Recently the family of Dafa practitioner Zhao Hongli received a phone call from Panjin Prison authorities. They were requested to visit Zhao Hongli, who had already been on hunger strike for more than forty days.

When Mr. Zhao's family arrived at the prison, Zhao Hongli had already been taken back to the prison from the hospital. When the family saw Zhao Hongli, he was lying on a bed with his face up, and he could not move. His hands and legs were cuffed, he was given IVs and plastic tubes were stuck in his nose. The prison was forcibly giving him IVs and feeding him. Zhao Hongli was emaciated and had difficulty talking. A group leader named Gao greeted the family, and they were only allowed to try to persuade Zhao Hongli to eat. They never mentioned releasing him.

The family of Zhao Hongli raised questions about the medical treatment given to Zhao Hongli by the prison, and they asked to check the medical records. However, the doctors in the prison refused them with all kinds of excuses. Zhao's family was very upset by the deceptive actions of the prison authorities and their lack of concern for human life.

Before practicing Falun Gong, Zhao Hongli had congenital heart disease. After he got a job, he was deceived and participated in the reselling of cultural relics among friends. He was caught, tried and sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. His parents asked a police officer for help to get him released from prison. This police officer swindled them and they lost everything. Zhao Hongli swore in prison to take revenge on the police officer that had swindled his parents. But while Zhao Hongli was serving his sentence at the Lingyuan Prison in Liaoning Province, with the help of a Dafa practitioner he started to practice Falun Gong and his congenital heart disease healed without medication. His character also improved. He gave up thoughts of retaliation, and he followed the requirements of Dafa and was strict with himself. Later, in an accident at the prison, because he saved other people's lives at the risk of his own, he was released in advance in 1999. Because he practiced Falun Dafa, Zhao Hongli was illegally arrested by police in April 2004 and sent to the Wujiawa Detention Center in Chaoyang City. On January 05, 2005 Zhao Hongli was sentenced eight years of imprisonment.

Jianping County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province (area code 0421)

Head of the National Security 610 Office:
Jiang Jie: Office 7829551, home: 7814048, Cell: 13842168008

Director of the second detention center:
Yu Zhongzhi: office 7880389, home: 7812039, cell: 13842156112

Persecutor in the county hospital:
Gao Tiejian: home: 7816105

Secretary of the communist party at the hospital: Lu Chunfu: office: 7816398, home: 7816181, cell: 13904912235

Director of 610 Office:
Zhou Enzhi: office: 7828443, home: 7816181, cell: 13332368160

December 04, 2005