(Clearwisdom.net) Recent illegal search and seizure of Falun Dafa practitioners took place in Daqing. Perpetrators were from the Daqing Police Department, the Donghu Division, Longnan Division, Honggong District Division, Saertu Division, from the Development District Division, the Xincundongan Division and Longfeng Division. Their actions severely violated China's constitution; moreover, they violated # 238 of China's Criminal Law Code, constituting the crime of illegal detention. This action also violated the 397th article regarding the crime of abuse of power; the 243rd article - the crime of filing false charges; the 245th article - the crime of illegal search; the 251st article- the crime of illegal deprivation of the right of citizen's freedom of belief. It brought physical and mental anguish to Falun Dafa disciples and their family members.

1. Daqing City Police Department

At 5 o'clock in the morning on September 23, 2005, officials from the Daqing Police Department and its subordinate divisions dispatched large numbers of police officers to seize Dafa practitioners and search their property. The ratio of the policemen relative to their target practitioners was roughly 10 to 1.

A group of policemen of Donghu Division surrounded Dafa practitioners Bai Yufu and Zhang Lixin's home, located at No.8-5 Donghu Building, unit 5, apartment 402. They knocked on the door and called practitioners' names to get them to open the door. When nobody answered the door, they pried the door open, barged into the room and seized Bai Yufu and his wife and searched their home.

At the same time, another group of police arrived at the Donghu area 9, building 15, unit 1, apartment 102, which is the front door of Chinese medicine doctor Li Qingzuo's house. A female police officer named Xu Hongxiang pretended to have abdominal pain and knocked on the door. Li Qingzuo, out of professional ethics, opened the door. Several policemen rushed in and pushed the nearly 70 year-old Li Qingzuo to the ground, bent his arm and roughly pulled his neck. It awakened the sleeping children. In the end Li Qingzuo's daughter Li Junmi and daughter-in-law Jia Xianjun were also abducted. The police attempted to arrest Li Qingzuo's wife also, but only when the 5- year-old granddaughter became frightened and cried and ran out, did the police not take her.

2. Longnan Police Division

Starting at 5 o'clock in the morning on September 23, 2005, some police officers from the Longnan Police Division organized themselves into five groups to surround and seize Dafa practitioners and search their homes.

Ms. Chen Changxiu is a 49 year old employee who lived at the Yueyuan Building 2-1, Unit 2, Room 101. The police got access to her home by lying to her that the water pipe in her home was leaking. A group of police officers grabbed Chen Changxiu and took her away. Then they searched her home and took Dafa books and some truth clarification materials away. Chen Changxiu used to have all kinds of illnesses that completely disappeared soon after she practiced Falun Gong. Her temperament became better and everyone around her liked her very much. When the police took her away from her home, the people in her neighborhood couldn't accept it when they learned about it.

Ms. Cheng Jinzhi, 43 years old, was a bank accountant who was forced to retire early and was given a very limited amount of pension. She lived at the Yueyuan Building 3-11, Unit 2, Room 301. After practicing Falun Gong she amazingly recovered from myasthenia-caused paralysis for which there is no medical cure. She was more sincere toward her relatives and friends and was known as a kind wife and good mother. Her husband felt very sad when she was taken away. Dafa books and materials were taken from her home; so was a color printer.

Ms. Li Shumei, a 65 year old veteran of the city, lived at Leyuan Building No. 25, Unit 5, Room 202. Her husband passed away long ago. As a single mother, she had to take care of the children. She had all kinds of illnesses as a result of years of overwork, but Falun Dafa saved her. That morning she was also abducted and taken to the Longnan Division.

Ms. Yu Guixiang, a 50 year old economist, lived at the Jingyuan Building No. 16. She was also abducted and her computer was taken. She then suffered from high fever, asphyxia and twitches. She was sent to a hospital for emergency care; her relatives and friends later took her home.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yu Chen, his wife and son-in-law who lived in the west area were also arrested. At this time, his wife and son-in-law have been released.

3. Honggang District Police Division

Honggang District Police Division personnel arrested Mr. Zheng Hongjun, a 38-year- old Daqing worker who lived at Hongwei Village, the Chengfengzhuang region. He is divorced from his wife and presently takes care of a disabled 11-year-old daughter who is unable to take care of herself. Because he didn't have a stable source of income from his business, he had to put his house up for rent so as to maintain his daughter's living and medical expenses. They lived temporarily in his parents' home. The police took Mr. Zhang away without reason, searched his home and his computer shop and took away computers and merchandise.

4. The Development District Police Division

The development district police division seized Ms. Gao Guifen, a 63-year-old ex-HR supervisor of the Daqing Petroleum Institute. A group of undercover police intruded into her home in the middle of the night and took control of the bedrooms where all the family members slept and forbade her family members to walk around or to talk. They didn't even leave her 13-year-old granddaughter alone. The child was scared and cried. Meanwhile they cut off all means of communication to and from her home. They filled out the arrest order at her home, wantonly searched her home, took away a computer, mp3 player, Dafa books and materials. After 7 o'clock, the police abducted Ms. Gao Guifen.

Ever since July 20, 1999, because of the frequent police harassment at her home, her husband, a 68 year-old senior scholar felt strong pressure, which made him have symptoms of depression. He is still in treatment at present. This violent action nearly collapsed his spirit, making him feel suicidal. The incident made his children quite nervous. They had to remain home to be with their father.

5. XincunDongAn Police Division

At the same time, the Xincun DongAn Police Division enforcers also arrested Chen Qingli.

6. Saertu Police Division seized Mr. Li Yequan, a 38-year-old engineer who lived in the 9th Plant, and Mr. Yuan Mi who lived in an outside area.

7. Longfeng Police Division

Longfeng Police Division personnel seized Liu Li, Feng Ying, but he escaped with the power of righteous thoughts.

Other Dafa practitioners abducted include Cao Shuxia, Zhang Xiumin, Song Wenjie and Ms. Tang Zengye (39 years old, senior accountant), Mr. Ge Zhenming (50 years old), Ms. Lan Sufang (teacher) for the 3rd oil-producing factory. More details are to be further investigated.

It was roughly estimated that during this illegal arrest sweep, 26 Dafa practitioners were arrested. A few days ago the police arrested Cao Jingdong in Chengfeng Village, Zhang Hongquan at Cejing, Xie Chengqiu, Li Wenguo, Li Xiangqin and others--a total of 31 people.

This large-scale illegal arrest caused Dafa practitioners' family members (several hundred people) to suffer greatly. Now the Dafa practitioners who were illegally detained have started a hunger strike to protest their detention.

All Dafa practitioners in Daqing are now requesting:

1. The related parties and personnel must take legal responsibility and be held liable.

2. Legally compensate all Dafa practitioners and their families for all material and spiritual losses.

3. Immediately release the Dafa practitioners who were illegally arrested and/or detained and restore their reputations.