On October 19, Teacher published the article, "The Red Tide's Wane." I remember this was the day when the number of people who had withdrawn from the CCP and its related organizations reached five million. This past Saturday in Flushing, New York, many people participated in a big rally supporting the five million people who had withdrawn from the CCP and the CCP-related organizations. Although the weather was gloomy and it was raining, my mind was so clear that I felt like I could see the sun clearly through the dark clouds. The CCP's evil specter is like a balloon whose air has been released; all that is awaiting it is the final reckoning. Teacher's poem, "The Red Tide's Wane," has already told us of this conclusion.

The number of people who have withdrawn from the CCP and its related organizations has reached five million. This may well be a critical tipping point. Moreover, this important historical turning point is unprecedented. As I read "The Red Tide's Wane" at this critical point, I realize: The evil is displaying itself at the final moment as it continues to arbitrarily arrest Falun Gong practitioners in different areas of China. In fact, the evil elements that have stopped people from understanding the truth have been thoroughly and completely eradicated. Practitioners need to focus on studying the Fa well and forging ahead while doing the three things well, because the time remaining for us to save sentient beings and to improve ourselves is more and more pressing.