(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Jianmei is a Falun Gong practitioners in Jinan City, Shandong Province who has suffered severe persecution. In the past few years since the persecution started, Jianmei was arrested twice, and sentenced to forced labor each time. She has survived severe tortures.

Li Jianmei's First Arrest

On October 25, 2000 Jianmei was arrested for the first time. She was tricked into going to the local police station, not knowing the real reason behind it. Afterwards she was detained in a forced labor camp. At 3:00 a.m. the next morning, she practiced the exercises, but was discovered by the guards, who incited more than twenty criminals to torture her. They grabbed her hair, kicked and beat her. They also tied her hands and feet separately onto a queen-sized bed. They tied a rope around her waist and tied the other end of the rope onto the opposite bed. Then an inmate held onto the rope tightly and hung his entire body on it. Jianmei felt a rush of severe pain as if all the organs inside her body were being pulled out. She let out a loud cry and then fainted. While unconscious, she seemed to hear someone say she was faking. After that, someone poured two basins of cold water on her face. This kind of torture lasted for the entire evening. The guards did not stop torturing her until 6:30 a.m.

Jianmei was very weak by this time. Police officer Zhao Jie then ordered Jianmei to work. Jianmei firmly refused and also protested the brutal persecution. Police officers Zhao Jie and Wang Ning then locked Jianmei in a room where they shocked her with two large electric batons. They shocked her hands, face and the back of her head. When they shocked Ms. Li's head, she fainted immediately. After she woke up, Zhao and Wang ordered her to write the guarantee statement, but Jianmei firmly refused.

With the brutal tortures to come and failing to study the Fa well, she was not fully aware of the hoodlum government's evil nature, and allowed herself to once be "reformed" by the vicious forces. Afterward she regained her senses, wrote a solemn statement, and started cultivating in Dafa once again. Nevertheless, due to the lack of Fa study during that period of time, Jianmei had misunderstandings of Dafa. She was then unable to walk on the righteous path with righteous thoughts. Because of this, she felt mentally upset. After she was released from the labor camp, she studied the Fa diligently and also exchanged her understanding of the Fa with fellow practitioners, and suddenly became clear-minded. From then on, Jianmei returned to the cultivation path with righteous thoughts and deeds.

Li Jianmei was Arrested a Second Time

One day in July 2003, chief of police Li from the Huanyin District and persons from the neighborhood committee in the Jinan Military Region Lumber Plant suddenly arrived and searched Jianmei's residence. They arrested her and locked her up at the Huanyin District Police Station. Jianmei shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is the righteous law!" "Falun Dafa is good!" In the local police station, policeman Fang Hua and four other officers interrogated her. Jianmei firmly refused to cooperate. They then held her down and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Jianmei's daughter was extremely sorrowful and threw herself into the fray to rescue her mother, but the police s kicked her and she was thrown a distance away. That evening, the daughter and mother were detained together by the local police station personnel. Furthermore, the police claimed that the child was not obedient. They would not let her sleep on the sofa. She had to sleep on the ground.

The next day Jianmei was transferred to the Liu Changshan Local Police Station where the officials subjected her to a humiliating body search. While resisting the search, Jianmei consistently clarified the truth to the police. The police, however, instead of listening to her, hit her face whenever she opened her mouth. But Jianmei did not stop. Police Li forced Jianmei to take off her shoes. She was handcuffed to a window, bare-footed, the entire evening. The next morning when the police asked Jianmei if she would continue practicing Falun Gong she firmly replied, "Of course!" From that day on Jianmei held a hunger strike. On the sixth day, the police began to force-feed her. Jianmei continued sending forth righteous thoughts and studying the Fa.

On August 8, 2003, Jianmei was imprisoned for the second time in the Shandong Province First Women's Forced Labor Camp (also called Jiangshui Quan Women's Labor Camp). Police officers Niu Xuelian and Zhao Jieba locked her in a room inside the workshop. She continuously shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! The will of heaven does not tolerate damaging Dafa!" Her righteous behavior inspired all the other Falun Gong practitioners in the workshop. In order to resist the persecution together, all the practitioners in the entire workshop held a strike. This action enormously frightened guards Niu Xuelian and Zhao Jie from Team Five. From then on they dared not continue slave labor in the basement. That workshop was henceforth turned into a warehouse.

Jianmei was once locked inside a broadcasting studio while they were broadcasting an anti-Falun Gong program. Evildoers Zhang Hong and Rong Fengju had just left the room. Jianmei grabbed this opportunity, instantaneously took up the microphone and loudly announced, "The program just broadcast now was all lies and fabrications. Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Falun Dafa is good! Do not believe the lies. Walk well on the Fa-rectification path."

The entire labor camp could hear her. The genuine practitioners were enormously inspired. Simultaneously it also frightened the evil forces. Then the Team Five broadcast studio closed.

Letting Go of the Attachment to Life and Death - Walking on the Righteous Path with Righteous Thoughts

In vicious places like labor camps it is extremely difficult to continue practicing Falun Gong exercises. Many practitioners suffered severe torture merely for practicing Falun Gong exercises. The same was true with Li Jianmei. She also suffered all kinds of brutal tortures for practicing the exercises.

On February 18, 2004, guard Wang Shuzhen came to Team Five. Many steadfast practitioners in this camp had suffered from Wang's savage tortures. Jianmei was no exception. To stop Jianmei from practicing the exercises, Wang locked Jianmei inside an activity room managed by inmates. Because Jianmei practiced the exercises, inmate Lin Qingqing reported her many times. Hence, Wang locked Jianmei inside the "strictly controlled" room and forced Jianmei and other practitioners who refused to be "reformed" to sit on small stools. Since Jianmei refused to cooperate with the vicious forces she was hit every day. Finally the vicious people noticed that this method was not working with Jianmei. On March 31, 2004 they tied Jianmei onto a death bed for 52 days. Wang frequently hit and scolded Jianmei during those days. Once, Wang grabbed Jianmei's hair and threateningly said, "Today I'll let you see whether it is your master's law body who is present, or it is I who is present!"

After 52 days, guards found that this was not working either. They then attempted to force Jianmei to practice marching in formation. Once again Jianmei refused. Wang then tied Jianmei up again. She also forced Jianmei to stay motionless. A little bit of movement would get Jianmei beaten. The inmate Zhang Hongyan who was responsible for supervising Jianmei also put a urine soaked towel into Jianmei's mouth. Seeing that Jianmei was till not reformed, Wang then ordered the prisoners who were guarding Jianmei not to give Jianmei any food or water, and forbid her to get up and use the restroom. Jianmei's hands and feet were bound to the bed. On August 6, Jianmei returned to the prison cell.

Dafa practitioners were forced to wear humiliating signs in the camp. Jianmei firmly refused to wear those signs, and because of this, the guards beat her cruelly several times. One time when Jianmei refused to wear a prisoner's sign, Dai Guihua reported her. Wang once again ordered that Jianmei be tied up and locked up in confinement one more time. During that whole time Jianmei was not given any food. They taped her mouth shut and beat and insulted her constantly. Due to the long-term torture, Jianmei suffered from serious physical injuries. During 2005 Chinese New Year, Jianmei spit up blood for nine days in a row. Wang even accelerated Jianmei's persecution. One time Wang told a male guard to cuff Jianmei's hands so tight that Jianmei's wrists were bleeding. Jianmei pointed out that this behavior was inhumane in nature. The male guard used a set of handcuffs to ruthlessly knock her on her head. The pain made her unable to speak.

By July 2005, Jianmei had become emaciated from these tortures. Her whole body started to have measle-like spots. The guards were afraid. Hence, on July 4, 2005, Jianmei came out from this living hell, the Jiangshui Women's Forced Labor Camp. After studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, Jianmei returned to health quickly. She now has rosy and glowing cheeks.

The following persons were personally involved in the persecution of Li Jianmei:

Guards from the labor camp: Zhao Jie, Wang Ning, Niu Xuelian, Wang Shuzhen
Huaiyin District Local Police Station: Chief, Li, Meng Xianjun, Fang Hua

Prisoners: Zhang Hong, Rong Fengju, Lin Qingchun, Zhang Hongyan, Wang Xue, Hu Sie, Zhang Xiuying, and Kang Yuechang.