(Clearwisdom.net) On October 20, the Daqing Police Department shamelessly claimed that they had set up a complete network to deal with Falun Gong practitioners. This network included informants from every level of society ranging from the police to security guards in the communities. In addition, 70 people were hired as "special informants" to closely monitor practitioners. As a matter of fact, the first item listed in all the recent work reports from the police division are the phone numbers of the arrested practitioners and the homes that were ransacked, including the property confiscated.

On September 23, 2005, Daqing police arrested 30 practitioners via spying, telephone-tapping, deception and abduction. Not only did they confiscate Falun Dafa books and material but also other personal property. Police in the detention center have become completely unconscionable. Practitioner Tang Zengyie was tied to a metal chair, beaten viciously, and violently force-fed until Tang started to spit up blood and was on the verge of death.

Practitioner Ms. Yuan Mi was tied to a chair for five days. The police covered her head with a black plastic bag and used smoke from burning cigarettes to suffocate her. Ms. Yuan was also deprived of food and sleep. When she was released from the chair, her feet were so swollen that she could no longer walk. Even in that condition, the police still instructed other inmates to pour cold water over her head. Two days later, she was interrogated and tied to a metal chair for 12 hours. Ms. Yuan was then sent to the Harbin Rehab Center for further persecution.

Practitioner Ms. Cheng Jinzhi was taken to Daqing Detention Center for interrogation right after she was arrested on September 23. She was tied to a chair for four days. The police put mustard oil on her eyes. She was not allowed to sleep or eat. Several people interrogated her until she passed out and had to be taken to a hospital.

Some female practitioners were tied to the chairs and not allowed to use the toilet, sleep, or change sanitary napkins. When the police poured a bucket of cold water over their heads, the water mixed with menstrual blood and flowed all over the floor. As one of the city officials put it, "There are hardly any good people among the Daqing police officers, and some of them are worse than animals."

In the past several years, police officers have followed the policy of "defame their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically" in dealing with practitioners. Since July 20, 1999, 56 practitioners in Daqing City have been confirmed dead through unofficial sources. That is one of the highest death tolls of all the cities in China. A large number of practitioners have been arrested, fired from their jobs, blackmailed, tortured, illegally detained, and sent to forced labor camps. Many practitioners' families have broken apart, and some people have been forced to leave their homes to avoid further persecution.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Binsheng was a computer engineer from the Exploration and Development Research Institute of Daqing Oil Field and had won the second place National Science Award. He was illegally imprisoned. On September 27, 2000, under orders from police guard Feng Xi from the No. 2 Brigade of Daqing Forced Labor Camp, a group of inmates was instructed to beat Mr. Wang to death if he refused to write a guarantee statement. As a result, Mr. Wang's aorta was ruptured, and his tonsils and lymph nodes were smashed. He had multiple bone fractures and several burn marks from cigarettes on the backs of his hands. His nostrils were also burned by cigarettes and bruises covered his body. He was tortured literally to the brink of death. That evening someone asked the prison guard to take Mr. Wang to a hospital after he passed out from the beating. But the guard refused and claimed that he would come to after a while. Mr. Wang was sent to the hospital the next day, but the doctor said that it was too late. Because of the ruptured aorta, Mr. Wang died of heart failure on October 4, 2000.

Practitioner Mr. Zuo Guoqin was imprisoned twice for practicing Falun Gong. During his second imprisonment, he was force-fed even though he was not on a hunger strike. The guards force-fed him highly concentrated salt water as a means of torture. As a result, he developed pleurisy and inflammation of the chest cavity. He was released for medical treatment. In May 2003, Mr. Zuo was arrested by police from the Jianhua Police Station and the Daqing State Security Bureau and tortured. Later he was persecuted in the Suihua City Forced Labor Camp. Four collaborators closely monitored and brainwashed him every day. Due to the persecution, Mr. Zuo's physical condition deteriorated day by day. A month later, his entire body had become swollen. He could no longer eat and could hardly breathe. Mr. Zuo died in October at his hometown in Hunan Province.

Practitioner Ms. Gao Shuqing was a teacher at the No. 12 Middle School of Daqing City. She was recognized with an award as an excellent teacher. Because of her belief in Falun Dafa, the police extorted all of her money. Her husband, Mr. Li Lin, was arrested on March 26, 2004. That night, the police locked Ms. Gao in her own home and she could not get out. At noon the next day, she tried to lower herself from a window using bed sheets, but the sheets ripped apart and she fell. The police at the scene did not call for rescue; instead they called their supervisor and asked if they should try to save her. Ms. Gao died on the scene.

The following practitioners have died from persecution: Li Baoshui, Wang Bin, Zhang Weixin, Zheng Wenqing, Niu Huaiyi, Wang Keming, Hua Haiyu, Li Yuanguang, Wang Chuanping, Yang Lifan, Cui Shuzhi, Zhang Shouyun, Yang Yushan, Li Hongyin, Yang Yuehua, Wang Hongde, He Xuyan, Wang Chengyuan, Zhang Tieyan, Yie Xiufeng, Li Xiaorong, Shang Guangsheng, He Huajiang, Li Xiufeng, Lu Binseng, Wang Guofang, Jin Shulian, Guo Ailin, Ma Baosheng, Chen Qiujue, Liu Tonglin, Cheng Fengzhi, Wu Liangyou, Xiu Jishan, Zheng Yansheng, Liu Sumei, Cui Xiaojuan, Chen Qiulan, Lu Xiuyue, Wang Shuqing, Yu Yongquan, Liu Tonglin, Zou Guoqin, Gao Shuqing, Guo Yuzheng, Pei Shurong, Chen Shuxian, Chen Tinfa, Wang Zhixin, Cui Shuping, Liu Shu, Tian Jierong, and Yang Shuqing.

In addition, there was a couple with surname of Chen from Zhaoyuan County who also died from persecution. Another 18-year-old girl died as well. According to insider information, the director of the police department was personally involved in destroying the evidence.

October 23, 2005