(Clearwisdom.net) I have always wanted to write about something that has been on my mind, but because my study of the Fa was often not thorough enough, human notions grew stronger, and thought karma ran rampant. So I haven't always been steadfast. My understanding was very low in terms of bringing salvation to sentient beings, so I never wrote anything. If my present understanding is mistaken, I hope that fellow practitioners will kindly point it out.

In the recent experiences of cultivation and bringing salvation to sentient beings, I realized what (paraphrasing) "human notions formed within the bones" and an "ordinary person's mindset" meant. For example, one time when a few practitioners and I were trying to help those who hadn't come out to rectify the Fa, the demons from other dimensions took advantage of our concerns and fears. We grew distrustful of each other and were eventually caught and put in the detention center.

I do not agree with the old forces' arrangements and their so-called tests. I am persistent in protecting and validating Falun Dafa and do not cooperate with evil notions. I refused to wear the detention center's prisoner uniform and refused to sign my name, so they handcuffed me when they admitted me. When the guards ordered me to squat I refused, but at that same moment my thought was, "The guard will kick me behind my knees to make me kneel, so I'll be forced to squat anyway." Therefore, under the influence of my human notions, I sat on the bench. Later I was sent back to the cell where other prisoners were sitting. I thought, "What else can I do but sit? They aren't going to let me go, so there's no point in trying to resist them." Because of these human notions and mentalities coming out from within my bones, I began following their demands. I stayed in the detention center for one month and then spent another two months in the brainwashing center.

In the last few months, I have come to a deep realization that cultivation is a very serious matter. A practitioner's one thought can manifest different results. If we don't walk Master's arranged path correctly, if we have attachments, or if human notions come forth, the old forces will persecute us. So while we are validating the Fa and bringing salvation to sentient beings, we have to concentrate on following the requirements of the Fa and pick the mindset that's in accordance with those requirements. Only then we can walk our righteous path.

If you are fearful whenever you go out to clarify the truth, your first thought will be that they won't listen to you or that they might report you. My personal understanding is that clarifying the truth requires righteous thoughts. If we doubt others or are fearful that they won't listen or that they might report us, those are not righteous thoughts. Whenever my human notions are very strong, I first destroy them, and then I clarify the truth. That is why I wrote this article. Because my human notions can be very strong, therefore in the path of validating Falun Dafa, if I choose the righteous side, then the path becomes smooth, but if I follow my human notion then it leads me into danger. It is just as Master said in the "Grand Poem" in Hong Yin II:

"Whenever you have fear, it (the evil) will arrest you;

Whenever your thoughts become righteous, the evil will collapse."