One, Section Chief Liu, police officers Guan Yong and Zhang Bin and others beat him brutally. Later, he was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Now Mr. Yang is detained at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp.

13. Police officers from Division One arrested practitioners Zhao Yunshan and Ms. Dong Linlin on September 18, 2004. Zhao Yunshan was sentenced to forced labor around October 1, and is now incarcerated at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Dong Linlin was also sentenced to forced labor and was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

14. In October 2004, Hao Jianguang of Division One led more than ten officers to the Lishi Police Station to torture practitioner Yuan Peng. They also dispatched police to hide in the vicinity of the Lishi Development District, in an attempt to arrest more practitioners.

15. In late November 2004, police officers from Division One went to Yongling Town, Xinbin County, Fushun City to extort money from practitioners Li Hong and Han Junhui, who sent text messages about Falun Gong using their cell phones. The police extorted 4,000 and 5,000 yuan from Li Hong and Han Junhui, respectively.

16. At 8:00 p.m. on January 12, 2005 more than a dozen police officers from Division One pried open a security door to arrest practitioners Lin Bo and Ms. Wang Guoying. They confiscated materials worth more than 100,000 yuan. Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Cheng Min (in her 20's) and her husband, who is not a practitioner, were arrested around the same time. In June 2005, Lin Bo and Wang Guoying were sentenced to eight years and nine years of imprisonment, respectively. Wang Guoying's husband is practitioner Dou Zhenyang, who was falsely charged for "attempting to derail a train," and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Their son is now being cared for by his grandparents. They lead a very difficult life.

17. At 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2005, more than ten police officers from Division One broke into the residence of a practitioner in Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County and forcibly took Ms. Gai Xiuqin and Lu Guanglin, Ms. Lin Guilan, Lu Yan, and Ms. Chen Guifeng to Division One headquarters. They confiscated all the equipment and paper, and took 20,000 yuan in cash by force. On March 22, Lu Guanglin was sent to the First Detention Center of Fushun City. The other four practitioners were sent to the Second Detention Center of Fushun City. Lu Yan was sentenced to prison after he was detained for one month.

18. On March 19, 2005, Ms. Pei Dongzhi and Ms. Pei Donghua, two sisters from Nanzamu, were arrested at home by local police and officers from Division One. They were beaten severely on the spot. The perpetrators ransacked their home and took 600 yuan from their mother. During this round of arrests, practitioners Ms. Li Shumei and Ms. Zhou were also arrested.

19. At 9:00 p.m. on March 24, 2005, officers from Division One, along with officers from the Yaozhan Police Station in Qingyuan County and state security agents, arrested Mr. Liu Zaijun and another practitioner in the Xiazhaizhi region.

20. At 7:30 p.m. on March 28, 2005, four policemen from Division One arrested Ms. Gai Shurong and her daughter at Yantonggou Village, Tukouzi Township, Qingyuan County. Later, they were released after their family paid 500 yuan. Additionally, two more elderly female practitioners were arrested in Tukouzi Township.

21. Between April 1 and April 3, 2005, police destroyed two Dafa materials production sites in Wanghua District, Fushun City. Practitioner Ms. Liu Yumei was arrested, and the police took away large quantities of equipment.

22. On May 25, 2005, one hour after Ms. Jiang Jie, who had left home to avoid persecution, returned home, dozens of police officers from Division One besieged her home. They knocked on the door and attempted to pry the door open. Now Jiang Jie's entire family are afraid to go back to their own home. Their children were left unattended and couldn't go to school. Before this arrest attempt, the police arrested Jiang Jie's husband twice because they couldn't find Jiang Jie. Jiang Jie's husband was detained for 20 days and two days, respectively, during these two arrests.

23. On June 17, 2005, Captain Hao and Captain Liu from Division One ordered officer Jiang of the State Security Brigade of Shuncheng District to go to the Heping School to arrest practitioner Zhao Jifan, a teacher at the school. The police ransacked Zhao Jifan's home without showing any legal documents. Zhao Jifan is currently being held in the Fushun Detention Center.

Telephone Numbers of Perpetrators:

Division One of Fushun Police Department (also called State Security Brigade) 86-413-2625446
Operator: 86-413-2624451
Division Chief, Ran Xiangchun: 86-413-8830110 (text message), 86-413-2787381 (Office)
State Security Brigade Captain, Hao Jianguang (male): 86-13941341388 (Cell)
State Security Brigade Captain, Hao Shifu: 86-413-7645669 (Home)
Captain Yang: 86-13504235432 (Cell), 86-413-2786445 (Office)
Section Directors: Liu and Chen Feng
Police officer, Guan Yong (male): 86-413-2787387 (Office), 86-13009251616 (Cell)
Policemen: Zhang Bin (could be Zhang Jun), Peng Yue, 86-13019653301 (Cell), Liu Minghe (could be Liu Pinghe), Wang, Guan Lei, Zhang Tao, Xu Changqing, Chen Daqing, Ding Changtao, Yang, Zhang Guanyong